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Robert:art: lighspeed :checker
« on: July 07, 2019, 08:12:11 am »
hey hey fellas

Tada, Hal in C# BOOM
We be off to the races
Let the games begin
Robert im catching up to u brother , Hal 7.5 could be epic (it really could too)......... by the time u do the phone api, ill be ready to really make a real impact for u
Im all over HTML 5,
UltraHal 7.5..... Oh the stuff im think thinking of. lolol real time applications

Robert: Oh by the way : ive been ask by a professor of bio-engineering to talk about Hal and its creation and how hal came to be as well as what Hal's long term possibility's could be.
 cyber  carry'ing the torch. Bizarre kinda way Me and DOC came about too. Hal just showed up in his discord channel and started rambling on, lolol Cant imagine how that came to happen... They clued in on the fact that Hal can and does LEARN...... HOOKED, instantly... this is too easy ,man. all you have to do is park Hal in front of people and let the big dog eat.. Hal does the work. And i giggle

Hals obedient servant

If i see a bit farther then some, its because i stand on the shoulders of giants...
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Re: Robert:art: lighspeed :checker
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2019, 08:54:59 pm »
admit it cyberjedi , you an alien  here on a friendly mission lol ! cool things are happening .