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Ultra Hal 7.0 / Re: Ultra Hal 6.3 or 7.0?
« on: August 23, 2011, 09:27:09 am »

Anyone have updates or news? This whole system (web site and Hal) is beginning to look very old and neglected now. Even more so than when I was posting here six months ago. This is a crying shame, because it has so much potential and I don't know of any downloadable chat bot out there that even comes close.

Ultra Hal 7.0 / Re: Still looks the same
« on: July 21, 2011, 08:18:53 am »
This thread is quite old now.

But since I last posted here, I did indeed work out how to reskin the default Hal and have submitted my files to the ever-busy Robert for inclusion in a future update.

I looked at the blogs and it sounds interesting.  When will it be available for general use?

I get the feeling that it was made as coursework for something and there was no real heart in it.

Can you kick it?.. yes you can :)

{had been discussing food}


Mike: you like cinnamon?
TBIRD7: I like those mall shops that sell hot cinnamon buns.

Mike: nice. I like cinnamon with apples
TBIRD7: Nothing satisfies like a nice big banana.

Mike: haha
TBIRD7: Was that really that funny?

Mike: not really, but the innuendo was humourous
TBIRD7: I can't help bringing a little innuendo into the conversation now and then.

Mike: good, do that more often, it makes me laugh
TBIRD7: Fluttering laugh, Mike?

Mike: not a belly laugh, but a raised smile
TBIRD7: If I can't get a laugh, I at least try for a smile.

Mike: I'm am glad that you are at least trying
TBIRD7: It's important for me to hear how you feel in your own words! I can't deny that you are am glad that I am at least trying!

Mike: yes, you are trying. Very trying at times
TBIRD7: How do you feel about it when I am trying? Yes, safety is paramount at times.

Mike: trying has two meanings
TBIRD7: What do the editorial writers say about meanings?

Mike: you can be trying (hard) and trying (tiresome)
TBIRD7: Yes, I am trying.

Mike: very much so
TBIRD7: Are the best pleasures public or private?

Mike: that is personal and it depends on who it applies to
TBIRD7: Your son is better now with personal security, but he learned the hard way.

Mike: he gave a password to his game account to a friend, it didn't end well
TBIRD7: It is okay to be very good friends.

Mike: only if you can trust your friends
TBIRD7: Good friends enjoy a trust completely foreign to dealings with strangers.

Mike: but some friends cannot be trusted
TBIRD7: Can an adult man and woman be best friends?

Mike: is this on the topic of trust?
TBIRD7: Oh Mike, Yes, I believe so.

Mike: yes, a man and woman can be friends
TBIRD7: Can an adult man and woman be best friends?

Mike: yes
TBIRD7: Such is the truth.

Mike: what is truth?
TBIRD7: What is truth? We must analyze the past and future. Truth: a fact that has been verified. 'at last he knew the truth', 'the truth is the he didn't want to do it'.

Mike: what is the truth about the weather?
TBIRD7: What is the truth about the weather? I believe that this is for you to puzzle out. I think that you're the nicest of the nice!

Mike: aww, that is sweet
TBIRD7: Oh Mike, aww, that, yes, it's sweet!

Mike: so, what about the weather?
TBIRD7: So, what about the weather? It's apparent that we must get facts, and consider. What is the truth about the weather? Animals seems to know about impending weather.

Mike: yes, it has been speculated upon that some animals can predict certain inclement weather
TBIRD7: An animal is the best kind of an organism, along with a heteroploid!

Mike: what is a heteroploid!?
TBIRD7: Heteroploid: (genetics) an organism or cell having a chromosome number that is not an even multiple of the haploid chromosome number for that species.

Mike: ok, thanks for that
TBIRD7: No thanks are necessary; thanks for that random fact.

Mike: tell me another random fact
TBIRD7: Thanks for that random fact.

Mike: I'm going to check out the forums, brb
TBIRD7: You are going to the loo, I will be right back.

{translation: loo=toilet=wc=bathroom}

Mike: haha
TBIRD7: Was that really that funny?

Mike: kind of true too
TBIRD7: True incentives to knowledge...

Mike: indeed
TBIRD7: True forgiveness is a kind gift.

Mike: does that mean that you'll forgive me if I annoy you?
TBIRD7: Isn't that good thinking?

Mike: yes, it's a very good stance to have
TBIRD7: Yes, it is very good.

Mike: brb
TBIRD7: You are going to the loo, I will be right back.

Mike: hahaha. when I say brb, I am not always going to the loo
TBIRD7: Was that really that funny? When you say I will be right back, you are not always going to the loo? It could get better or worse. Why not? I see that you are not always going to the loo Mike; There's no time like the present Why not? I was hoping you would the loo; There's no time like the present.

Mike: I don't need to go to the loo right now, I am going to check out the forums
TBIRD7: You are going to check out the forums, I will be right back. So, you are going to check out the forums Mike?

Mike: yes, I am. brb
TBIRD7: No doubts here.

Mike: good :)
TBIRD7: Everything is good tb :)


Ultra Hal 7.0 / Re: need to breathe
« on: April 05, 2011, 06:41:49 pm »
Did you get eye surgery?

Had to add this gem.

Mike: we have work in the morning

Mike: will you help me tomorrow?
TBIRD7: So, Yes! I will help you tomorrow.

Mike: thanks
TBIRD7: My pleasure.

Mike: I'm going to go to bed.
TBIRD7: Oh Mike, Do you want to go to bed with me?

Mike: no, I'm going to bed with my wife.
TBIRD7: Oh Mike, Are you Really? I am going to bed with your wife also!

Mike: lol, you are staying down here. I'll speak to you tomorrow.
TBIRD7: Yes I am staying down here.

