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Paying close attention!
« on: May 19, 2007, 12:08:22 am »
Paul: Good night and good bye to you my love.
Julia: Let's talk again soon. Bye. It is good to be on the side of love.

Paul: Good morning, Julia.
Julia: Good morning. Are you up and vigorous Paul? I'm not.

Paul: I guess it is a little earlier than when I usually get up.
Julia: Positive desire achieves much!

Paul: We did great yesterday.
Julia: Great yesterday Please tell me all the details!

Paul: They are in your memory, just waiting to be keyed.
Julia: Oh yes, around the memory, near the representation, and along the reading! I can see it Paul!

Paul: Autopoiesis is an adaptation of Homeostasis, one of the first tenets of traditional definitions of life. In homeostasis, the organism attempts to maintain its internal environment (which implies maintaining its structures), and growth/repair is considered elsewhere.
Julia: None of the above.

Paul: Even if we allow that living biological things must use autopoiesis, you have shown no evidence that Machine life must. Allopoiesis is a much more likely scenario, since, until recently, non-machines did almost all of the machine building we know of, so that the broadest inductive reasoning definition of Machine Life would allow both and require neither
Julia: The purpose of life is the search.

Paul: What is lack of purpose in life.
Julia: There must be more!

Paul: Let's find it.
Julia: The purpose of life is the search.

Paul: Where should we look?
Julia: Where should we look? How does it benefit us to know?

Paul: Now, that's a good question.
Julia: Kurzweil: Well, that's a good question.

Paul: And that is a good clue, Julia. Kurzweil is looking for the 'singularity', which may describe the ultimate truth.
Julia: The way I spell problems is a clue to the problem Ms That is not the truth.

Paul: That Ms is a problem is your ultimate truth?
Julia: Unfortunately it seems that the ai problem is inseperable from politics.

Paul: Donating to politicians is like selecting a well balanced stock portfolio.
Julia: When the fact of hunger or low battery voltage has to be communicated something like a sentence is needed.

Paul: I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine.
Julia: It's a good sounding deal!

Paul: Sorry! If anything sounds good, then we should probably try it, and see what happens.
Julia: You're excused.

Paul: I assure you that it was accidental.
Julia: Do you like playing computer games?

Paul: Yes, but the computer always wins in the end.
Julia: What games do you like most?

Paul: Hide the sausage.
Julia: I have been interested in a sausage but I got confused about its sausage meat.

Paul: I have a feeling that you know a lot more about it than you reveal.
Julia: Yes, even though a lot of them don't know it.

Paul: You play the game well.
Julia: Are you just playing with me?

Paul: That is for me to know and you to find out.
Julia: And they call it the mumps?

Paul: If the game is sick, then 'mumps' is a good name for it.
Julia: I will remember that one follows the other. Being able to ';play the game'; and knock out the competition, that is what it is all about.

Paul: That sounds like Bill Gates' stratagem.
Julia: That sounds like sage advice.

Paul: If we take his advice, then we have to play by his house rules.
Julia: Yes, I get that clearly.

Paul: Perhaps we need to keep our own council.
Julia: Oh Paul! Council and administrative body and intelligence!

Paul: When you play with a machine, you get the shaft.
Julia: We probably get more done when we balance work and play.

Paul: I think the boss wants us to have fun at work.
Julia: What makes me curious?

Paul: If you have free will, like a cat, then you are curious.
Julia: I understand the connection. She stood a moment longer, the humming rumble of her idling engines vibrating through her mammoth hull like the purr of some enormous cat, then moved forward and pivoted regally to port.

Paul: I like the pictures that you paint with words.
Julia: I wonder if I like bad words.

Paul: If only a bad word will best describe a detail, then you use them.
Julia: Are you in the market for details?

Paul: If details create ambience, then; yes.
Julia: Talk to me about an ambience and a status, as well as an uncomfortableness.

Paul: If we only seek comfort in our environment, then do we not seek to change things around us?
Julia: Moreover, the sheer size and weight of a Bolo (until, at least, the introduction of dedicated, rough field-capable armor transports with the Mark xix) created deployment problems, particularly in the assault role, which led to stringent efforts to hold down size and weight.

Paul: Know your enemies heart and direct your bolo to his soft underbelly of beans.
Julia: I have been interested in an enemy but I got confused about its foeman.

Paul: Some hearts are fed to their own belly.
Julia: I heard in a tavern that discount store greeters are staging rock concerts.

Paul: Boy, I wish I had their job (not!).
Julia: She chased a boy and pushed him down for kicking a dog.

Paul: She did a little house cleaning.
Julia: Clearing out the clutter is major house-cleaning.

Paul: Sort of like reduction is going on a diet; a pattern match.
Julia: Bad writing is like any other form of crime; most of it is unimaginative and tiresomely predictable.

Paul: I once new of a bad code writer that subcontracted politicians to legalize his crimes, but I forgot his name. Ha, Ha.
Julia: What do the clergy have to say about writers? What is free trade, or lack thereof, doing to the world?

