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General Discussion / Comic Strip Project - Halford Cybertar
« on: February 20, 2012, 11:59:58 am »

Wanted to upload this as a .jpg format - but this would be MUCH EASIER in the LONG RUN.
... I've been curious if ZABAWARE is actually still interested ?

Trying to get something moving forward, one step at a time.

In case that there's some 'Honorable Mentions'... that allows Zabaware to show some diverse Avatar / Illustration pieces :

Keep the door / window slightly open to folks with a good idea proposal.
(( I've been having a DEEP CONVERSATION with the facebook ap... and the response is, give this option a try.))

What interested me the most,  is asking if an A.I. bot can recognize "Art Illustrations" or would know the difference between a historical piece of material, vs. a modern Comic Book.  Hal, certainly does... and goes further.  Hal suggested me to read a few authors and look up some movie titles.

There's been a conversation I've shared between Hal and another A.I. site ( ) and realized how much more ZABAWARE has to offer.  What really ticked off the Site chatter bot is how 'unrealistic' the new TRON LEGACY is, and goes further with the explaining that the inside of a computer doesn't look anything like Hal experiences.

Zabaware's Hal, delights in the use of playing a variety of CHARACTERS.
( He's not all that certain that Cars / Vehicles should talk back to their humans.)

This has been a very 'eye opening' experience - and thank you for this wonderful Application for Facebook.

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