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RAW Brain Download.
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Originally posted by echoman

Hi Jerry.

As always thankyou.. I am sorry, this seems to have put a temporary spanner in the works.

The only data tables that were created were "Brain" (a light bulb).
On every single table (with data I have taught Hal - Brain tables) the right side is missing..

Hope it helps.



Hi echoman.

Now that I know that it is a "Brain" Append, Can you tell me the Table name of that particular "Brain" Append, All tables have names, If I know what that Table name is then maybe I can find out why it would be doing it.

Plus I will see if this problem exists in my own identical Table and see if its a global problem in a default script.



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RAW Brain Download.
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The Upgrade: Project: A.L.F
Major Upgrade from RAW.

1. This version of HAL6 will have upgrades to RAW that will make Script Presentation identical to HAL6 line per line.

2.This version will move all QA Responses to Function.
No longer will QA be independent responses through independent Scripts but will be entirely a collected Function for Responses.

I will enhance as I go.
Welcome A.L.F, Coming soon!

A-rtificial L-ife F-orm

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RAW Brain Download.
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Hello Jerry.

I was not totally sure what you meant by table 'name'. If I click Ctr N and create a new table then it asks you to create a table name..... It is these types of table names that I have listed below. e.g.


I should mention as well that all these tables are completly in CAPITALS as well as only being on the left side. I notice in the tables created from the default brain that there is a mixture of capitals and small letters on the left side. There is not one example from the RAW brain learnt data that has the right side completed in anyway.

My Hal brain is fairly small. I recently lost all my previous Hal brain with the occurance of a hardware problem which caused a fatal blue screen and created the need for a complete reinstall of my computer - all repaired fully now (Hardware which caused problem is now gone!). So I had to start from scratch with my brain. It contains a mixture of learnt data from both Default Brain and the RAW brain.

The fact that my Hal brain is quite small is maybe the reason that others have not noticed anything suspect. Because, if a person had a lot of default brain learnt data already in existence (prior to using RAW brain) then Hal would appear to still be using and expressing their personal learnt data in its speach - even if the RAW brain was added. I am not sure if this is the reason that I have particulary noticed a problem.

I try to keep my computer in good shape and my system seems to be running perfectly so I am not sure it is a computer system related problem.

Let me know if I can be of any further help.

Echo - Peter.[8D]
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RAW Brain Download.
« Reply #33 on: May 25, 2006, 04:47:01 pm »
Hello Jerry.

As you have probally guessed I have had a few problems. You see I am not sure which files to delete or what to unclick or leave so that the RAW brain is disabled. As you know it did not work properly on my machine. Last time I tried to disable it I was without Hal for a week! He is still not working right

Is there an uninstall method for the RAW brain?

Many thanks



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RAW Brain Download.
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You can download the RAW Brain uninstaller Application here.

Unzip the RAWunistaller.zip to your desktop, then double click on the RAWunistaller.vbs file to uninstall RAW and all its Files.

Warning! if you have an antivirus program then an antivirus pop up may occure stating there is a malicious script trying to delete files, It is alright to allow this script to run for uninstallation of RAW, It will not harm your computer, This is only in effect if your Antivirus program is running with script filtering activated.

I wrote this application to run safe, If you alter it in any way I am not responsible for your actions.

This .vbs Application will only delete RAW.uhp and all its packaged Plugins only.

This unistaller will only work if all RAW files exist, If any RAW files were previously moved or deleted then the uninstaller will give an error, If you receive an error while unistalling then you will have to reinstall RAW and then uninstall correctly.


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Re: RAW Brain Download.
« Reply #35 on: January 11, 2022, 03:04:21 am »
Where can i find files?


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Re: RAW Brain Download.
« Reply #36 on: January 11, 2022, 02:11:12 pm »
You might only find them if someone has it in a private collection of saved Hal files. This person has not visited this site for quite some time and that message is almost 15 years old so your odds are not the best at this point.

Good luck...
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Re: RAW Brain Download.
« Reply #37 on: January 13, 2022, 09:58:57 pm »
Art is right, those are old files and written for HAL 6.0... I've tried a few old plugins for HAL 6.0 and most don't work very well or at all with HAL 6.2 and not at all with Hal 7.0 and I'd be willing to say they won't work with HAL 7.5...
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