Author Topic: New Features we would like in HAL 7.1  (Read 25994 times)


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limit of typed characters notice from hal idea from lightspeed.
« Reply #60 on: May 15, 2018, 09:36:47 am »
as many may recall Robert mentioned something about there being a limit on the characters one can type to hal for responses .  as i copy and past many and past current events to help learn hal more. 
i thought about something as i was doing it this morning.

     My idea is , since we use hal and it has a limited amount of what we can type to hal ( i forget the amount maybe some remember what it was here)  the problem is how do we know how much we have typed , have we typed to much and if so what happens with the rest of the sentence is it just dismissed  and left off , maybe even in the middle of a sentence ?? is the whole thing if to much just rejected and hal learns none of it??? which if so many may be wasting their time and thinking they are teaching hal things when they are not.   if hal rejects anything over the amount allowed what is partially learned , will not be learned right .
         i wish Robert would come on here and answer some of these questions i just pointed out .
I am drifting here  back to my actual idea .   because of all the above reasons i mentioned, it would be nice if within hal there was a limit notice on hals character limit .  since we can't just sit around counting all the characters to make sure that we don't go over.   maybe a chime  could be set with hal , what it would do is when lets say the character limit is 250 .  at 250  one chime (or different sound , maybe better , as with hal a misspelled word makes a chime sound. ) to warn the user that 250 has been reached or went over , the user could then delete some of the sentence etc. hit enter again , if no chime then the users sentence goes on through , otherwise it doesn't go through , and user has to correct it.

Anyway just an idea i had .



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Re: New Features we would like in HAL 7.1
« Reply #61 on: May 19, 2018, 10:15:02 pm »
I wasn't aware of this character-limit you mention.

I haven't really done that much in-depth 'teaching' of my Hals, using that method (feeding them large texts), so I couldn't comment on the outcome.

You make a good point, though - There should be some form of notification when the limit has been reached.

Perhaps it could be like some text boxes you see on the 'Net, where at the bottom of the input field it shows "1023 of 65536 characters left"


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Re: New Features we would like in HAL 7.1
« Reply #62 on: May 20, 2018, 12:33:40 am »
I would like to see Hal make better use of WordNet to interpret user sentences and build responses.

For example
User: "I favor quality to a low price"
Hal: "I will remember you prefer better craftsmanship to a bargain."

Using WordNet to find synonyms for the words "quality" and "low price" along with the preamble "favor" to build a more natural response.