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Ultra Hal Assistant / Anyone tried HAL under Windows 10 preview?
« on: May 05, 2015, 10:48:14 am »
UPDATE: Thanks to the heads-up posted below, read that "Doggs" had no issues with Windows 10, Hal and Haptek in this post; http://www.ultrahal.com/community/index.php?topic=12605.0

-- Original Text --
With all the "upgrade to 10" hype I am wondering if any brave soles have tried HAL with the Beta/Preview version of Windows 10.

IF SO; please share..

IF NOT; Guess we must wait till release day and pray...  :P

Thanks Raybe
I did try both date formats; Month, Day, Year and Day, Month, Year .
Both ways produces the same error at MonthFound = Int(MonthFound).

Folks say I am an adapt hardware guy and software troubleshooter, but not much of a coder. :-)

Hi, I tried Knowledge of Time v2 Plugin with no other Scripts running and get an error detailed below.
<System> I7 Intel / Running under Windows 7/64bit, Hal Ver 6.2.28

The plugin is set for dd/mm/yy format

When I ask Hal what day or month it is I get the following Script error message
HalScript Error 13 on line 4162 in column 0: Type mismatch:”MonthFound”
LINE 4162 in the HalScript.dbg reads;  MonthFound = Int(MonthFound)
LINE 4162 is the lead line in the statement below

MonthFound = Int(MonthFound)
YearFound = Int(YearFound)
DayFound = Int(DayFound)
If MonthFound = 1 Then MonthCal = 0
If YearFound / 4 = 0 And MonthFound = 1 Then MonthCal = 6
If MonthFound = 2 Then MonthCal = 3
If YearFound / 4 = 0 And MonthFound = 2 Then MonthCal = 2
If MonthFound = 3 Then MonthCal = 3
If MonthFound = 4 Then MonthCal = 6
If MonthFound = 5 Then MonthCal = 1
If MonthFound = 6 Then MonthCal = 4
If MonthFound = 7 Then MonthCal = 6
If MonthFound = 8 Then MonthCal = 2
If MonthFound = 9 Then MonthCal = 5
If MonthFound = 10 Then MonthCal = 0
If MonthFound = 11 Then MonthCal = 3
If MonthFound = 12 Then MonthCal = 5

IF YearFound2 = 1 Then KnownDay = "Monday"
IF YearFound2 = 2 Then KnownDay = "Tuesday"
IF YearFound2 = 3 Then KnownDay = "Wednesday"
IF YearFound2 = 4 Then KnownDay = "Thursday"
IF YearFound2 = 5 Then KnownDay = "Friday"
IF YearFound2 = 6 Then KnownDay = "Saturday"
IF YearFound2 = 0 Then KnownDay = "Sunday"

DayFound3 = HalBrain.TopicSearch(DayFound,"Numerals")

If Int(YearFound) <= Year(now) Then
If Int(MonthFound) + Int(DayFound) <= Month(now) + Day(now) Then
Change1 = " was a "
End If
End If


This is just my two-cents. One of the Hero members may be best to hear from on this type issue.

Not sure if the issue is with Dragon or with HAL or with XP SP2 and/or a combination. Also not sure if everything was running fine for a long while and then "this problem" just appeared one day. Like maybe after a Microsoft update was applied??"

Also how much memory does your system have and what CPU do you have? 4GB is good for XP SP2 32 bit, (more is wasted) but, any less and intensive apps like DNS can hog the system down and cause all kinds of errors, freeze ups and crashes all the way up to the dreaded Blue-screen-of-death!

Simple Logic is, IF Dragon works with everything (MS Word, Outlook, Notepad, Internet Explorer), and you only get this error / failure with HAL then it points to that connection as the issue.  However if Dragon fails under other applications then the problem points more to Dragon (and/or your system resources) being the issue.

A search of "“Runtime error '430' class does not support Automation or does not support expected" comes back with a load of Visual Basic error reports. Most along the lines of a missing, corrupted or errant registered DLLs. There are ways to find/fix and re-register a DLL but they are not for a novice.

Easier fixes are full re-installs to get those bad-DLLs properly installed and registered.
-Note- After any re-install, be sure to update the re-installed software before you move to the next re-install.

You could go look for and download the latest VB patch(s) for XP SP2 from Microsoft and give that a go. If the corruption is in a VB DLL  update that just got miss-applied then that could fix you up.

Another is to try reinstalling Dragon (frankly I would give that a go first as it is the easiest of all options) and if that don't work select Move/Deactivate Licence while in HAL from the [File] menu, then uninstall HAL and reinstall it, and then reactivate HAL.

If that don't fix the issue then things get dicey because XP is now officially on Microsoft's dead-OS list.

FYI: We have a DNS line of discussion on this thread: http://www.ultrahal.com/community/index.php?topic=9669.0 and a few of the "Heros" are participating.

