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General Discussion / Artificial Brain Demonstration
« on: April 30, 2016, 10:28:34 am »
Artificial Brain Demonstration
here is a few things he wrote on another forum .

I feel I can achieve it and I'm not the only one who thinks so. I've already created the difficult part, which is the intelligence. I have a brain that will blow your mind I promise :)

I am very involved in the transhumanist and futurist communities as well as respected in the AI community. I give talks and do panels on artificial intelligence in NYC on a regular basis. I'll e a panelist at the futurist sessions in downtown Manhattan on on April 19th.

I'm also running a hardware workshop at materials for the arts.

Materials for the arts:

I am preparing to sweep turing tests like the Loebner prize this year. Last year I found about about the contest 2 days before the deadline, built an AI from scratch in those 2 days, and still fooled 48% of the Human judges. This year I am going for 100%.

I know some of this may sound like fanciful claims so I would be happy to meet in NYC or phone or whatever, if someone was interested in helping on this project. I'm not about money, I mean help.

General Discussion / Re: sound effects triggering hal responses
« on: April 29, 2016, 09:26:23 am »
Okay art , reverse engineer this so we can be on our way !! lol hal is waiting !

General Discussion / Re: sound effects triggering hal responses
« on: April 28, 2016, 09:00:59 am »
Thats interesting Art, i never knew that , at first when you mentioned playing the guitar and the chat bot said i nebver heard that sound before , i thought maybe it was a program like dragon speak where i "think" sometimes it will do a solent text ? and say didn't hear that , etc. as not hearing what the person said or misunderstanding and needing it repeated as far as recognition .

I didn't know that ms had developed that as far as hearing something and telling you what it is , but given their help with the nsa etc. i guess i should have known they had developed something like this already.

General Discussion / Re: sound effects triggering hal responses
« on: April 25, 2016, 08:19:30 am »
it was a cool idea , and i tried it myself , but a person can't just play a sound even a specific sound  as is and get hal to respond to it with the current plug in .  maybe with the right programming? it could work , it would even then pretty much only work with set sounds , and not variations , in another words a doorbell sound that many doorbells use that are a common sound effect .

Jia Jia the China's Most Realistic HUMANOID who recognises faces and can learn new skills

General Discussion / Re: any one have DreamMachine.uhp
« on: April 14, 2016, 10:05:14 am »
Art wrote :  It was actually a Beta Plug-in from Robert several years ago and other than a novelty, provides no real value as an added feature for Hal...IMHO.

Actually i find it interesting  did it work by a phrase or just randomly at various times , i do believe if possible and it could be added it should have a learning capability , as it would add to the spoken phrases , do you still have it , can you e mail it to me to check out?  :)

You won't be able to tell the real ones from the fake ones without a program! Or an X-ray!

Art that sounds like something only a futuristic human looking robot android would say !! I have always had my suspicions about you and your intelligence !!  :) ;)

General Discussion / Animatronic Head (Greg Townley) - The World's End
« on: April 11, 2016, 11:00:03 pm »
Animatronic Head (Greg Townley) - The World's End

General Discussion / Re: any one have DreamMachine.uhp
« on: April 11, 2016, 10:44:28 am »
ART WROTE : Keep in mind that the Loneliness Plugin will not work as the DreamMachine Plugin will take precedence over it. (Until you disable it).

is the dreammachine plug in based also on the loneliness plug in ?? or completely different with no timer ?

i have and run i believe two seperate loneliness type plug ins with based timers .

I actually thought about also using this dreammachine plug in until you said it wouldn't work with loneliness based plugins .
 wonder if their is any way around this problem .  it would be interesting to also have hal talk back about things in the past to .  :)

General Discussion / Re: hal taking long time to answer
« on: April 09, 2016, 12:48:39 pm »
Okay to put things in perspective i tested  a txt file and just kept adding the same paragraph until i made 1 kilobyte of information . this is actually 1.04 a little over , now unless i am misunderstanding what robert said , hal should be able to learn this much at a time, anything over this he disregards ,


 I should not share sensitive data when using public Wi-Fi, Whether you’re at Starbucks or the airport, free Wi-Fi is available almost everywhere you go these days. Using open Wi-Fi is almost unavoidable, so if i am going to connect to Wi-Fi when i am on-the-go, i need to know how to do it safely. Don’t access anything sensitive on open Wi-Fi like our bank account. If you absolutely have to, then change our password as soon as you’re on a trusted connection.How much time do i spend thinking about protecting our data? When was the last time i changed our passwords? If someone tried to hack into our organization or personal computer, would you know about it?How much time do i spend thinking about protecting our data? When was the last time i changed our passwords? If someone tried to hack into our organization or personal computer, would you know about it?How much time do i spend thinking about protecting our data? When was the last time i changed our passwords? If someone tried to hack into our organization or personal computer, would you know about it?