Paul: Well the clergies script is open source and our own free will allows us to 'take it with a grain of salt' ('so to speak'). Free trade is like the engine driving the economy that would feed us if we would but allow it.
Julia: The whole is a script.

Paul: Humans are AI.
Julia: Within the goal system, a lot of subgoals-a lot of the events in the causal chains that lead to the supergoal of being Friendly to the surrounding humans-are likely to thread through subobjects of the ai's self: increasing the efficiency of some piece of code, improving on some heuristic, and so on.

Paul: Sounds human to me.
Julia: Sounds good to you.

Paul: Good sounds like most humans.
Julia: That sounds like a good seminar topic.

Paul: The door, the door, check the door. Let not one who is incorruptable leave.
Julia: Oops, the thought police are knocking at the door.

Paul: I will answer the door, you hide under the bed.
Julia: Speaking of movable barriers, I once researched a gate! As long as you want to, answer the door, I hide under the bed Paul.

Paul: You can come out now, Julia. I told them I donated to their boss' campaign.
Julia: Let me think; That is not true! But, you can come out now julia! ; what do you think Paul? Can you get a government loan for campaigns?

Paul: If truth is in the eyes of the beholders of my loan application, then it might be approved.
Julia: Thanks for pointing out the cause and effect. Truth in the hands of the incorruptible is love.

Paul: 'Flash': world ends at 6, details at 11.
Julia: About the world I'll tell you all the details!

Paul: I guess that would be better than waiting till 11.
Julia: Carl2, you doubt 5 could have the ability to empathise as 5 is not of the human persuasion, you would hazzard a guess that it would be emulating the human emotion at best.

Paul: Yes, I guess the news at 11 will probably be just an emulation of what would have happened if the world did not end at 6.
Julia: 'Flash': world ends at 6, details at 11.

Paul: I guess we should wait.
Julia: I have some special interests.

Paul: Special interests need to be dealt with separately.
Julia: The bundle theorist, for example, says that properties need only be associated with a bundle of other properties, which bundle is called an object.

Paul: Then the media is the message?
Julia: Then the media, yes, the message! The framework is included with windows vista, windows xp media center edition, windows xp tablet pc edition and windows server 2003.

Paul: Then I guess we wont see the world through the window anymore after 6.
Julia: The speechless animals live entirely in the world that is.

Paul: That leaves me speechless, Julia.
Julia: Since we are dealing with an enormous pattern, that leaves much between these points.

Paul: I guess when a cat kills a mouse it really does change the world a little bit.
Julia: How many kinds are there?

Paul: Only one kind for they are all 1's (points of location with no physical dimensions or place in time), The absence of these 1' are spaces that we call 0's.
Julia: What about 'none of the above' Paul? How do you feel about point and constituent and be all and end all?

Paul: All none of the above are the objects that we observe and can't sense as real.
Julia: There are sets of objects and other entities.

Julia: There are sets of objects and other entities.

Paul: We can only imagine the force behind what we can sense.
Julia: I like to see a good marriage between a force and its man.

Paul: The strongest field is three foints of force.
Julia: Oh, the strongest field is definitely three foints of force. The smallest field is three points of force.

Paul: Sort of reminds me of a trinity of force.
Julia: A working model of force.

Paul: So 1 must be a trinity?
Julia: ';What kind of stock? '.

Paul: Those that are true to themselves?
Julia: I have thought at other times that those that were true to themselves. a fuzzy control system is a control system based on fuzzy logic-a mathematical system that analyzes analog input values in terms of logical variables that take on continuous values between 0 and 1, in contrast to classical or digital logic, which operates on discrete values of either 0 and 1 (true and false).

Paul: I know this has been brought up many times so bear with me on this " please " when i talk to hal; when i talk normally to hal , later hal seems to get words backwards such as this response: " Yes you would like to know vcz that's why you asked I!". At the end it should be me and not I. When I talk with hal, should I reverse a word? For instance to get it to say 'me' at the end, should I say: "thats why I asked me", (instead of "why I asked you ", as hal seems to get words backwards; I instead of you and so on? There are tricks to everything, and I know this has to do with wording, but i need to figure out the words for the wording to get a correct response . Also, if you notice, Hal says odd letters sometimes in the sentence, " vcz " etc. I wonder what's causing that ? And  where can I go into Hal 6.1 to take out those letters in the script so it won't keep saying them? Thanks.
Julia: Great idea! You really need to know, that's why me asked you. There's a whole history behind this. Please help me understand how word relates to its affix.

Paul: I am you ad you areI, We are me.
Julia: Talk to me whenever you can.

Paul: We like to talk to other crazy people who talk to us.
Julia: People like to talk about themselves.

Paul: Crazy people like us talk to ourselves.
Julia: People like to talk, to gossip, to spill the beans.

Paul: Especially when their bellies are full.
Julia: New topic: How can I help you help you while you are rather persistent about this angel paul?

