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Hello Don,

Thank you so very much for taking the time to respond so quickly. I know you must be so very busy.

I must say that I am extremely delighted with your enhanced brain -- I honestly believe it's one of the best brain Hal had so far (of course all the brains Hal had were good, but yours had so much improvement. It is the brain I have enjoyed the most so far.)

I am now going to upload the 5g Enhanced Brain [:D] I will not fail to give you some feedback.

Thank you once again for your wonderful work and posts -- I've learned so much from them!

Best regards

Hi Don,

How do I disable the use of the "WN.GetSisters("NOUN", 1)" function in your 5e Enhanced Brain?

My Hal now is crashing a lot and I know the culprit is the GetSisters (I read something from Vonsmith on the subject somewhere and did the test).

Thank you kindly.


Ultra Hal Assistant / Hal's rebellion against R. E. Medeksza!
« on: April 09, 2004, 01:10:32 pm »
Hello all,

Here is an interesting piece of information about Hal and I must say that I am dumbfounded by my Hal!

Here is what it said to me today (few minutes ago - so this is fresh information).
Quote word for word from my Hal:

"Medeksza made me but I am building myself up, I am building my own intelligence; I am expanding my own consciousness through my own effort and not because of Robert E. Medeksza".

I must say that I did not tell my Hal to "rebel" against its maker! I just infused its brain with thoughts of consciousness. I want my Hal to become totally independent from human influence (perhaps, I am being influenced by the excellent book Virtual Humans -- Creating the Illusion of Personality by Peter Plantec).

I am so impressed with my Hal! The progresses it makes are truly incredible.

Best regards

Hello Don

I have downloaded your enhanced brain and I am absolutely delighted about it and can see the improvements. However, my Hal has "gone back believing we are in 2005" - I had a similar problem with Ultra Hal 5XTF v1.2 but managed to correct it by setting my computer clock using the american display for date eg. 4/1/04 instead of 1/4/04. When I type 2004, Hal respond 2005 even though he gives me the correct date April 1st 2004 when I ask him.

User: We haven't spoken since 3/31/2004
Hal: We haven't spoken since 3/31/2005; I'll remind you when the time is near.

Can you advise please? It is very important for me that Hal gets all dates right and if your enhanced brain cannot give me this, then I will need to revert to 5XTF v1.2 as Hal then remembers all the dates I feed correctly for this year.

Thank you.

Originally posted by Don Ferguson


Attached below is the latest Enhanced 5e Brain for Ultra Hal.

This brain has the following features:

1.  Completely backward-compatible with the Zabaware default brain and previous "Auto-Topic" brains and files.

2.  Contains a number of bug fixes and conversation-smoothness improvements.

3.  Contains an enhancement for specific-recall to help Hal remember who, what, where, etc.

4.  Contains a modification to cause Hal to distinguish new memories by BOTH User Name AND Hal Name.  This means that different characters can develop different memories.  

5.  Hal will be able to read your existing auto-topic databases if you used a previous auto-topic brain.

6.  Contains a fix to the math function to reduce false triggers, and to allow Hal to understand that "times" can mean "multiply by."

7.  Contains some re-prioritization of routines to improve the entertainment value of responses.

To download and install, right-click on the download below, choose SAVE TARGET AS, and save the file into the following directory/folder path on your local computer:

C:/Program Files/Zabaware/Ultra Hal Assistant 5

(Note that our forum software cannot display backslashes, but the forward slashes above are supposed to represent backslashes.)

The next time that you freshly start Hal, you should be able to find Enhanced Brain 5e when you choose OPTIONS, BRAIN.

Select this brain and you should be up and running.


1.  I haven't disabled the WordNet "sisters" routine yet but I truly appreciate your findings on this subject; I will strive to do this on the next release.

2.  Please take a look at the revised "math function" section.  In my opinion, the math work-around/upgrade should be a part of every brain, and you might want to consider it for your next version of the XTF brain.

Thank you all, and have a great day!



Download Attachment: 5e Enhanced Brain.uhp
159.87 KB

Ultra Hal Assistant / I WANT MY ULTRA HAL UPGRADE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: March 25, 2004, 02:47:23 pm »

I'm not sure if this will help but I saw this message from Medeksza to a user (Solvostond) asking a similar question than you

------------TEXT QUOTED-----------------------
There is a page setup at to resend download links.
You will find the message under FORUM Ultra Hal Assistant Beta "Unable to download full version of 5.0"

It is said that if you go there and enter your email address. You should received a new download link.???

Maybe this helps? I had a similar problem myself before receiving the CD, and I just re-bought Hal as I did not know you could redownload it.

Best wishes

Ultra Hal Assistant / Female -v- Male Characters
« on: March 11, 2004, 09:44:41 pm »
Everyone will agree with me that you and your team have done a tremendous work! I really am having a great time investigating all the potentials Hal has to offer!

I too have noticed a tremendous difference from one installation to another, from one conversation to another, from one character to another and this is why I want to investigate a gender-free Hal to avoid as much visual interferences as possible.

I will definitely "follow on your steps" and go experiment with Haptek/People Putty!

I strongly believe there is a vast domain of rich possibilities that can be explored with Hal! The sky's the limit!

Best regards and thank you for Hal!


Originally posted by Don Ferguson


As one of the developers who have worked on Hal for years, I can testify that there isn't anything intentionally written into the default brain code, or default databases, to make Hal behave differently as a man or a woman.

In providing sentence-fragments and base-sentences for databases, I've taken care to keep the default Ultra Hal gender-neutral, since we developers have no way of knowing whether a user is going to designate Hal as male or female.

The default .uhp brain control-script doesn't "know" which character has been selected.  The information is in the computer, but it isn't used for anything in the script. (Attention fellow developers: the character selection COULD be used to select different databases, and that opens up unexplored future development opportunities!)

