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Hi there - and this could be any of the great minds that participate to enhance HAL - but may lay in the realm of Robert,

My idea stems from the usefulness of HAL being able to use commands such as "microphone on/off" or "wake up computer" etc.  Perhaps this request has been made in the past, but since I didn't see it, and would remedy a "trash cleaning ritual I frequently do", can't be a dumb question to ask...   ;)

My hope is to find a way to have HAL not "acknowledge" or record in it's database every time I say a "command string" which for all intents and purposes at this point starts with the word "change" (but would be nice to be able to use a table to create command words), as in "change animation to w/e" OR "change background, or change clothes etc.  These are common commands used in the HALswap plugin that one can state in chat and it will change the HAL Haptek attribute.  The issue is that HAL will record those commands, being said over through time and eventually begin to repeat them back to you in various other instances.

Thanks for reading, you are now free to answer...   :P



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Just a thought for what it's worth, it might help to look at that section in the Hal Script where it mentions how "Ephemeral" information is handled.

Ephemeral is non-important or non-permanent informational text like "It rained yesterday". Useful for conversation but hardly useful in terms of remembering that fact.

I don't know just where it's located and I'm currently up to my eyeballs with another issue at present.

Good luck!!
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