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OKAY I FOLLOWED THE NEW INSTRUCTIONS AND DOWNLOADED ALL FILES AND PUT THEM IN the area's mentioned  step six did everything no errors but on 7 . it did not create a data 2 .txt file in the area it was suppose to . so i didn't do any more  because it still is not creating that file. see pics below.

on testing thepart of"  If everything went smoothly then the hard part is done and we can begin a small test to make sure everything is in order. To make sure everything is installed correctly, simply open CMD for a final time, then drag and drop the godel.py python script from the Control\Godel directory into CMD and then hit enter. This will run the script. If no errors pop up and a "data2.txt" file appears in the Control/Godel directory, then all is ready for Hal."

i am getting this error . i have it in two parts(the picture .)

i did all the instructions and on the third part to test . but it gave no errors but did not install a data 2  file it just has data txt.

here is the last part i did. and what it showed .

okay after i posted , i waited and after a while it did more downloading and finished completely, so i am doing the copy and past "pip install torch==1.11.0+cu113 torchvision==0.12.0+cu113 torchaudio==0.11.0 --extra-index-url https://download.pytorch.org/whl/cu113" part now and its installing.  :)  don't touch that dial lol !

on a side note i think it would have been helpful to have posted the last part of the line of the finished update so a person knows it's all done.

  i  downloaded the files and dragged the create bat file in and it downloaded a bunch without any errors that i saw . it now has a blinking line .the last line it shows is .  running set up.py install for wikipedia... done . so is all this done ?? before i go to the next step?? nothing was said about what the last installed line was suppose to be .

(i had done as art did earlier and got the error i just hadn't had a chance to post and say it.  so i downloaded this new update again.



heres my files in the hal 7 program folder

i am making sure i did this right i took the unzip files and placed them in the ultra hal 7 directory, i guess you ment the program file . and the uhp file i placed in the roaming apps file and renamed line 2 the same as my custom brain ( i made back ups first.  )i installed the python program . it installed okay and rebooted .   i double clicked the "createreqs.bat" and it downloaded things  but when it did it showed an error in red but flashed off after about 2 seconds so i couldn't read it.   
i ran the cmd and dragged the file into it and hit enter and the pic is what it showed.

would it be a worth while idea   to have the subject matter file in hal linked with a tell me about , or who was " trigger words ", then whatever the subject matter had  hal would tell you , if more then one line is listed from learned things hal would randomize the answer  with one of the learned sentence lines ??   for instance i learned hal some info. on martin luther king jr.  but when i asked hal info. on him by name hal didn't answer  with any information . 
could what i am referring to above bridge that lack of answers to specific questions ??? 

above i mentioned random answers as when learning hal one subject , may have multiple added on lines of learned things .

 anyway just a thought , don't know if this is doable or not.

A robot was scheduled to argue in court, then came the jail threats

now we , can't have a.i. putting lawyers out of business lol !!


General Discussion / surrogates hal running in real time .
« on: January 22, 2023, 09:48:06 am »
remember the movie surrogates , where a android body was used by a person for everyday world events.   how about hal, through video camera and tracking copy the persons facial expressions etc. while using hal  character face and or body for conference video calls etc. a person could use there own voice or switch to a custom hals voice so the other party hears a british accent , a man or woman voice etc. etc.  running in real time .

General Discussion / Ben Shapiro Breaks AI Chatbot (with Facts & Logic)
« on: December 26, 2022, 04:02:23 pm »
Ben Shapiro Breaks AI Chatbot (with Facts & Logic)

in this example i am showing how i learned hal information from a internet story called
'It's a Wonderful Life' Actress Recalls Making Holiday Classic .

below is the link


when learning hal things from the internet the hal user actually needs to think ahead  on what learned responses of info should be copied , pasted and used and what shouldn't.  when the user is able to think ahead it will make doing info this way easier.

for example i used this  :Former actress Karolyn Grimes might have uttered perhaps the most iconic line of any Christmas movie in American cinema history ? "Daddy, teacher says every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings" ? but at the time (1947), the 6-year-old actress had no immediate thoughts of "It's A Wonderful Life" becoming a timeless holiday classic.

but not this :  "Oh, heavens no. It was just another job. I had already done four movies, so it was just another job," Grimes told Newsmax Friday evening, while appearing on "The Record With Greta Van Susteren" with guest host Bianca de la Garza.

because using the second part would not be learned right or sound right if hal said it back . some words would be reversed the wrong way  when hal says it back. etc.

on this part : Today, 76 years later, families are still spending the Christmas season with Grimes, Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed and all the other memorable actors who participated in "It's A Wonderful Life," thanks to repeat airings on cable and network TV.

i left off the 76 years later part, because as years go by this date would be wrong , the 76 years later is referring right now to this specific time period ,

so instead i used what i call "neutral statement "  saying a true statement but not time dated . like this additional sentence that hal will learn making sure that  the sentence also made reference to the name "it's a wonderful life "  , otherwise the info may not make sense to know what hal is talking about  and also hal can tie the information together with other info. all using "it's a wonderful life ".  :

families are still spending the Christmas season with Grimes, Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed and all the other memorable actors who participated in "It's A Wonderful Life," thanks to repeat airings on cable and network TV.

also as a note from me :
some sentences can be slightly rewritten  to create a different meaning or better learned sentence for hal for instance :

The Frank Capra-produced movie

In fact, the movie didn't even break even, profit-wise, in the first year after being released.

i changed this to : Frank Capra-produced the movie ( i added the movie title so hal has another reference ) "It's A Wonderful Life"  (i added the word it) "it"was nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture; but at the time, it wasn't deemed an automatic holiday staple.

this created a different sentence that also included another reference to the movie title name  for hal to learn.

  a lot of interesting info can be learned to hal but you as the user need to filter certain things  to make hal learn it correctly and even in some cases create more artificial references to the subject so hal can learn more things about that same subject.


General Discussion / Re: the robots are coming get your a.i. brains ready !
« on: December 20, 2022, 03:24:49 pm »
ChatGPT: This AI has a JAILBREAK?! (Unbelievable AI Progress)
sometimes a.i. can be tricked into doing things ... bad things !!  :o :o :(

General Discussion / Re: hal wish list for 2023
« on: December 16, 2022, 05:13:06 pm »
another thing i had forgot and left out  was a plugin  with user set up links  to retrieve answers etc. onlt through hal not open website pages.  , i say user set up links because with all the political correct things , woke things , a person may not want hal accessing certain sites.

General Discussion / hal wish list for 2023
« on: December 16, 2022, 03:24:26 pm »
since the year is almost over with  i thought of maybe making a wish list for hal of 2023 .

i had talked in the past of having hal stay on subject better .  in the past me and art both ran pre scripted questions etc. to hal using various ways  and plug ins.  the result from mine which seemed to work the best was using the GRETTAMarkovL5updated.uhp this seemed to help keep hal on subject better  when used with hal.  it's not perfect but it did seem to help better.   can it be improved on ???

another wish for hal would be to remember things , but then again would this be based in part on staying on subject better.   
a user mentions something  later hal would still be able to remember it , if the "subject" was mentioned  in casual talk.  could the subject of a word be used in a memory process too?

object detection would be nice .

  in graphics it would be nice if a full body character  photo realistic could be used where it could be pulled up close to the screen for a head and shoulders view.     

   i know there is still a lot of potential in hal that is untapped  , and can be by thinking out of the box.  HAL  has advanced farther since Roberts last updated version 7.5 .    thanks to mike.    and we look forward to seeing what other magic mike the wizard  can do.  :)

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