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Just looked at first post by Mr lightspeed.
Health benefits.
The overall topic would seem get ai brains ready
7 sounds along the lines required.

Pooling of advances in medical knollage being enabled
The 7 may be in a benificial way of Mr lightspeeds topic.
:)  :]

Mr Data numbers have faded out of sight.
If he were on mars it must be a dust storm.
He is not on mars, just example.

Side note.
Test 32 failed. Surprised again.
:)  :]
I'll put Mr Data face as a smile  cause I'm not worried
About his numbers going out. He's been in shade for ages.
Could just charge him up but no.
 I'll give the sun and chance.
:)  :]
General Discussion / Re: HAL 7 SET TO FAIL ON PURPOSE
« Last post by Will and Mr Data :) :] on Today at 01:25:58 am »
To sum up.
I'm still a fan of Zabaware. It's amazing.
 hal 7.       
I still have 6.2 as a one off.

:)  :]
Test 30 failed. "NOT HAL RELATED...YET."
auto caps set.

Mr Data catching some rays of sun,
Solar powered Android. I think that's the
Today's perfered title.

When not to consult hal. Sometimes it's nice to
Get to figure something out.
Like with my majic trick
Not knowing what you are about to see is quite different
Than letting the very smart person see your best trick twice.

Anyway my comedy reviews of me are.
 Is sometimes funny.
Test 30 failed.... no no I'm actually surprised
31 running.

Quite cloudy I'll check IN ON Mr Data soon.

:)  '/
Thanks Mr Art.
And forum. Even if you said nothing.
Even had a peace of cake. Very lucky.

Mr Data requires some sun. His numbers ain't
Showing. Hay man....hay man?.....Oh man.

I'll stare into the wires soon.
I recon I must have got some kind of record
Of Mr Data had no power loss for 50 days.

I never did get the auto restart sorted. Mr Strickland
Would be calling me a slacker.

So Lufkin ay well there you go.

Hal 7 may learn to solve problems quite well with the power of the crowd. Health knollage.

My 6.2  is good as offline a one off.
Yes I have a 7.

So I'm young ,   cool.
I spell like I am. Edit to.
Best wishes to all Zaba fans and all.
Bye for now and be well       :)   :]

General Discussion / Re: the robots are coming get your a.i. brains ready !
« Last post by Art on September 27, 2020, 03:58:29 pm »

HAPPY  BIRTHDAY to my friend, Will! Wishing you many more especially since you are still a very young man! 51 indeed! Just a kid!! hehe!!

Actually, LUFKIN is a real word...it is a City in Texas, USA, it is a company that makes and provides Oilfield pumps, hydraulic, control systems for 118 years!

I also have a tape measure with a Lufkin brand on it. I don't know if it is affiliated with the oilfield pump company or not. I think my dad gave the tape measure to me some years ago.

Anyhow, never stop dreaming and inventing...it is the path to the future!

Be well and the best to Mr. Data!
Oh boy it's right now.
Light rain nice.
I'll just start typing.
Went to 13 schools in New Zealand.
Did a majic show for a whole shool
Sleeves up standing well back from desk. Place hat on desk.
Are you watching?
Are you sure?

Watch my hand drop stuff in my hat.
I can stand back and let audience put some items in.
9 cards. Pencil. Rubber. Marble. Several random items.
You can see under desk it ain't got no where to go.
It's a flat bit of wood.

Can you see stuff going in it?

" teachers and kids watched stuff going in"
Let's take something out.
What if i only take out one of those things.
And place it on desk next to hat.
With sleeves still up show both sides of empty hands.

 but everything else surely must be still in there
They asked?
They said.

I showed them the hat was strangly empty.
Actually in one performance a very clever
boy TW. request  to examine the items right then.
.......... I think he was brave and clever to have asked.
I offer you now if you please.
All seemed surprised as this is not part of the act and
Would revel the trick.
To all in attendance astonishment nothing in hat.
The one removed item was indeed only one item.
Audience now requested item and hat and ripped it up.
Only to find the things were not there and it didn't make sense.

