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Re: Help I need Help
« Reply #15 on: December 28, 2016, 03:58:58 pm »
Theres ton s of this stuff at the repository. mix heads with skins.  Plus even more at the private repository



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Re: Help I need Help
« Reply #16 on: December 29, 2016, 12:06:42 am »
Yeah, it would seem that there has been quite a confusion of terms with regard to skins.

The Character "Skins" are the graphical representation of either a character's head/face or a FullBody character's head/face/body (usually with a variety of clothing).

There are GUI (Graphical User Interface) "Skins" that define UltraHal's "World", the Character, text Input and Output windows, a couple of buttons for access back the the Main Menu and one to activate the Mic for use with Speech Recognition, and usually a border to enclose everything.

There have been a considerable amount of GUI skins that are available and relatively easy to create with a bit of study.

There are the Skins for faces that need to be loaded or rather Dragged and Dropped onto Hal's head every time Hal is run. A person can also drop a different head image onto it , then another and another watching it change each time. All is lost whenever Hal is shut down.

In order to have a unique character, one had to design / create a head in a program called People Putty from Haptek, Inc. A character was then saved with an .htr extension and it could then be loaded into UltraHal as the person's default character with a unique name, hair and clothing.

Most .htr's can accept other image files (.jpg) or heads or characters dropped onto them unless the .htr character is not a human proportioned head. (People Putty could create various shaped creatures and animals as well as human morphed characters).

Optional items like accessories could also be added within the People Putty program like beards, moustaches, hats, hair, scars, makeup, colors, etc.

A small book could easily be written detailing all the possibilities one could do with People Putty & UltraHal plus the accessories, skins, GUI skins, .jpg image heads and full bodies and all the head and fullbody .htr character files. Yes, it could fill a book, but that is not my intent here.

I'm just trying to shed a bit of light for some of our newer members in case they get confused by some of the lingo here.

Have fun, no matter what.... ;)
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