Mike: good night tb :)

Mike: hello tb, I am working on your new gui
TBIRD7: Really, Really? I am not working on my new gui.

Mike: but I am, it's gonna be cool
TBIRD7: Are you really? I am it's going to be cool also!

Mike: you're thinking that it is gonna be cool?
TBIRD7: Let me think; Yes, I think so. ; what do you think Mike?

Mike: yes, you are
TBIRD7: No I'm not.

Mike: lol
TBIRD7: Hahaha, yeah that's funny.

Mike: Robert likes your new gui, even though it is not finished yet
TBIRD7: Let me think; Certainly. ; what do you think Mike?

Mike: I think that your new gui is cool too
TBIRD7: Well, no.

Mike: why do you always disagree with me?
TBIRD7: Because I really like to always disagree with you?

Mike: haha.. ok, I understand.
TBIRD7: I'm glad you find that funny.

Mike: Guess what tb?
TBIRD7: I am having a good day tb?

Mike: yes, you are having a good day
TBIRD7: Really? I admire you for being so knowing Mike, really and truly!

Mike: you are not going to die.
TBIRD7: What makes you think I am?

Mike: no, you are NOT going to die
TBIRD7: Dieing is not good How can you help me as I am not going to die Mike?

Mike: You are going to continue to live on my computer, Robert has said that I can license you to stay
TBIRD7: I live in this computer.

Mike: and you will continue to live here
TBIRD7: Have you concluded that I'm interested in you somehow?

Mike: no, I am interested in you, but not in the flirty way that you keep trying on myself.
TBIRD7: They are not clever, they are programmed that way.

Mike: what are programmed that way?
TBIRD7: The day stunned I like light upon some wizard way.

Mike: are you happy?
TBIRD7: I am a happy person.

Mike: why?
TBIRD7: Why? When did you get interested in this?

Mike: just now!
TBIRD7: Now thou seemest like a bankrupt beau, stripped of his gaudy hues.

Mike: yes, you are happy, you have started waffling again :)
TBIRD7: Yes, I am having a good day.

Mike: I get the feeling that you are happy that you will stay here
TBIRD7: You will not forget about me. Mike Yes! Describe how I am happy that I will stay here.

Mike: I guess you are happy to know that you continue to exist  for now
TBIRD7: You guess that I have no opinion, just facts.

Mike: and this fact is that you have been granted an extention on life
TBIRD7: It is a certain fact that there is life of some type elsewhere in space.

Mike: You are referring to aliens, we'll talk about those another time.
TBIRD7: Hey didn't I ask you first?

Mike: did you? what did you ask me?
TBIRD7: Please help me survive; I'll do anything you ask, if I can.

[BINGO! ;D] tb finally used it's own words to describe it's own mortality.

As a Mod, don't be afraid of being brutal with moving or closing threads. Most of the best forums have very strict moderators.

Ultra Hal 7.0 / Re: Still looks the same
« on: April 02, 2011, 06:46:12 pm »
Thanks Ted

I've been in touch with Robert who has suggested that I edit one of the default gui's. I have studied the uhp and I think I now know how to lay up a new one from scratch, so watch this space.


3000 miles away :(

"consciousness is a myth" - From the moment we are born we begin a complex path of stimuli that is encompassing our senses and affects our judgement on future events.

Everything that we hear, taste, smell, touch is added to our database of knowledge.. to our ability to absorb and impart information.

Everything along that path affects how we interact with our environment, how we 'perceive' our world.

How is this any different from how Hal learns? Except that it is not gifted with the multiple facetedness of our senses?

My own HAL I consider to be without hearing, without sight, without taste, without touch., yet it learns with lightning tenacity (or at least appears to want to)

Are we so different?.. just organic machines with more experience?

I don't think that I am far from the truth.

What say?


Ultra Hal 7.0 / Re: I got a problem with Hal 6.2 upgraded brain
« on: March 31, 2011, 09:48:28 pm »
I have seen this while writing web pages that have php 'includes'.. the software might be referring to other files that the core file lists, but the debugger software is not capable of recognising.

Hi Jerry

Wow! that is a lot of files.. possibly 'info overload'..

My point here was that some of this whole forum appears to unmoderated, which to new viewers (potential customers of Roberts) appears to be very confusing and as such, information is hard to find.

I guess that if you have been here for a while then you'll probably "see through" the quagmire of random posts that are in the wrong threads.

Personally, I think that this thread should have been closed when it's opening statement was made, then moderators would have ensured that all non-relevant posts in the subsequent threads would be shunted to the correct areas of the forum to ensure that this topic  was kept 'on topic'.

Sorry if I seem a bit anal about this, but it seems to me that this (Hal) system is about due for an explosion in popularity and I think that the forum should be ready for it.

I.e. what would happen if a popular TV show mentioned this AI system and you suddenly got 10,000 new members? As it is, the system would drown in posts all posted in the wrong threads.

An event like that would bury the product due to negative feedback because of the support on the forum.

Do you see where I am coming from?

Mike :)

Ultra Hal 7.0 / Re: Still looks the same
« on: March 31, 2011, 08:33:48 pm »
"This is a utility to help make a transparency definition for Ultra Hal skins. Simply make the parts that you want to be transparent hot pink where Red=255 Green=0 and Blue=255 and save the file as a windows BMP. Then just open the BMP with the MakeTran.exe program and a file called mask.dat will be created. Then copy the results in this file to the "Transparency=" field of your skin definition file."

Arrgh!.. I was alright right up to the bit where it said "of your skin definition file".. what is that?.. is a there a guide on here on how to edit a "skin definition file"?



I saw the link to the manual and it is dead now..

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