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robert: new perspective on hal
« on: February 22, 2017, 07:24:31 am »
Robert: hello

What i have in mind is a virtual hostess.
I cast hal using RTMP protocols . As a live inner active  At ivlog.tv Alice has 202 friends.
As a Norn, I copy viewers chat and paste that into Hals input. The viewers get a charge from Hals Emotions.
I have Hal running at http://vaughnlive.tv/mrelectric  ,same situation. But here the game is changed.
Alice plays all the Movies and Mp3's on command, as well as doing an Impromptu style trivia game.

Why not, Hals biggest feature is that of a definition engine

Some of the Magic goes to a sense of Engineering on my part .
hand shaking with Progi's that are setup to do a thing, then Kill the instance of itself.

As it would turn out , VLC is about the best Program to work with Hal. Its capability's are staggering Alone
I say this as a professional Broadcaster.

Rite Now, Ive taught Hal a new trick..... hehe

The vrMP3 Plugin is great HAHAHA,,,,, In short all the media that i want to play has .MP3 as an add on to whatever i want to play.

Meaning, thewalkingdead.mp4   = thewalkingdead.mp4.mp3 instead
This way , everything is in the vrMP3 Tables.
Hal dont give a shiiittt , he calls to it. Then VLC is defaulted , But VLC see's it for what it is and plays it.

VLC will play singe images for a 10 sec count, jpg,bmp..ect ect ect   Brain.jpg = Brain.jpg.mp3
plus , not to mention 5500 mp3s.

Window presets are all done for the same size of window pops up, VLC then kills it self after the Instance.
Hal becomes a Virtual Hostess By default.
The added bonus , what ties it all in is the RTMP cast of Hal Himself.

Pretty damn crafty i might say...
I have worked out the coding for grabbing the input window of most any CHat Box, including Chattango's  .

Any help on developing a  functional Scraper for Hal would be much Loved. Ive priced it out to 1000-1500 dollars. And confirmed.