Author Topic: Spammers: Read this Please...  (Read 556 times)


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Spammers: Read this Please...
« on: December 27, 2018, 10:59:22 am »
RE: Spamming.

I Cant imagine why any 1 would spam this site..
Look, from  a common sense perspective. The people at this site are upper brain thinkers, that's a givin. There HERE .
That said, dont you think it might be ah damn bit dangerous to be spamming an A.I site?? Do you really think your VPN is as secure as you seem to think  it is? (cyber jedi  giggles)??? They have router logs and corresponding time stamps too genius...
With all your infinite wisdom, you decide to do this here.  HERE?????lolol , dude, That's just DUMB ...

Be advised
Most people here are pretty much very cool and chill people, then there's a few others that have the skill sets to reach into cyberspace and just plum ripp ur ballz off and feed them to you.
Me for instance...
Not a pleasant thought if you ask me..

please leave us alone
Its really none of my business, but since no 1 else will get in your face , i decided I would.
Best wishes to you and your family on this holiday season

cyber jedi
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Re: Spammers: Read this Please...
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2018, 04:33:00 pm »
Thank you Cyber!

I visit this site at least 2 and more like 3 times every day! I've Removed/Deleted over 150 Spammers in the past 4 days and more each day!

I wish Rob could set it so a NEWBIE could not be allowed to POST until he/she had visited the site X number of times or something similar.

These people really need a different website to promote their Spam!!

If there was a way to get them I'd do it!!
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