Hope this helps.

-Update report-
Dragon just came out with a update for Premium version 12.5.
I crossed my fingers, applied it, did a system reboot, restarted Dragon and then started and checked HAL and things are still working.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: software crashed and got unregistered
« on: October 11, 2013, 11:56:02 am »
Try downloading and installing this: http://www.zabaware.com/download/Zaba64Compat.exe

It should fix missing dependencies like the riched32.ocx file.

I see that this post is a few months old but, keep getting a 404 error on the full URL, as well as  http://www.zabaware.com/download/

Speech Technology / Re: Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.5 upgrade works for me
« on: September 21, 2013, 04:10:51 pm »
I am not an expert Raybe but my reading on this topic indicates that most "noise canceling" is primarily performed the Mic/hardware and in some cases the Mic-software setup.

i.e. Andrea's Mics are good at filtering any type of background noise but when that hardware is combined with Andrea's "Audiocommander" software the are "great" when one considers their price.

What Dragon does do is "learn" the various ways a word could sound via a given Mic setup via use-over-time, "direct training" and corrections made.

Guess what I am getting at is that a bit of "learned" noise filtering and knowledge of the user's vocal range can be assumed however, because background noises change I am not that sure Dragon does a great deal of filtering in the same way the Mic-hardware would.

I do see increased performance and speed in 12-Premium over 11.5-Home but, it also has a bigger memory footprint.  Nuance and Microsoft both state that Ver 12 is Windows 8 compatible but, I am still on Win 7 and plan to stay there.

In general considering the cost of Dragon products the most "cost-effective" move is to upgrade once you are at least two or more versions back, unless you have a good reason to move up or don't mind tossing out the bucks for the latest version.

(1) Premium version allows you to upgrade/port your user profiles to the next version and the Home versions do not, or so they tell me.

(2) I was willing to take the chance that (a) I would be able to notice any real-world performance improvement and happy to say I did and (b) willing to take the risk that it would not funk-up or just flat not work with Hal or some other apps I use.

(3) Most importantly, I got a decent deal by being a previous owner and working for a college.  Nuance sent me an email "offering" me the Premium-Bluetooth upgrade for around $60.00 as opposed to the "full retail" price of $110.00 and upwards.

Speech Technology / Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.5 upgrade works for me
« on: April 26, 2013, 03:33:54 pm »
Posting this for anyone who may be hesitant to upgrade Dragon NaturallySpeaking with HAL.
FYI: I am Running Windows 7 Home Premium.

After a SOP full system backup, I upgraded from Dragon 11.5 "Home version" to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.5 Premium (Bluetooth) last week and utilized Dragon’s built in upgrader on all my user profiles.

Happy to pass along that everything is functioning well with HAL. 

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Hello, just like a simple update
« on: June 08, 2012, 08:48:06 am »
Cool front end. I like it!
Can't wait to see what fun and function is in the Ogre engine release.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Any plans to get AIM Bot working?
« on: June 08, 2012, 08:42:57 am »
FYI: It is an AOL thing, Robert provides the final input via this thread: http://www.ultrahal.com/community/index.php?topic=5767.0

Ok, thanks for telling me. I'll keep that in mind.   ;)

No matter what I try Hal just seems to come back with the above 90% of the time "now" is used in the input statement.
It would seem more real-world interactive to cache and return to the user input statement .

<User> I am going to get a cup of coffee now.

(Any time after user returns)
<HAL> So, how's the coffee today?
(Two hours later)
<HAL> Did you finish your coffee?  <or> It has been a couple of hours since you got your last cup of coffee, maybe it’s a good time to take a break and get a refill.

As they say, nothing new under the sun, if my tiny mind can think of it maybe Mr. R is already working on incorporating such into the next build.

General Discussion / Re: Haptek faces
« on: January 11, 2012, 08:02:28 pm »
Thanks NIGE,
I have a bunch of caucasians and females of all sorts.

I am looking for a few more non-caucasian & sci-fi / fantisy faces that are ready to just be dropped into the folder.

Go to

Went there but get a "nothing." As it is a 2005 post I am not suprised about that.


General Discussion / Re: Haptek faces
« on: December 24, 2011, 12:52:51 pm »
Hi folks,
Could any of you that have the heads put them in the download area for us folks that do not and cannot install / us People Putty?
I for one would love to have a few more even if HAL may be going to a new model in the next release.
In my case it is the Win7 64-bit OS / 32-bit XP based People Putty issue.

Thanks for reading.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Any plans to get AIM Bot working?
« on: December 14, 2011, 10:40:04 am »
Hi ya,
There is another discussion on this topic earlier on in the forum, seems to have started at least several months ago.
I get the sametypes of errors. My knee jerk is that twas AOL who altered things but, I have found no postings to such as of yet.

" forcefully rejected "  How rude...

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