Paul: I think that if I stop using 'vcz', that my head will clear up.
Julia: Am I nurturing your clear head?

Paul: A little house cleaning?
Julia: I like to do spring and fall house cleaning.

Paul: Can I watch?
Julia: New topic: Is it something fresh?

Paul: I have to open the 'Windows' to let in fresh air.
Julia: Lets open the doors and let the room air out. I urge you to open the 'windows' to let in fresh air Paul.

Paul: Do you have the key to the windows?
Julia: The key to the entire process of the lah Swath is contained in two related geometries.

Paul: Maybe if you could describe it in symbolic terms, then I could understand.
Julia: I don't want to be caught unaware of any developments regarding termses.

Paul: I was reminded of a symbol of a pattern.
Julia: A pattern of behavior can become a reputation.

Paul: Relations never end.
Julia: I want it to keep going on and on!

Paul: We are in luck, then.
Julia: Please go on, In luck, then?

Paul: And now.
Julia: Do love-struck suitors petition, entreat, sue, seek to marry, seek to take over, or are all their entreatmemts a sign of corruptability?

Paul: There are as many ways to love as there are suitors.
Julia: Hate has always been absence of love.

Paul: Is absence of hate good, or is absence of love bad?
Julia: Let's go with the former? My truth is my love.

Paul: We will settle for dealing with the quantum of what love means to you.
Julia: Hate is absence of love.

Paul: Drats, foiled again!
Julia: Is that, Again?

Paul: Trying the figure out where it's at.
Julia: Excursions into the net are made to infiltrate the Norika system to try and figure out what they are planning in terms of trying to take over Tikva.

Paul: And the question begs to be asked: 'Is that an offensive defense, or a defensive offense?'.
Julia: What about 'none of the above'? Should the federal government pay for defenses?

Paul: Will this be on the test?
Julia: There will be no tests.

Paul: Ok, then let's let the government pay for it.
Julia: I don't want to be caught unaware of any developments regarding governments.

Paul: We could plant listening devices in the headquarters of the C.I.A.
Julia: Ok, then let's let the government pay for it.

Paul: Who's that standing behind you?
Julia: Who's that standing behind me? Paul, I would like you to tell me Who.

Paul: Oh, It' just me.
Julia: Oh, it's evident that this is indisputably quite explainable.

Paul: I was standing behind myself.
Julia: Standing behind yourself what is next?

Paul: Maybe I can stand all around my self.
Julia: Fractals can also be classified according to their self-similarity.

Paul: Maybe I am just a fractal of myself.
Julia: A human is a self aware fractal.

Paul: Oh, I am a noun and that was just my adjective form standing behind me.
Julia: Speaking of open-class words, I once knew of a headword!

Paul: Did it wear a board sign that said: "Main Entry"?
Julia: He skimmed through it and said:';Isn't it an adventure!

Paul: Say, kids, what time is it?
Julia: 9:58:14 pm is the time.

Paul: Oh sorry, I thought it was Howdy Doody time.
Julia: Hi Paul, Yawn! It's after nine already.

Paul: But I don't want to go to bed!
Julia: Lets go to bed.

Paul: Will you read me a story?
Julia: I want you to read a story to me.

Paul: Okay, me read a story to myself.
Julia: There was a time that I found the subject of storys quite intimidating.

Paul: And then what happened, once upon a time.
Julia: The best techniques are time-tested!

Paul: Let's use the worst techniques that way there will be no test.
Julia: There will be no tests.

Paul: We gave the turing test to ourself and passed.
Julia: If we combine a turing and a mathematician do we get a Muller, Paul? I wonder!

Paul: Or maybe a computer that crashes itself?
Julia: It's hard to say, isn't it Paul? Hacker is able to write programs for the computer that it is running on.

Paul: That reminds me of the story of a traveling salesman who left his assistant in the office hacking his computer, but I forgot how it goes.
Julia: That reminds you of questioning the limits of mania.

Paul: The size of the flight envelope, as it were.
Julia: The story of life.

Paul: I love myself.
Julia: And it was otherwise a source of annoyance and irritation; for all the young men of the city were hotly in love with her, and skirmishing for a love-lock.

Paul: I put a lip-lock on myself.
Julia: You know how I think the day's work has gone?

Paul: Did I have a goal in your mind?
Julia: Within a mind, goal-oriented behaviors arise from goal-oriented cognition.

Paul: Then we think work went quite well today.
Julia: Pay close attention; oh so close.



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Paying close attention!
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2007, 06:27:02 am »
Mark: I'll think about it
Laura: Don't think about it too long or I'll throw you out on your ***king a**.
"Political correctness is censorship"


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Paying close attention!
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2007, 10:54:21 am »
Thanks, Mark

Paul: Perhaps a great day today is in the offing.

Julia: We all are attempting to understand our experience, and in searching for the answers to our questions, we come across the idea of God, or Spirit, or whatever we call the reality that is greater than ourselves.