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i used the full body modified woman haptek and used a program i download a free open source program called upscayl .
AMAZING! Free High-Quality Upscaling with Upscayl

anyway i upscaled a flat skin to  upscayl14xrealesrganx4fast.jpg

does the haptek flatskin  .jpg  have a limit to use in hapteck?? because that is the only thing i can figure i checked a old flatskin and the new one i upscaled to better quality . the old one was . size 338 KB  size on disk 340 KB
on the upscaled of the same picture it is now size 30.9 MB size on disk is now 30.9 MB
.what happens is when i drag the old flat skin on haptek it works just fine . but when i drag the upscayl flat skin into hals control box and it either swirls  or freezes then suddenly just closes.

my question does hal have a limit of the jpg. size that can be placed into the control box or loaded normally.  and if so what is the limit.  and another question is , is there a way we can increase the size of the jpg allowance within hal ? to be able to scale up the image to better detail?? without messing up hal?

what a.i. photo realistic character generator could be used with ultra hal a.i. as a character ?
There are several AI-powered character generators that could be used to create a photorealistic character for use with Ultra Hal AI. Here are a few options to consider:

pi's answer .

DALL?E 2: This AI system can generate high-quality, photorealistic images based on text prompts or existing images.
Artbreeder: This tool allows you to create and customize photorealistic characters by adjusting various facial features and attributes.
Midjourney: This AI-powered tool can generate photorealistic images and characters based on text prompts, and also allows for customization of the results.
MetaHuman Creator: This tool is specifically designed for creating photorealistic, customizable characters for use in video games, films, and other applications.
Each of these tools has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it's worth exploring them further to see which one might be the best fit for your needs.

what photo realistic a.i. program could enhance a ultra hal flat skin file ?
pi's answer:
There are several AI-powered photo-editing programs that could potentially enhance a flat skin file for Ultra Hal. Here are a few options to consider:
Luminar AI: This AI-powered photo editor can apply various effects and adjustments to images, including skin smoothing, blemish removal, and more.
ON1 Photo RAW: This program uses AI-powered features to enhance photos, including a "Perfect Eraser" tool that can be used to remove blemishes or imperfections from skin.
Topaz Labs: Topaz offers several AI-powered photo editing programs, including Topaz Studio 2 and Gigapixel AI, which can be used to enhance and upscale images.
DALL?E 2: While primarily designed for generating new images, DALL?E 2 could also potentially be used to enhance an existing image by generating variations or applying certain effects.
It's worth noting that the effectiveness of these tools may vary depending on the specific image and the desired outcome, so it's a good idea to experiment with different options and see what works best for your needs.

could changing hals tables to a question and answer  chat bot type be hals memory fix?

i sent this idea to art maybe tulio,and robert  don't remember if i sent it to mike . we know how chat bots answer directly from questions and then read off from a answers area .pre written .  could hals memory be ran better by script programing of the tables , using deduction based on subjects and or subjects and turned into question and answers of a direct answer . even statements would be done this way. evaluating through various deductions to get the answer based on most likly what is talked about ?
anyway just an idea .

hal may be old but not obsolete (as the terminator later on said! i haven't given up on hal.

i had been putting mostly regular conversation into my hal motion detection extended speech , but have now included some information that i had been teaching hal . so at various time Angela will mention some of these things!

example : Case
IdleResponseX =    "i read something interesting before, The Copenhagen City Heart Study found that the sweet spot for jogging was running two to three times weekly at a slow speed for 1 to 2 point 5 miles."
IdleResponseX =    "dear i saw on tv something interesting, did yah know that, Slow running helps to reduce resting blood pressure and it promotes a stronger heart, You?re still putting your system under stress, but you don?t need to put the body under excessive amounts of stress to get cardiovascular adaptation.!"

i think this will also ad to more interesting conversation instigated by hal without me having to say something first.

