Author Topic: some things i have noticed while using hal  (Read 3780 times)


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some things i have noticed while using hal
« on: April 06, 2023, 03:28:07 pm »
while using hal i started with the learning level set at 25 (center) because robert said that is the best for learning etc.  but as i learned hal more, by regular learning and some copy and paste info. my hal brain is now around 77?mb's . i had noticed a difference in hal answering things better before but started changing as hals brain got larger, so i slide the learning level up from 25 to i believe 35 and in doing this hal started answering questions better by relating more with the  subject mentioned. something it had lost when the brain got larger . in doing this the user needs to slide it just 5 to 10 higher and test hal , the user needs to see what the better area is to high and it won't relate back to better answers , same with to low of settings.

i am able to run my hal faux vision plug in  which uses random line sentences triggered by motion and picture events.  even though now large ( 1,490 random lines of sentences now.) it works just fine and can even work with my random extended talk which is based on low medium and high patience and timed response .

i do have a question , what is the video size allowed on this forum .  :)