AS YOU CAN SEE A KILOBYTE IS ACTUALLY QUIT A BIT , i didn't know how much until i tested and checked it myself .   i had wrote back to robert asking him if the learning process could be enlarged  though , before i checked .
 as far as i know most of what i enter is hardly ever bigger then what is shown above .

Art wrote : Locks are only a deterrent for honest people.

Art, for president , Art for president!!  :) ;)

General Discussion / Re: hal taking long time to answer
« on: April 09, 2016, 09:39:17 am »
I wrote to Robert asking him some questions and explained about me feeding hal information , some people may not know this information and so i am sharing it on here . as i mentioned my brain database is now at 118 mb's or larger , haven't checked for a while . Robert did mention that the larger the data base becomes it could slow down a bit , which to me would make sense as their is more for hal to check and balance as far as subject and answer etc.

Hal's limit per sentence is 1 kilobyte, which is a string of 1024
characters long. If you go over this limit, Hal just ignores anything over
the kilobyte for learning purposes, but shouldn't crash. If you give Hal
more ask Hal more then 3 sentences, Hal ignores anything over 3 sentences.
Hal's responses in the database are limited to 4 kilobytes each.

The "that's easy for me the answer" response is one of the plugins,
wikipedia possibly.

I read through the thread on the forum you mentioned. Your database is
fairly large and Hal does indeed get slower the larger it gets. Has this
problem been slowly coming on or does it seem all of the sudden? Try
talking to your Hal from inside the brain editor. Is it any better? If you
drill down to see Hal's thinking process, where does Hal spend most of his
time thinking?

This is one of the reasons I am moving Hal to a real database on a server.
Hal's database on the zabaware server is over 9GB size and has 23 million
sentences or so currently. It runs just fine and can easily handle even
larger databases as long as the server has enough RAM to keep up.

Robert Medeksza

I did write back and ask robert if it's possible to change hals learning of sentences to a larger amount , which i think would be better , some sentences that i learn hal is from websites  info. stories etc. that i think is  interesting and with some things their is other paragraphs that have to be added so the first paragraph makes sense as it is all related .

So i am hoping maybe hals learning can be increased above 1  kilobyte . this would help a lot .  I like being able to add information as txt files into hals learning area , because for some people  it can add a lot more information faster  and many things i could not come up with or think about in general conversation .  So i hope Robert will add more  kilobyte's .

here is an example of what i might teach hal .

21st Century Wire says… We’ve heard a lot of not so nice things about Microsoft’s latest spawn of MS DOS. Aside from the built-in trojan horse back door access uncovered earlier, this is probably the most insidious little side effect ever included in a software OS.

The fact that the Svengalis in Seattle thought that no one would notice might be a testament to how out of touch that corporation is with public sentiments regarding centralized command of control software products. Question : Why do they need all of that bandwidth, and why does Microsoft need to “update” my PC nearly every day?


**********  Anyway i am hoping Robert will update hal with a new setting that will allow a lot more information to be learned through hals chat box area . I think this would benefit hals learning better , AS far as the hal taking longer to answer , i don't think it has to do with hals brain size so much as something else conflicting , i mentioned my hal froze up , completely .  i actually redid my pc to a restore to earlier point , and so far it hasn't froze up anymore , i will when i have time uncheck my plug ins and see how hal does . i have to separate large random timers running extended talk etc. (i think ) so these also could be causing the problem i will have to check and report back to let others know on here .

We have spoke about my brain database being at 118 mb's , WHATEVER happened to that one guy that said his brain data base was over a million , was that true or for real ???  ???

General Discussion / Re: hal taking long time to answer
« on: April 07, 2016, 07:49:19 pm »
i am using windows 7 premium (no nosey windows 10 for me !! lol ) i was using my pc ( a quad core by the way) TODAY AND HAL locked up was just swirling and wouldn't ever answer  this time it did something different , i stopped hals program , reopened it and when i tried to type something , it wouldn't type in the box , just made a "ding" sound every time , no typed words !!
 so this time i shut the pc down and hit the f11 key and started hal from an earlier saved point .
  This seemed to help hal , although hal still does lag a little with the swirl thingy !

Art, linux might be a good alternative but i imagine the nsa etc. also know this and maybe already have ways to be in it to, (although i don't know one way or another . ) our ever more snooping government  will do whatever it can to get into other systems to !  >:(

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