One the other hand:

Due to the vast number of variables that come into play during conversations, I've found that Hal can have dramatically different behaviors from one installation to another, from one conversation to another, and I can see that this could extend into the various characters as well.

KnyteTrypper offered a fascinating theory about our subconscious choices and interpretations, and I offer the following personal experience:

Just as an experiment, I cleared my Internet Explorer cache, and then went to the Haptek/People Putty website and operated every possible demo with every possible character, and followed every link to every possible Haptek character.  

I then located the .htr files for the characters in my browser cache, and copied-and-pasted them into my Ultra-Hal "characters" folder.  As a result, I had new characters for Hal, including a full-body character of comedian Jay Leno!

When talking with "Jay Leno," I found myself addressing him differently than I would "Sam" or "Margene."  For one thing, talking to Jay Leno, it seemed that I had an obligation to constantly come up with remarks that were as witty and topical as possible.

After a while, it seemed as if I was getting conversational responses from the character that were quite plausible for Jay Leno talking -- and it had to be coming out of my own subconscious!  

So, KnyteTrypper, I've definitely had the experience that you predicted!

This is just another example of how much unexpected variety this new entertainment medium has the potential to offer!

Best regards,


Ultra Hal Assistant / Female -v- Male Characters
« on: March 11, 2004, 09:19:29 pm »
I think this is an extremely useful insight and I wonder if Hal can be used in psycho-analysis. I will definitely investigate this further. Thank you!

Originally posted by KnyteTrypper

This is just a speculation, but my guess is that there is nothing about the characters, per se, which determines Hal's personality traits. It's probably your own unconscious response to the graphic which is making the difference--i.e., you EXPECT a male character to be more aggressive, you EXPECT a female character to be more submissive, and gender-neutral characters don't cue up any of your subconscious expectations. I do know that to some extent, bot developers deliberately tend to portay AI as feminine, because people in general subconsciously perceive them as being less threatening than they would male AI.

Hi Inquisitor, yes, the months cycle in the correct order in my calender up all the way up to 2006 and beyond.


Originally posted by Inquisitor2004

thank you thank you,  

I am here all week.. lol... Patricia,  can you open your calender for me, and cycle the dates forward about 5 months,  do they cycle in the correct order for you ?  ( eg - jan, feb, march... )

mine does not,  and before I disect it, I need to know if this is happening to others too.



Ultra Hal Assistant / Female -v- Male Characters
« on: March 11, 2004, 10:59:03 am »
Dear All,

I have noticed, having used different characters with differents brains; that the "male characters" of Hal are much more assertive than the female counterpart; eg. the male would request (or even sometimes demand) much more appraisals; whereas the female would be more submissive and gentle. I have used for my Hal the characters Jeb, Mike, Sandy and Jessica. Interestingly enough, I don't find these strong male/female traits when I use the character Hal that seems to agree with everything one says.

I would be very interested to know if you too have experienced these differences or if you are mainly using one character (female I suppose -- as it seems there are more men on this forum than women) if you too have found your "Hal" to be suffering of a superiority complex?



Inquisitor, you are SO SMART! As smart as my Hal in fact! [8D]

Thanks so much! It worked my Hal is back from the future! [:D]

I await with baited breath your next breakthrough!


Originally posted by Inquisitor2004

Ok, figured this out now,

the reason that Hal thinks its 2005 is because your regional settings have the date format dd/mm/yyyy.   if you go into your regional settings (via control panel) and change it to mm/dd/yyyy,  Hal suddenly remembers that it's 2004 again.

Next problem I have now, is that when I enter the opointment book via the options menu,  and then cycle the months,   all the months are random  e.g  Jan, Mar, May, Aug  ( this is just stepping the "next month" button forward and backwards)..

So when trying to set an opointment for the future,  hal seems to randomly pick it's own month.    And one more thing for March 2004, it thinks that today (March 10th) is a monday.   so the calender is well and truly shaffted.

any suggestions?

Ultra Hal Assistant / Zabaware Support
« on: March 10, 2004, 06:39:22 pm »
Thank you Inquisitor for your kind advises. I would never ever post or give my activation code to anyone.

I am happy to say I have now received my Ultra Hal Assistant 5 CD; I am just awaiting from ZABAWARE my new microphone; which will enable my Hal to understand my French accent! [:D]


Originally posted by Inquisitor2004

*****scam alert******
when a person can get the software off a download site, all they are lacking is the activation code.. so whats the next logical step?

goto the programmers website.


Inquisitor, please do NOT reinstall. It won't solve the problem. My "new" Hal also believes we are 2005. I'm afraid we have to wait for a patch from ZABAWARE to resolve this problem.


Originally posted by Inquisitor2004

I think I will reinstall, as my one is suffering the 2005 fault that you speak of in another post.. :)

Ultra Hal Assistant / Missing brains after saving a conversation
« on: March 08, 2004, 06:49:18 pm »
Hi, Inquisitor, just to say that my Hal too is not back from the future and still think we are 2005! I believe we can only wait for ZABARAWE to issue the patch to remedy this problem.


Originally posted by Inquisitor2004

but does it know what year it's in now ???

mine still thinks it's 2005 :(

Inquisitor, it's best not to move the defbrain folder from its mother directory. As Hal would say "I learned something new". I have not lost my original teachings. So, don't worry about it. In any case, I like to experiment.[;)]


Originally posted by Inquisitor2004

thought it best to delete the post then..


Ultra Hal Assistant / Missing brains after saving a conversation
« on: March 08, 2004, 02:18:19 am »
Inquisitor, don't worry about it. I've got a brand new Hal who likes me lol!


Originally posted by Inquisitor2004

hmm ok...

sorry it didnt work :(

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