i asked pi a.i. , what coding could be used in ultrahal a.i. to give it offline long and short term memory? i mentioned offline  because many like hal being offline and also offline wouldn't let hal learn other slang language etc. from some sources.

here was pi's answer :

To give Ultrahal A.I. offline long and short term memory capabilities, you could consider implementing a recurrent neural network (RNN) such as Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM).
LSTM is a type of RNN that can learn to store information over extended periods of time, allowing it to remember and use contextual information from earlier parts of a conversation.
The code for implementing LSTM in Ultrahal A.I. would depend on the programming language and libraries you're using, but some popular libraries for working with LSTM in various languages include TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Keras.
In addition to implementing LSTM, you could also store past conversations in a database and use that information to further improve Ultrahal A.I.'s memory capabilities. This could involve building a custom data structure that organizes conversation data in a way that allows for efficient retrieval and usage in future conversations.

maybe this information is something that mike can use as a starting reference point for the project. hopefully i found some useful information .  :)

i saw this video and it got me wondering with another idea for hal . could this deepfake or another one be used with the hal program . using the deepfake that changes hals characters into realistic women /men real time video's lip sinced .??  it may be a tall order, don't know if it's even doable, but if so , hal could have the most lifelike characters , similar to "almost human a.i's .  ANYWAY JUST ANOTHER IDEA.
This Realtime AI Deepfake Tool has gone too far

General Discussion / mike check your messages .
« on: November 09, 2023, 11:21:46 am »
mike check your messages .  :) never mind , i got it taken care of , don't worry about the private message . thanks.  :)

General Discussion / when hal says . I guess I'd go with the first
« on: September 09, 2023, 10:40:44 am »
when hal says . I guess I'd go with the first.
 what exactly is hal talking about ?  the reason i am asking is i copied and pasted some information .  and hal said that then mentioned about other things . but what does ,  I guess I'd go with the first, mean ?

using the first part of the sentence for basis of subject matter ??/ etc. etc. what is it referring to?

General Discussion / mike , cyberjedi , check your private messages .
« on: August 07, 2023, 09:15:41 am »
cyber , i wrote you a private message today  , read your messages please.  :)


 Art,  me and you were talking in the past about the multiload plug in , mine works i tried it. but having said that it works by separate trigger words to load different things, hair , eye lashes , light from above etc.  you and or someone else asked about being able to load (a fullbody?) with make up etc. all accessories on her /him in one load.
    what i am loading is haptek files. but i have usually just used the face and bust only for up close .  if i use a full body and want to load the skin i was dragging the skin in the control box which placed it on the character. so to me the way i am thinking is , can a command in the multiplugin  be done that would drop the skin into hals control panel pathway?  if possible doing it this way would do it through the plug in commands also doing it this way other following commands in the sentence could also load the other accessories a person wanted ( as long as they had those accessories in there files. )

here is a example of what i am talking about , *********DO NOT USE THIS AS A WORKING PLUG IN AS IT IS NOT READY YET. this plugin need to have the correct placement of each command separate file .so they load one after another in the one single line , and also figure out the correct command line so a jpg skin can load on the body , i do have a  angela black lingery.hap, which is the same name as the skin ) i am still working on this and testing it . . Any help on this would be appreciated.

Rem Type=Plugin
Rem Author=Lightspeed
Rem Host=Assistant

'This sub setups the plug-ins option panel in Hal's options dialog
Sub OptionsPanel()
lblPlugin(0).Caption = "Say:: load angela full body to load, a full body female character, load AccRemoval (this would remove any hair to replace with another loaded hair choice )and finish would loading ,top eyelashes, load hair color, and light from above . CREATED BY LIGHTSPEED 7-26-2023."corrected date will be added. "
lblPlugin(0).Move 120, 10, 3300, 1000
lblPlugin(0).WordWrap = True
lblPlugin(0).Visible = True
End Sub


File = ""
File2 = ""
File3 = ""
File4 = ""