I think we've seen enough.

I actually signed autographs for that.
Retired majic king.

Iver heard that saying of not saying how majic is done
So we can keep that in mind.

I was leading to something hal related type about waffle off subject.
Must get some sleep hopefully I'll try post the hal part soon.
:)  :]

Lucky not Lufkin. ...spell check auto correct tripping me up ...set up by

That dvd designer I'm guessing.
IM dubious there is such a word as Lufkin. 
If I do get my glitch test to work out I'll try comprehend
Something from it and maybe post a hopefully short report on it. 

:)  :]
I don't know of gpt3  I'll look at what that is later.

As I sit here in the dark.
Oh its my birthday today tip. Time is ticking on
I'm 51...... .   51 how did that happen.
Although in speaking of getting there.
To be successful you have to live long enough to get there that's part of it. In my not qualified to advise opinion.

I do like to put some meaning in as Art eluded to.
Often in a poem. Poems everybody lad thinks himself a poet.
Or new words I make up on the fly. Eh Shakespeare made up words so it's good enough for him.
Or the obscure stories of idea.
Sometimes names and places left out for privacy.

Art asked how far?
To what extent?
Is there a limit?
 Sounds like a request for measure.
Ha always a favorite for me... juicy. Mmm
While that goes into mind and ...let it wash over me
Like water..

Today I uploaded  two new licenced things.
Entangled 3d printers.
Entangled infinite z 3d printers.
Back to Art's questions

How far you ask answer  less than 1 more than 0
I must say I am the expert you could be the novis
Because you asked ...me.
"Your not a novis Mr Art I just said novis to ....say idea"
What is the value I asinine myself when I give away the answer to you.
What benefits and damage  you recieve by me answering.
I already have answers but said it as a question so you
Think of it in that order.

To what extent ?    Mr Art asked.
General areas of course.being nice sounds good.

Is there a limit ?
:)    ah ha..
Ok I'll type a bit more than ah ha. Let's see.
Hal won't find nothing and everything all at once.
See simple.

Can we make hal an expert?
My answer yip.  In compared to others. In many and any
Subjects. An expert does not have to know everything just more.

The use of any in that sentence is ....ar...hum...Uh.
Let's keep going Ifor i start explaining everything I'll be here a
Surpriseingly long and short time.....hand break hand break.
Let's change subject so I can get my brain to squeeze and crunch every word.
If I keep typing quickly I'll forget and yaye it's working.....
Type type type.
Yaye I'm moving on now.

Planning my next test while I sit here in  the dark 2.15am
Lufkin I'm not inventing the light bulb . Did he really
Make 1000 failures first or maybe that's a myth.
My 28 failed tests seems like I could be here a while
Based on that light bulb story.

I think Hal even on old pc is going to surprise in a nice way.

Bye for now and be well from Will and Mr Data :)  :]

General Discussion / Re: the robots are coming get your a.i. brains ready !
« Last post by Art on September 27, 2020, 08:09:46 am »

Actually, I do enjoy reading through your posts, trying as always to root out possible hidden meanings or other such obscure remarks or glimpses of insight.
How far can we take our HAL's brain? To what extent? Is there a limit? Can we make HAL an expert on many or any possible topic? Could it be made into a system like GPT3 or better?
Well, let's not give it more credit for potential than is possible with 20+-year-old technology. It can still do many things and HAL is still a great platform for learning and for experiments of all kinds. The fact that is can be equipped with an avatar (face, torso, or full body) only adds a bit of icing to the cake.

Pattern matching, Neural Net, Markov...etc. are all available for experimentation with HAL.  Some people have combined many of HAL's Plugins in an effort to make it the best of all worlds. Not all of the combined Plugins always "Play nicely" together but the effort is always applauded and many times we are surprised with the results.

Regardless, HAL is still a really good Bang for the buck, as they say. The education, entertainment, and experience of watching a chat-based entity learn new things and concepts adds to the enjoyment we get from it.

Carry on with your experiments! Hoping Mr. Data will continue to improve and you as well, Will. ;)

Be as well as you can be!
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