Author Topic: Robert , bill dewitt, light speed, art  (Read 636 times)


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Robert , bill dewitt, light speed, art
« on: February 03, 2018, 05:59:01 pm »
Robert : simple Hal

I completed that code a while back, i just didnt want to post the raw source because Hal7 was about to be released.
Didnt think it that would be proper.

If you guys want the code to what has been done , please shout out.

but ya,,, many thing came from that code u handed me Robert
I would have thought u guys had it by now, code hording bastards. lol
and im giving simple Hal new features Daily.

What more can be done with simple Hal, who knows?
Robert please tell me if i can release Simple Hal here...


best wishes
cyber jedi
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