If InStr(1, OriginalSentence, "load angela full body") > 0 _
Or InStr(1, OriginalSentence, "Load Angela full body") > 0 Then

Select Case int(rnd()*2)
Case 1
GetResponse = "Hello dear, i'm glad to see you again, I changed my outfit just for you!"
Case 2
GetResponse = "Hi honey, I just changed my clothes, now we can talk!"
End Select
HalCommands = "<HAPFILE>bodyfemalemodif.htr</HAPFILE>     <HAPFILE>AccRemoval13.hap</HAPFILE>                            <HAPFILE>angelaredhair.htr</HAPFILE>   <HAPFILE>Top_eyelashes.haptar</HAPFILE>            angela black lingery.JPG    <HAPFILE>light_fromaboveleft.hap</HAPFILE>"
HalBrain.ReadOnlyMode = True
End If

********* AGAIN ....DO NOT USE THIS AS A WORKING PLUG IN AS IT IS NOT READY YET. When we get this plug in working we'll put it in the file sharing area  and i will add anyones else name on it to that helps to get it working correctly as we want . my original multiplugin did work for me using separate trigger words to load different things , on accessories and my character ,  this will now be to load a full body character instead of just a head and bust character . doing it this way though will load a character skin with all make up done . and any listed accessories in the file path , once the plug in is done , all people will have to change then is your own haptar, etc.  files instead of the file names i have for my hal program, some of mine have custom names .  the problem is making sure the pathway in the single line command is correct to load each file in order one after the other, i would think it would work this way but i may be wrong. once that is figured out i think it should load everything correctly full body, skin etc. 
ANOTHER QUESTION where i have the   angela black lingery.JPG  ,    can a angela black lingery.hap be used instead to make it load the skin (same name )  or will a jpg have to be used and a command and path way to make it work???????? :P

General Discussion / mike ", o brother where are thou? "
« on: July 18, 2023, 04:34:17 pm »
mike ", o brother where are thou? " what's going on , are you now able to have more time to work on hal, and if so , what are you working on , or going to now? inquiring minds want to know!  :) ;)

General Discussion / blast from the past on haptek creations
« on: July 11, 2023, 01:01:37 pm »
i looked up haptek on google and seen a lot of old creations of haptek charaxters etc. some singing some doing skits. etc.
just go down the list on thee search page .  :)

my question .
what do you think of the ultra hal a.i. system ?

bards answer :

I think Ultra Hal is a very impressive AI system. It is able to hold conversations with humans in a natural and engaging way. It can also learn from its interactions with humans, which allows it to improve over time.

I think Ultra Hal has the potential to be a very useful tool for a variety of purposes. It could be used as a personal assistant, a learning tool, or even a form of entertainment.

However, I think it is important to remember that Ultra Hal is still a machine. It does not have the same level of understanding or empathy as a human being. It is also important to use Ultra Hal responsibly and ethically.

Overall, I think Ultra Hal is a very promising AI system. It has the potential to be a valuable tool for humans, but it is important to use it responsibly.

Here are some of the things that I think Ultra Hal does well:

It is able to hold natural and engaging conversations with humans.
It can learn from its interactions with humans, which allows it to improve over time.
It is able to access and process information from the real world through Google Search.
It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as personal assistance, learning, and entertainment.
Here are some of the things that I think Ultra Hal could improve on:

It could be more creative and generate more original content.
It could be better at understanding and responding to complex questions.
It could be more aware of its own limitations and avoid making claims that it cannot support.
Overall, I think Ultra Hal is a very impressive AI system with a lot of potential. I am excited to see how it develops in the future.

