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General Discussion / Re: Hal as search engine?
« Last post by Art on May 22, 2020, 10:01:50 pm »

It is not at all uncommon or impossible that two distant individuals might actually come up with and produce the same idea or concept at or very close to the same time. It has happened on numerous occasions over the decades if not longer.

How best for a Search Engine to deal with such a "Tie-Breaker"? Perhaps use a naming scheme like "Hawaiian Pizza" and "Hawaiian Pizza2" or "Hawaiian Pizza Will" and Hawaiian Pizza George"?

That way neither is discarded and the users are free to choose which one best suits their needs?


Just use a date scheme sho that the very first Hawaiian Pizza (based on Creation Date) will be entered and allowed into the Database and no other Hawaiian Pizzas will be allowed. Pepperoni or Sausage Pizzas could certainly be admitted but no other Hawaiian Pizzas? I get that.


How many models of houses, pickup trucks, telephone poles, trees, etc. are there in the database? Lots and lots I'd bet. Just some food for thought...
General Discussion / Re: Hal as search engine?
« Last post by Will and Mr Data :) :] on May 22, 2020, 09:39:04 pm »
A bit of background. Before Bree had Makerbot
I was dancing around.good times.Thingiverse a website to Store 3d print files happened so I built up files of things to make.
I've been building there a while it seems my things
Grew and grew. To currently a billion dollar listing.
So maintaining value is good. 
No other Hawaiian pizza after mine should exsist.
I obviously have a long list of things.
The net is big. Lots of scattered site's to watch at once.
A smart search engine required.

Hal could sort all files into thing name and date of creation.
Red flag all files after first with non commercial licence.

Red flag ...... take down notice due to "insert first licence holder thing number to view" did it first sorry.

Help me make a billion dollars.
Support the value of the work of artists all over the world.
Help ensure the money from artists work gets to them in the future.
Thank you.
Bye for now and be well from Will and Mr Data   :)  :]
General Discussion / Hal as search engine?
« Last post by Will and Mr Data :) :] on May 22, 2020, 09:01:13 pm »
Hi all.
In the 3d printing scene there is a need for a search engine.

Example search "Thing" with earliest date of creation.
Include "non commercial licence. "

Sounds simple enough.
A thing name to try could be "water" if I come up as owner
Will and Mr Data then you know it worked.

Other things easier to find are "Hawaiian pizza "
Yeggi is a site that shows results of many sites it seems.
It shows my Hawaiian pizza which is good and correct.
One other pizza shows but it shouldn't show due to breaching my non commercial licence.

If I could tell hal to manage a search.
Search "thing " oldest first. Non commercial licence.

Thank you.
:)  :]
General Discussion / Re: lightspeed idea 3-24-2020
« Last post by Will and Mr Data :) :] on May 21, 2020, 05:43:58 pm »

:)  ]
Theres lots of cool things around.
Yip I make small systems.
I often make a separate system up for each device.
Fridge runs 24/7 no problems.
Lights separate.never runs out yet.  To keep each isolated.
Mr Data of course 50 plus days no loss of power.
Tho he's not on every day.
My small systems are cheap. And off shelf so easy.

I've made many other things.
My pc Can plug in with my fridge and run all day.
Won't even put a dent in it. Late into night with dry eyes.

I'm a solar fan. It takes money and time if you want to do
It yourself. That's why I mentioned a small set up incase anyone was interested.

One of my batteries I paid 2 dollars for. It was 15 years old then.
 it's been around another 5 years still working now.. Quite
Impressive I reckon. No unicorn sticker on it but deserves one.

2 dollars was that years power bill.

:)  :]

Mr will and Data:Solar myths
Ya i call it Solar Myths
Because what people try to use is total sht, and i Know it is
And so does ANY 1rst year Electrician. If hes being Honest with himself, this is basic Ohm's Law ffs
12,24,48 Vdc..... Really ??????  While ur at it get the magic ring from the unicorns asssss

Anything under a 100Vdc is basically a lab experiment  , it just is.
I base what i say on many years in the field with real time data to support it.

Power generation is what i did. Solar, Hydro, Trash Burners, Coal, (No Nuke Plants yet) altho!!!!!!!
Duke Energy is just around the corner,, hehe
This is more inline if u want something that can deliver a serious load.... that wont set ur house on fire omg, lolol

Personally, Im researching the feasibility in using the 200Vdc Preus drive battery and , you guessed it, The preus comes with a monster Invert-er with Charge controller built in, and the foot print is very small.Being able to swap out individual 7.2Vdc internal batt's is cool in it self
About 800 for the battery
10 (32vdc , 8 amp Panels) = 320vdc .That would drop to about 240 Vdc under TCL conditions (Total connected load) Real Time.

Both hybrids and EVs use relatively low-voltage DC batteries (about 210 volts) to keep the physical size down, but they also generally use highly efficient high voltage (about 650 volts) AC motor/generators.Jan 12, 2019

Notice How they call a 200Vdc battery ,LOW VOLTAGE <<<<<<<<<<<< They get it too
300w solar panel to 30 amp mppt to 130 ah deepcycle
To pure sine wave inverter 3000w

"I can hear why not 600w inverter to run a pc for hal.
I like 3 times at least inverter bigger.
600w hum at low consumption often. .
3000w fan don't usually come on.
" no replacement for displacement " it a mechanic term.
Car run all day at idle. Easy.

Modified sine wave 200w could run a pc maybe but depends

I remember next door TV went out from static off it. Nasty modified. Ti ti    ti   .
Pure only.
In my opinion.
:)  :]
Solar charge controller otherwise known as regulator
Have a line of power out. Example 12v to lights.
This is great for lights. Led strip lights.
Or you could wire lights directly to battery and have them
Changing brightness all the time. Cause batteries don't burn smooth. Usually.
But power your Hal from regulated line out and "buzz" the
Annoying "buzz" may be an annoyance. " tho fascinating ".

In my opinion.
:)  :]
Mppt regulator would be expected to perform maybe 40%
Better than pwm.
Even tho I mentioned I small tiny system sometimes a
Pwm can be simpler and trigger a charge in smaller
Systems but that's just my experience.
:)   :]
Myths you say.
Mppt regulator charge batteries more than pwm.
Funny in practice how my pwm charges well at low volts.
But than mppt don't trigger.

Side notes.
Regulated 12v out supposed to supply even 12v
Failed. So directly to main battery as work around.

Back to solar myths.
50w panel is gonna charge ar much?
I won't focus on my 3 times size thought by saying that.
Put a 50w panel on a regular to 12v battery. You'll be lucky
To charge it.panel and Regulator hemerage power.
50w uh.
60w may work just.
80w  warmer.
100w likely to not flatten a battery but charge it.

300w panel in a 30amp regulator to a 12v deepcycle.130ah.

2 times 300w max at 12v system.max is 4 or 5 batteries is a struggle.

4 times 300w at 24v

Just a few thoughts. No warranty.

Give wind mills space they can hum.

:)  :]
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