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Error 339
« on: February 09, 2010, 06:18:20 pm »
comdlg32.ocx missing or unregistered dependancy
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Re: Error 339 here's the fix
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2011, 07:17:12 am »
 :) Hi back after finishing my 20 in USN, sorry to have been gone since 9-1-1
 always works

Fixing install and runtime problems/errors 64bit windows Vista and 7??


first look at the task bar on top of notepad the program reading tis and click
format/word wrap

Fixing runtime errors in module doesn't register trying to run vb 6.0 controls and 32bit programs not running correctly in 64bit windows??

until the software manufacturers redesign their installs to do this for you here is a flawless fix......

It's not hard just follow this step by step

*Run-time error 339: Component 'MSCOMM32.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.

*Run-time error 339: Component 'MSWINSCK.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid. and so forth or the program will just crash with out explanation...

if I could tell you how to make it work would you say WOW!

Why do I get these errors?

 you are needing to use VB6.0 runtime that Microsoft has decided NOT to support any longer and is NOT facilitated in 64 bit versions at all.. hmmm or is it.... windows 7 actually was to vista what XP was to millennium.
the software done after a global beta release program that was NOT announced as such... ther is a folder in windows Vista64 and 7 that uses utilizes 32bit runtime components for WOW windows-32bit on windows 64bit... the virtual 32bit environment..98% of all 32bit programs and their runtimes WILL run is the user installs them correctly....

First you MUST be logged on to windows AS AN ADMINISTRATOR AS THIS IS ONLY HALF WORKING HALF THE TIME.....you MUST have user account control turned ALL the way off... windows defender ALL THE WAY OFF and the windows or any other firewall also OFF..(the windows help file will tell you how if you don't know!)
You must after proprietary scanning the files with you're selected Virus program have it shut OFF ALL THE WAY..<<<<---- this is all to make sure you have a 98% chance or better to get the program installed correctly I am covering all the problems some have experienced all at once...in other words if you are running ANY find-it fix-it check-it utilities SHUT THEM OFF!!!!! This includes and network related such as some browsers and such... so also PHYSICALLY disconnect from the web!

 EVERY .exe you install you MUST manually map-- tell it to install in the
C:\Program Files (x86)folder.. windows knows that anything executed from there is 32 bit<<<--- well its supposed to always know.. you MUST right click on the .exe and go to properties/compatibility tab and check compatibility XP(service pack3)
also check run as administrator at the bottom.. now execute it and tell it where to install....C:\Program Files (x86)folder... on some exe's you need to select advanced install or manual to tell it where....

ALL vb6.0 runtime components MUST be put into the C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder manually, so if a program has a separate vb runtime installer you Must tell it to go to C:\Windows\SysWOW64

ok half done... whew!!!!!!

now for the slightly time consuming part!!!

now one runtime item at a time you must follow these steps....

I'll use the "MSCOMM32.OCX" as an example on how to register the files in the registry of windows

click on start and type CMD in the search box... st the top you will see and .exe called "cmd.exe" RIGHT click on it and tell it to run as administrator....

a dos box will pop up in it it will say
C:\Users\"your user name">
you will manually or paste insert this command
“regsvr32 c:\windows\syswow64\MSCOMM32.OCX”
it should look exactly like this..
C:\Users\"your user name">regsvr32 c:\windows\syswow64\MSCOMM32.OCX
now hit enter key on keyboard.. it WILL say "DllRegisterServer ... succeeded"
if not you have syntax incorrect some where...

Ok you must do the above for every rumtime component you put into the WOW64 folder..

You are finished you MUST reboot the machine BEFORE running the program..

now sit back and run your VB6 stuff with the confidence of knowing you out-smarted Bill Gates!!!!

J.Lynch: logoslogic@consultant.com

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