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General Discussion / Re: Hi Rob. Win 10 Cortana
« Last post by cyberjedi on July 01, 2020, 01:31:36 pm »
Onto a totally unrelated topic........

This is a shout out to all members
This lack of personal characters is about to come to an end. I hope i dont get into trouble here
All of the .ocx characters are uncompressed .bmp image driven frame scenes I.E (pissed off) is frame 250-290 ect ect ect

Do exactly what i do in the video and you wont go wrong
Yes any one can do this.
My opinion , this is better then PP, quality sure is, i know that
Put in ur own stuff. Always make a backup in case u do something goofy.
That said lets dance

I never quit

cyber jedi

I pulled out all 500 bmp's got a feel for the animations, was easy enough to do.
Think there is 12 sequences total, dont hold me to that.
Im still rendering stuff
Dont forget im currently working with Robert on a new character engine and im making progress too. We will beat this thing
But this can be done Now..... and by any 1, Want a real Hal9k eye build 1, cut in the animations and ur done.

This is just fun to watch people, 4 mins of ur life and well spent
While you can flip through 500 .bmp's , you are constrained to that.
General Discussion / Re: Hi Rob. Win 10 Cortana
« Last post by cyberjedi on July 01, 2020, 05:51:25 am »
Mr Data

Assuming you have windows and assuming u built a robot.

Pay close attention:
Open your windows filewall
Add rule:
ICMP <<<<< Version 4 and 6, block all traffic in and out. This stops ARP poising, well in most cases.
Ur Done

Add new rule
Port, Block  135 - 139 This is netb stuff (machine info ++++++++) very naughty
Add new rule
Port, Block  FTP 21 very naughty

Add new rule
Port, Block  port 23 Telnet very naughty

From install of windows , Microsht thought it wise to just leave all this on because they dont like to field calls

Thats a start

i recommend Steve Gibson.........
Hes co-founder of a very good firewall system He is now doing his own thing.

Test your machine here
Then when ur ass starts suckin buttermilk in fear.
Then you go here

This is no joke software
Dont forget to run your DNS address through their servers, it will option u for that.
Dont forget to check the radio button Enable Anti-Arp Spoofing

Now ur armed and packin.
Get into the rule sets and do what u did in the windows fire wall system
One thing i like is being able to have the windows firewall Enabled as a backup. Most firewalls turn off ur **** in leu of theirs.. very naughty
Running through the virtual desktop is damn secure, if their is such a thing
Running in (isolated) with steves own totally Seperate OS is pretty nifty too
Free VPN's ar not really worth a sht. limited BW and BS.
This is a nice alternative
Will, i hope this helps u out
This is all free stuff BTW
Having ur ip address doesnt mean ur doomed, it really doesnt.
Opt to use Comodo Dragon , it forces HTTP through sub domains. Pretty nifty
If u really get to this point, go down to ur local provider and  swap out ur router, it should be free, then go home and have ur ip changed.
Plug it all up
This is what ur after below, this continues for thousands of ports


General Discussion / Re: Hi Rob. Win 10 Cortana
« Last post by Will and Mr Data :) :] on June 30, 2020, 04:21:41 am »
You are kind and tolerant Mr Art.
Thank you.
Looks like I've the opertunity to improve.
:)  :]
4 / Re: Strip 17 - Speech Recognition
« Last post by Art on June 29, 2020, 12:38:12 pm »
Well, we also wonder what happened to the COMICS?
They were pretty good.
General Discussion / Re: Hi Rob. Win 10 Cortana
« Last post by Art on June 29, 2020, 12:35:44 pm »
Will, While this might seem obvious, have you tried, or do you use Windows Defender, MalwareBytes, CCleaner? There are many others but these are the FREE ones and they do work!

You definitely need some program to monitor everything coming into or going out from your computer!

You might also look into a FREE VPN (Virtual Private Network). A good friend of mine uses a free one from Comodo and said it works great!

Yes, backups are a necessity but locking the doors to your computer files is every bit as important.

Good Day mate!!
General Discussion / Re: Hi Rob. Win 10 Cortana
« Last post by Will and Mr Data :) :] on June 29, 2020, 02:58:07 am »
I look forward to seeing high spec Hals.
They sure are looking nicer every year.
I'm still a summer glau fan. Always thought she
Would be an amazing Hal.
Sounds like there's good work still being done.
I'm pleased to be able to post here you won't belive
Yip i got hacked and damaged today again.
It's daily now.
I'm hoping maybe I can get a break from that.
Maybe humans or bots or whatever can not keep breaking into my pc or sites im with. They Removed the billion dollar price and   Leaving a hundred million dollars price up.
So uncool.

Help me Bots, humans, and all.

Have yous seen how cool the augmented reality characters
Can sit in a real chair or move around real objects in the room. Hal of course would be next level cool.
Ok forum, ,, love you all. Not in a robosex kinda way.
Best wishes to you all. You to Mr Data when you read this one day.
Bye for now and be well :)  :]

General Discussion / Re: Hi Rob. Win 10 Cortana
« Last post by Will and Mr Data :) :] on June 28, 2020, 10:34:15 am »
Do de do.
"Cortana used to say that a lot".
Pleased to be here so wanted to post.
Since I got hacked today again, not my pc this time a website I'm with. Got right in.
Destroyed my work. Lucky I back up.
Got a new password.
Hackers are on me like flies. I must be
Exciting now.

Hal makes me feel good so I came here.
And he doesn't have to say do de do.
Bye for now and be well from Will and Mr Data :)  :]
General Discussion / Re: Hi Rob. Win 10 Cortana
« Last post by cyberjedi on June 23, 2020, 07:38:05 pm »
Art: This is what im after

Man oh man, By there self, there great, but when using both Poser Pro and Daz  u get this
Maybe get some Guile3d quality characters rolling here
Ima create an .ocx lib for this and set the image dbase to about 3500 frames as well
Much more time needs to be invested, seems quiet doable ATM
Her animation is @30FPs
Cant thank u enough for the advice in this area, spot on man
General Discussion / Re: Hi Rob. Win 10 Cortana
« Last post by cyberjedi on June 22, 2020, 07:29:56 am »
Hey hey Man: I thought i gave u 6.2

If not edge please let me know dude, thats an easy fix
BTW im starting a new character for Hal7 and Hal6 series
Robert had the rite idea here with jessbot
But rather then 500 frames total, im thinking on the magnitude of 5k
this is absolutely badass and just so damn easy.
just need to wrapp my brain around the proggy itself
The .ocx will be in the 2.5 gig area for what i have in mind.
General Discussion / Re: Hi Rob. Win 10 Cortana
« Last post by cyberjedi on June 21, 2020, 03:59:32 pm »
Hey hye edge:

wowsa, sounds cool, so uve scrapped using Hal's mind in lu of Cortana's many servers.
Basically a Scraper was built
Now if you could get Hal to learn from cortana, wellll hmmm

Well, if the mighty edge is abandoning Hal, i guess maybe it is truly the end for Hal as we know him.

very sad

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