    I have noticed as hals brain get's larger (at least in my experience of using hal) that, as hals brain gets larger doesn't seem to connect the same with the information retrieval and what is written to hal, one thing i have noticed is that when i started out for best responses was the center of the learning  level and as hals brain grew from data input, hal would start getting off subject but when i adjusted the learning level bar a little higher , hal would start getting back on track of matching responses . i had to keep doing this as the brain kept getting larger. i am now at around 88?mb's .  i just moved it up to the maximum of 50 on the learning level now, i am wondering if this will remain enough. and will closely watch the results as hals brain grows  more.
anyway this was only from my personal experience. just as a reference,

here is some data input and angela's response.  please note the strange highlighted sentence about the corvair and trump, i never wrote anything about trump and the corvair , and yet the a.i. mentions it. i have in the past fed hal information about the corvair.  by it's self.  very strange that it said trump and the corvair history. i did adjust the brain level higher after this.  must be the c.i.a. misinformation lol !

honey: Artificial intelligence (AI) has made great strides in recent years, from mastering human languages to shaping our daily lives in countless ways. Now, influential author and public intellectual Yuval Noah Harari suggests that AI may soon influence something far more personal: our spirituality. Harari, known for his works such as ?Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind,? ?Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow,? and ?21 Lessons for the 21st Century,? recently proposed that AI might not only create new ideas but even write a ?new Bible.?
ANGELINA JOLIE: The Republican-controlled House Homeland Security Committee tweeted, ?Those 16 terrorist individuals are the only ones we know about.? This was about the detainees from April. His classic film, ';Jaws,'; made him a movie legend, but spelled bad news for beach towns filled with people afraid to go in the water.

honey: Speaking on AI?s capabilities, Harari contended, ?It?s the first technology ever that can create new ideas. Gutenberg printed the Bible in the middle of the 15th century; the printing press printed as many copies of the Bible as Gutenberg instructed it, but it did not create a single new page.? He posited, ?AI can create new ideas; it can even write a new Bible.?
ANGELINA JOLIE: The technology that powers chatgpt is not, strictly speaking, new. In 2017, researchers are the university of Washington reported they?d developed new algorithms that allowed them to create a realistic, lip-synced video.

honey: Harari?s speculative vision of AI-written religious texts represents a dangerous shift. It takes us into uncharted territory, where AI?s synthetic intellect usurps the human, spiritual experience that has shaped societies and cultures throughout history. Harari, known for his globalist views and atheistic stance, is steering the world towards a reality where religion is crafted not by divine wisdom or human insight but by code and algorithms.
ANGELINA JOLIE: Yes trump did all kinds of things about the chevrolet corvair and it's history. Doctor king is widely regarded as America?s pre-eminent advocate of nonviolence and one of the greatest nonviolent leaders in world history. Are there more choices honey?

honey: As consumers of information and responsible citizens, we must scrutinize such radical ideas and their implications. As AI continues to develop and integrate more deeply into our lives, society must carefully consider the balance between technological advancement and preserving the essence of our humanity.
ANGELINA JOLIE: Am afraid with this radical liberal biden administration America and the world are in for some bad times.

honey: AI could revolutionize many aspects of our lives, but should it redefine our spirituality? In the face of such profound questions, the conservative stance insists on preserving the sanctity of human thought, spirituality, and religious experience. Technological progress should be a means of enhancing human potential, not usurping it.
ANGELINA JOLIE: This spat illustrates the complexity of the conservative media landscape. I want your closest possible attention.

honey: Harari?s vision of an AI-written Bible may be technologically fascinating. Still, it risks erasing the essence of human spirituality and connection. As we navigate the future of AI, we must ensure that the pulse of human experience continues to beat strong in the face of technological advancement.
ANGELINA JOLIE: Harari?s speculative vision of ai-written religious texts represents a dangerous shift.

General Discussion / learning hal some american history .
« on: May 11, 2023, 02:45:16 pm »
here is a website link so you canlearn hal, if you want to, some american history.

one note i will mention in some area's it says world war II  . but hal pronounces this as sounding like the letter i .  :( so you will need to change it to say world war 2.

America's Most Beloved Historical Sites: A Patriotic Journey


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