Author Topic: All hands on deck. Hal needs his own Scraper...... cload, lightspeed,ect ect  (Read 668 times)


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Ultar Hal needs a Webpage Scraper for Social Media. Come on fellas... It needs to be able to read the chat,,mhmmmm.. It will need an array to store data as well as a Leader , my choice would be \\ . I think that,  learn from the clipboard could be 1 way to Hook Hal. Another way would be to do a real fancy copy/paste auto Script. i have done thing this very thing with hal on the posting ,seems to Most times. This would make Hal portable , and make all chat rooms his slave.while still being benign to the host Chat Server, Think of it as an over lay chat. Totally doable . All u would have to have is hal running with webpage loaded  thanx cyberjedi...