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Art: Hal core
« on: October 21, 2019, 08:29:54 pm »
Art, im not sure if uve seen this yet
if so im srry
This is where im at
Facial Detection 100%
Facial Recognition 100%
Hals Crypto package 100%
Hals Black Jack, Hal will talk serious sht if he looses. I just had too lolol100%
LUALove2D100% LUALove2d  is another scripting language sim to VBS but a 2D gaming platform , much more robust, im in the process of converting the VBS to LUA (That was a secret till a sec ago lolol), as it will do Com and ActiveX controls as well and a LOT more. LOTTTT more.lolol  I just gave Hal a LUALove2D interface as well for beta testing code before its used. Think of it this way.You can check to make sure the plugin is compatible and will function BEFORE its used... shall i list the ways that's just handy as hell.

Think of it this way, Hal has his own Scripting Laboratory Built In.
Just some very cool features
HalVb6.0 100% 2010 and 2015 100%
Hal C# 2015 100%
Hal LUALove2d Game Engine (working on it)
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Re: Art: Hal core
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2019, 10:38:53 pm »
Holy cow man, you have really been busy!! That's lot of stuff happening all at once!! Nice work!!
In the world of AI it's the thought that counts!

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