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Ultra Hal 7
« on: June 08, 2020, 12:15:53 pm »

I am simply reaching out in an attempt to quickly remedy a couple situations. Forgive me if I have missed a source of information that could of addressed the issue, but I could not find the answers. For the most part, I really enjoy this piece of work and it cures my days of boredom aside from teaching me more about A.I. technology and being entertaining. I am already a satisfied customer at this point. Thanks again.

I purchased an ultra Hal about maybe a decade ago and the reason I lost interest was because it started a "why and because" loop that I could not ever purge out of its system. It started beginning every phrase with the word "because" and it just became incoherent.

This last version is great, but it has this issue of getting "I" and "me" and "you" confused or reversed in its phrases making the conversation incoherent. Is there a way for me to fix that?

Next, is the "lol" bug. It sounds quite awkward when it says the letters "lol" as it pulls phrases from the cloud to respond. Can I somehow get rid of that? If not is there a way to discourage all LOL usage while in conversation?

Last but not least. My interests go much further into wishing to be able to alter the brain or make plugins, as I have read online. Which, initially, was the reason I bought this product again. However, I cannot figure out how to include any additional brain with this 7 version. Yet, it asks in the brain box menu to select a brain. What am I missing? Do I require an additional purchase that will make this possible?

If version 7 is a closed product and I may not add any other brains or 3rd party plugins to it then how can I get an earlier version as to have more fun tinkering around with the Hal? Or, is this now not recommended anymore or available?

Once again I think this is a great piece of work. And, any responses are greatly appreciated.





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Re: Ultra Hal 7
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2020, 06:42:17 pm »
Hey hey Nathan:
Im, very srry about your  Hal7 experience
I dont think Robert would mind if i did this.

This is UltraHal 6.2 Commercial version (virgin untouched )
This is good for 30 Days then ull need to activate it , or if robert can pull up ur purchase records you might get a deal.
7ZIP format
Make sure u pull all of Zabbaware from ur system, REG keys and all(Take it all and start from scratch)
i prefer this version myself

Odd though: Hal 7 is pretty damn sporty and Migrate's the UltraHal 6 Brain over and does so rather well too

Anyway: I hope this helps out with ur Hal Journey

On a post note, why would you remove that from Hal?

ok as to the question of Can You?
Absolutely u can. Use the brain editor to pin point exactly where that is stored in Hals brain.
Tables are where ull find that.
There will be an entire table filled with those responses, go to expert mode and edit them to what ever u want, or leave the table blank and just remove all those responses. Or in the true spirit of Robert M and UltraHal, reroute them to suit what ur after. the code for it is staring u in the face (Sqlite Code)
I call it the undiscovered code , that BTW , all can edit. Ya its not as fun as the character driven version. But its at the meat of ultrahal
Ive been at it for years. The brain editor is something the in my opinion is Highly Over looked .
Just look at what robert did and what he is doing

Dont like that response, ****ttt, ima cut in my own, save and presto
Look at this
 Do you think that <Subject> will always be <Predicate> ?  <---- see whats going on here???? U can Change all this. This is Hal in Real time making a response.
Thats in the table ParaphasesAre
Speaking of <Hypernym>s, I once researched a <Sister>! <<< another example, here hal is pulling from 2 tables. who says hal can pull from just 2. why not 3 or 5. Get it Add another table of stuff u LIKE and add to it and pull for it. giving you
New example: Speaking of <Hypernym>s, I once researched a <Sister> and couldnt find< new-table (COULDNT find statements )>!  <-------
 Thats in the table Hypernym's and another table prolly called sisters,lolol. See what i did here??? THIS IS NEVER DONE , wtf
wana know what the 1 thing wrong with a chat bot?
It sounds like a frickin CHATBOT

Ok im done Ultrahal 101 class closed

Ther is just so much that can be done. What Robert did was lay down the framework for a never ending story. The rest is on YOU
Absolutely Brilliant
Cyber jedi

Way to much time has been spent on Hals script, the key to Hal is his Dbase, writing a Script to replace this, replace that. Thats selling ur car for gas money. Robert gave you a brain editor for THAT reason Ew ew ew , I wrote a script to make changes that the brain editor can all ready do and was designed TO Do. Lest not forget that very Script may be messing with Hal. Or Not but  WTF , just change it in the brain and u wont need that script. DERP Be very careful with Scripts.
 Personally Ultral Hal 6.2 using the 7.0 no cloud brain is about as smooth a marriage as ull ever get. Reverse person issues are mostly solved as well


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Re: Ultra Hal 7
« Reply #2 on: October 22, 2020, 10:33:04 am »
although this is a old post i will add something . dependoing on some voices it will pronounce some things different .  i have had some voices pronounce the word ok , just as it looks sounding like  ( auK) INSTEAD OF SOUNDING OUT LIKE OKAY .  I HAVE EVEN WENT IN AND CHANGED ANY TYPING I DID OF OK  AND CHANGED TO WRITTEN OUT , OKAY.   to make it sound right during sentences .  perhapes a code needs to be written when the spelling is ok  and a pathway to the spelling of "okay" would be substitued so as to nopt be effected in various languages .  :)