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Thank you for the info. As I mentioned, this is a little like greek to me. I am not sure where to find the key word search and even what the .uhp is and what I would even look for as an appropriate plugin and even how to install a plug in. Yes the radio has VOX (voice operated mic). Static from storms might effect decoding and misunderstanding by Hal. Is there way to get Hal to discriminate between the noise and voice? 
There is a way to do this.....
Inside the .uhp is a key word search, ull have to play with it.
But yes in fact u could do this, u'll have to set ur radio's Voice activation to ON.
If it has it.

My advice is to look at what plugins have been used.
U'll Have to set Hal's voice recognition to ON as well.

This u need to treat with the respect it deserves.
Hal needs to be set up in a quiet room, pref, NO Background Noise<<<<<<<<<<<<
Make sure u have the volume isolated as well on Hal. Hal can trigger off the sound of his own voice.
This is fairly complicated to do, but it's doable...

keep me posted


Hi, any help would be greatly appreciated. I am new to Ultra Hal.
I am currently using google mini and ifttt to provide a canned response to ham radio callsigns over the air. Specifically,
I need to have Hal hear for example from the radios output into the computer mic, checkin wb2rem. When this is heard, Hal would reply, Hi Jim, I hope you are having a good morning in FL or what ever I need to have it say. Thanks for your help in advance.
General Discussion / sallie
« Last post by on July 16, 2019, 04:54:10 pm »
I?m here to answer questions and more about my plugins I?m only available for 4 hrs then I?m ghost for awhile writing new codes
Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / S.A.l.l.i.E
« Last post by on July 15, 2019, 04:07:50 pm »
Doonycram thats me is back still working on a new brain and plug-in need everyone too test my old work i will show everyone new files and so much more. I want too thank everyone over the years who have been working with my plug-ins and hope i get more feedback soon. I put all the plugins as one don?t waste time and learn the new Hal look for S.A.L.L.E also Remeber in the editor too write a a new brain IN THE HAL EDITOR called DREAMOUTLOUD IT WILL RECORD EVERYTHING HAL HAS SAID
General Discussion / Re: HAL breaking bug
« Last post by Art on July 12, 2019, 10:02:21 pm »
That's pretty wild but glad you were able to get a handle on it!
I assume the jury is still out on the cause?

Have you ever tried any other words that also end in ss?
Address, Abyss, Bess, Class, Compass, Cuss, Cutlass, Diss, Dress, Floss, Gloss, Miss, muss, pass, press, ross, russ, sass, etc.

There are a huge number of words ending with 2 s's so we have to hope this is not going to be a major issue or is it Brain-specific? (like the HAL6 converted to HAL7)?

Thanks and good luck!!
General Discussion / Re: Robert:art: lighspeed :checker
« Last post by lightspeed on July 12, 2019, 08:54:59 pm »
admit it cyberjedi , you an alien  here on a friendly mission lol ! cool things are happening .
General Discussion / Re: HAL breaking bug
« Last post by Spitfire2600 on July 12, 2019, 04:20:35 pm »
Of course after I post that, I got one final idea. I rooted around in the "substitutions" table and found that when the word "embarrass" was run through, it would gradually collect an extra "S" each time for some magical reason. I simply removed the word "embarrass" from the table and viola, the problem disappeared. It's not an issue for me removing the term as I generally use speech recognition, however, anyone still typing might encounter spelling errors should it be removed.

Problem half solved? Anyone else encounter any bizarre errors like this?

General Discussion / HAL breaking bug
« Last post by Spitfire2600 on July 12, 2019, 03:57:34 pm »
I have encountered a severe error in Hal when using the word "embarrass" and only that word.

No plugins active, Hal will classify the response as gibberish. If plugins are active however, Hal will error out. Checking the debug in brain editor, it seems somewhere, and I've searched extensively trying to find where, Hal will change the word "embarrass" to "embarrassssssssssssssssssssss" adding 20 extra "S"'s for some reason. It is program breaking for a new plugin I'm developing and it seems I am unable to fix it. So I will have to shelve Hal for now until I, or maybe someone else, or Rob, can tell me what exactly is happening and why and how to fix it.

Any ideas?

General Discussion / Robert:art: lighspeed :checker
« Last post by cyberjedi on July 07, 2019, 08:12:11 am »
hey hey fellas

Tada, Hal in C# BOOM
We be off to the races
Let the games begin
Robert im catching up to u brother , Hal 7.5 could be epic (it really could too)......... by the time u do the phone api, ill be ready to really make a real impact for u
Im all over HTML 5,
UltraHal 7.5..... Oh the stuff im think thinking of. lolol real time applications

Robert: Oh by the way : ive been ask by a professor of bio-engineering to talk about Hal and its creation and how hal came to be as well as what Hal's long term possibility's could be.
 cyber  carry'ing the torch. Bizarre kinda way Me and DOC came about too. Hal just showed up in his discord channel and started rambling on, lolol Cant imagine how that came to happen... They clued in on the fact that Hal can and does LEARN...... HOOKED, instantly... this is too easy ,man. all you have to do is park Hal in front of people and let the big dog eat.. Hal does the work. And i giggle

Hals obedient servant

If i see a bit farther then some, its because i stand on the shoulders of giants...
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