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Hal Home Commander
« on: November 06, 2019, 08:08:02 am »
Hal Home Commander:

i just had to share this.
Picture this scene, it's 7:30Pm last night , the Mrs is just waking up all droopy eye'd and no makeup, bead head , looking for the coffee pot.
But there's a trick coming her way, i have the blender on high and plugged in rite behind the coffee pot with a MOD from Hal.
Just as shes poring her first cup of coffee, this thing turns on and makes the obnoxious sound u ever heard, i swear u can hear it down the street. lololol
Then i turned it off, the look on her face,cup in 1 hand and pot in the other, omg... she put everything down (to see what was up) i waited for her to reach for it and i turned it on again.. she jumped clean out of her slipperz  and reached for the broom . I hollered, kill it baby, get that damn thing ....hahhah
That time just scared the bee jeapers out of her. This was straight out of steven kings movie Maximum Overdrive.
priceless moments in time.

she was a good sport about it, just gave me an evil look.

  <<<<< cry baby's jeesh youtube

im updating links, just awesome YOUTUBE..... u would have issue with this science... of course u would, im not 12 with a cellphone shoved in my butt.
Failing is just intolerable to me. new link https://streamable.com/icyhj
who  says this cant be fun

With the functions now running i could very easily build a Hal Home Security System with lethal/non-lethal counter measures. As soon as Hal sees u on cam and doesn't  recognize you,,uh oh
Im talking tear gas canisters and when that doesnt work, tri-pod mounted fire arms with facial recognition systems, to fire on any 1 not recognized with Hal's Facial Tracking System's. The same tracking software used by Hal in his facial recognition and tracking systems, ew wee , very  scary  stuff.  dont go in that room unless hal knows you mister hahahha , u about to have a bad day in cybers house
Beware: This House protected by Hal9000 Systems. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AY02rOELlXU&feature=youtu.be  Cut to 1:39. When u see me in the upper RIGHT window, what has happened is the facial tracing part has detected a face, then the cam zooms in, and starts looking for my face, when it has the image locked it snapshots the image to the right side of form for comparison of stored grey scale images . Look close and u can actually see hal Locking in my face, look for the green square to pop up around my face. Its quick so look close. This all works...
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Re: Hal Home Commander
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2019, 04:15:19 pm »
i saw part of this video before , but now understand it a lot better with your explanation , very cool stuff , love your graphics to ! 

p.s. i sent some messages to you . check 'em out!!
 :) ;)