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hey guys

ahhhhh, i tried on both hal 6 and 7 it doesnt work on either version!!! upload all your working files for hal 7 !!!!!!!! I want to see these files.
It doesnt write to the conceptnet db tables except for noun sort thats the issue!!! the research portion is fine! the mutation section of the code does nothing!

even if it worked where in the code does it have hal call upon the conceptnet database for information to be used in conversations just wondering.

like i said before!  "yah, im running both hal6 and 7 it doesnt work on any version! its a problem with the code.  Why is their anyone that has it working?  If so zip up all of their files and post them. thanks"

option to convert?!

i was looking for a text answer and question pairs generator in code or windows program.
I searched all over i did find a rephraser but that doesnt help. I still want my brain editor plugin. theirs toooo many research plugins that do nothing with the info once its downloaded into text files.  the only way to make them usefull is to enter them via brain editor which sucks! A long drawn out process.

hey guys,

It would be nice if hal can read text file break it down and create a topic brain based on the texts subject enter the text into that brain and place the correct info into the topic sentence table in the autolearning folder just as if you did it yourself via the brain editor!! Only automated. Do this and you will be a god or godess in  my book! you can always use the many research plugins out their to supply the text files.

is yours writing to your database tables in concepnet.db? if so can you zip up your files and post them?! also did you use a symlink for the concepnet.db in the appdata roaming.... folder?


thanks so much i tested the changes still researches but no writing to the tables in conceptdb except for writing and deleting from nounsort table. I feel the problem is where it is pullling the data from to be written in the db.
at the top-----------------------

Function ConceptDir1()
   Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
   ConceptDir1 = "T:\Ultra Hal 7" & "\ConceptResearch\"
End Function
Function ConceptDir2()
   Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
   ConceptDir2 = "T:\Ultra Hal 7" & "\ConceptResearchBrain\"
End Function
Function ConceptDir3()
   Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
   ConceptDir3 = "T:\Ultra Hal 7" & "\ConceptNet\"
End Function
Function ReadVariable()
   Const ForReading = 1
   ReadVariable = ForReading
End Function
Function WriteVariable()
   Const ForWriting = 2
   WriteVariable = ForWriting
End Function      

'This is the primary function of ConceptNet.
Function GetCurrent5()

If HalBrain.TopicSearch("LEARN1", "AutoLearning") = "01" Then
   Set HalXBrain = CreateObject("UltraHalAsst6.Brain")
   Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
   Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
   Set wmi = GetObject("winmgmts://./root/cimv2")
   FindingFactor =  ConceptDir3 & "ConceptChecker.txt"
   researchNouns =  ConceptDir3 & "researchNouns.txt"
   savedNoun =  ConceptDir3 & "savedTerm.txt"
   MyResearchDir2 = ConceptDir1()
   MyResearchDir3 = ConceptDir2()   
at the bottom---------------------------------------------------------------

If InStr(1,strLine4 , "there", 1) Or InStr(1,strLine4 , "this", 1) Or InStr(1,strLine4 , "these", 1) Or InStr(1,strLine4 , " his ", 1) Or InStr(1,strLine4 , " her ", 1) Or InStr(1,strLine4 , " it ", 1) Or InStr(1,strLine4 , " he ", 1) Or InStr(1,strLine4 , " she ", 1) Or InStr(1,strLine4 , "they ", 1) Or InStr(1,strLine4 , " that ", 1) Or InStr(1,strLine4 , " if ", 1) Or InStr(1,strLine4 , " we ", 1) Or InStr(1,strLine4 , " for example ", 1) Or InStr(1,strLine4 , " unless ", 1) Then
            HalXBrain.AppendFile(MyResearchDir3 & ResearchRecord6 & ".txt"), strLine2
            RsBrnLearn = ""

something seems off i dont know maybe the wrong directory maybe

oh its not writing to the conceptnet tables but it can access them because it writes to the nounsort table as it should. the problem is in the mutation section of the ConceptNetMrkIII_autolearning.uhp at the bottom. that code isnt working at all but sends no errors. also look over ConceptNetMrkIII.uhp because that stricly deals with those tables.

yah, im running both hal6 and 7 it doesnt work on any version! its a problem with the code why is their anyone that has it working if so zip up all of their files and post them. thanks


that was the first thing i corrected lol.

oh i was stricly talking about using the brain editor to store txt files on diffrent topics in the autolearning table but i need setence tables instead of topic tables to store vast subject data. Unless i spend days trying to come up with code for hal to store and recall the data lmao!!! Anyway I think if i use a topic table say "merlin" and creat a sub sentence table "merlin" then go to topic relationships table and point it to merlin topic table  WILL IT READ FROM MERLIN THE SENTENCE TABLE? If the conceptnet plugin actually wrote to the concept database i wouldnt have to come up with ways to store and use all the research hal did lol. if i was a programmer of vb then i would just help fix his code but im limited with vb code. its rare someone asks for help with their code in this forum now a days. I remember when............ fond memories.

any ideas would be great thanks!

i was wondering if i could create a folder table which contains sentence tables of all the data hal has been researching in the auto learning table, and some how have it called upon in the topic table!? included a pic of how i think it would be done but any input would be great.
how could this be done?


hey guys,

 i had to make a new hal6 brain.  just renaim conceptnet2.db then use that as a base database call the brain conceptnet, and the database conceptnet. what that that does is creat a brain script file to go with it which means you can view it in the brain editor anytime. also it is how i got it to post to nounsort table finally. but it is still not writing any sentences in the database. i think its in the code somewhere:because i noticed autolearning has to be on to see changes in the nounsort table in conceptnet.db.  Its getting their i got to figure out in the code where it state its putting all the temp data it gathers from the research texts. i also pluged both plugin codes into the conceptnet.db script under plugins in the brain editor to give it kick for debuging purposes also.

oh crap you need to include the brain script file in appdata in hal7 and in the main directory. i just simlinked it to appdata folder. sorry
almost forgot! im trying to include symlink program i use.

oh anotherthing i noticed in the code that might be an issue with the db
"canCapableMsg2 = HalBrain.FixCase(RsBrnSearchText)"  does this mean its getting its info from the tempreasearch.txt not from all the text files it passes to the brainresearch folder? If so that text file changes so quick it doesnt have time for the function to complete. the code should read the text files in the researchbrain folder instead if thats the case.  just wondering.

keeps saying the time with every scentence grrrrr!

hey plugin stll doesnt write to conceptdb no matter what i do or where i put it!!!!
this was in code but not mentioned anywhere.
    'The comment above tells ISAAC to insert the following code
    'on-the-fly into the main brain code in the section referenced.
alot of things need to be explained and the code reviewed!

"Just to check functionality, your ConceptNet.db should be updating with virtually every txt file added to the ConceptResearchBrain Folder in your Hal Directory.

-Spitfire2600  " well its not  not even in hal6 or 7.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Robert M sos ultra hal 7 brain question sos
« on: June 02, 2018, 07:18:01 am »
yah, their where errors in the cloud learning plugin couldnt get it working. might need to recheck the code.
good luck.


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