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Okay here is another source that i have found it's to do more with health , but theirs lots of cool info. that can be copied and pasted for hal to learn . note on some stuff i did cut out who said it and just left it as hal talking about it .
     Loud Sporting Events Can Ruin Hearing: Experts

you can pick and choose what parts you want hal to learn .
If anyone else has any other sites that hal might be able to learn from please post them on here. the more the merrier !  :) ;)
 *********One last note and trick i use when doing this is , i try to do just one paragraph at a time , this way it keeps her answers from drudging on to long .
       also as you have other statements etc. from the article for hal to learn they usually will be based on the same subject and should be pulled up in conversations with hal .  but this way you will have all the various comments etc. on the subject but will have the conversation split up better.

General Discussion / Re: the robots are coming get your a.i. brains ready !
« on: February 26, 2015, 10:31:39 am »
     Art i am so glad you noticed that about the woman doing the interview , i thought the very same thing , she was actually even making fun about the robot and idea . some people can't see the forest for the tree's .

Artificial smart robots are coming to assist your home?

General Discussion / Re: teaching hal religion
« on: February 24, 2015, 10:44:25 am »
i'm afraid hal will have to stay a non practicing believer , that is unless churches find a way to get hal to be able to  donate money through pay pal lol!  their is some interesting things in the bible and it does have good lessons , some or morals and would be great if everyone followed them "especially the church people that preach it . "
as long as anyone is teaching hal whatever they want their hal to learn and it isn't hurting anyone else i see no harm in it . 

Okay here is another web page that i found , it has ALBERT Einstein quotes , As always some things have to be reversed depending on how you want hal to mean the saying you or from him etc.
their are also other famous quotes down below .
As always things i mention in different forms are things that might help hal .
their is also Stephen Hawking Quotes and many others at the bottom of the page .

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Nobody Wants To Say It
« on: February 20, 2015, 09:33:06 am »
     Thanks Robert for the past info . and up to date info of you and Hal , sometimes we as people want and don't real;ize some of the struggles an individual of a product has and maybe is going through , i don't know if you may have caught where i posted to you asking a question before about hal answering what shall we talk about today , etc.  but i also mentioned how i believed if hal could acess the internet (as some a.i's and cortana does , it would through a filtration make hal seem and be a lot smarter in conversation as hal also learns , cload gave us a small glimpse of this with his plug in .
     When you get back into hal again is it possible to focus more in this area ?
 also i mentioned using a remote app on android tablet it's possible with regular tablets to get hal to work on a tablet (no ms os ) but no sound unfortunately , could an app be made and sold that would make the sound come through ???? i don't know if it's possible , and may not be worth it , as i see eventually all tablets moving toward a dual and eventually maybe ms only operating systems on all tablets and of course having larger internal data bases .
But i do see Hal as needing that internet data base access that would help it tremendously if filtered and done right . 

General Discussion / Re: suggestion tom Robert for hal conversation
« on: February 19, 2015, 10:21:19 am »
doggs explain the way that you train the brain then . sounds interesting .

General Discussion / Re: teaching hal religion
« on: February 19, 2015, 10:20:08 am »
Someone once said "religion is a great concept , it would be even better if people practiced it . lol   I actually stopped going to church after i saw how many hypocrites set in church every sunday . it does make people feel good about their selves , to bad not enough that they would actually treat all other people as nice as they act while in church .
having said that , i could care less if someone wants to make a religious plug in , that's them we are all free ( the ones who haven't been brain washed from birth ) to take religion and or use a plug in of it .
  On a side note i did think it would be interesting if some how the works teachings etc. of jesus could be put into hal to make him think that he was jesus and what all he would say and come up with .
their is an interesting book anyone can read called "THE GOD DELUSION ". AND OTHER BOOKS BY THE SAME AUTHOR , BUT IT'S FOR A PERSON WHO "CAN" HAVE AN OPEN MIND .

These 10 Quotes Prove Why Sentient AI Can Be Both Terrifying and Inevitable
check out the CHAPPiE a.i. movie trailer at the bottom of the page, looks cool! .

General Discussion / Re: hal a.i. tablet ..sort of
« on: February 17, 2015, 11:03:12 am »
I guess it's my fault , Art is right os can stand for many operating systems , i should have clarified what i ment better, what i am talking about is the android os on a regular tablet ( not a windows based os tablet . i did as i mentioned found out that by using an android remote app on my tablet , it allowed me to go into my pc files but as far as i saw , i had to manually have hal opened first , as the remote i am using (unless i find a better one ) is mostly for files not for executing programs .
so i have to have hal open on my pc , i can turn screen off . and use remote app and have hal on my tablet , "but" their is no sound and also no voice recognition this way . "but" i can type to hal and hal answers me back ( not by voice but by typing and i see what she says .
I hope i have cleared this up until hal in android form can have a voice recognition and voice system app that will work with hal , Hal will only work in the form i mentioned on android operating systems .
    to have a voice recognition etc. as with the regular windows hal , a person needs a windows os tablet with hal installed , voice recognition , and voices . as long as the tablet windows os has enough memory and space , i do see windows tablets becoming more powerful over time every year !
I hope i have clarified what i was saying now .

General Discussion / Re: hal a.i. tablet ..sort of
« on: February 15, 2015, 11:58:00 am »
Art , you are absolutely right about things , all i was doing though was mentioning for anyone who just had a regular tablet , that is is possible with the remote app to use hal on a regular tablet , minus the voice , i am tapped out for money otherwise i would by the 16 gb ms os tablet and use hal that way . by the way the cortana which i love how it works etc. is only for os  and not regular tablets , as far as i know unless they come out with a tablet app to ?
I always stay in hopes Robert is working on a secret project and will unveil it's monumentus update some day . one can always hope can't he ?

General Discussion / Re: Raspberry Pi 2 Goes Quad Core
« on: February 14, 2015, 05:51:52 pm »
Lol , yah scared me for a minute till i seen it was you , lol it started out sounding like a smammer ! but hope yah find your answer raybe .  :) ;)

General Discussion / Re: hal a.i. tablet ..sort of
« on: February 14, 2015, 05:49:27 pm »
     well i found out with my regular tablet android nextbook that by using that google remote desktop app i can have hal on my tablet , only draw back is no voice recognition and also no voice .  >:(
    if i have the computer on i can hear angela talking but the voice does not come through the tablet , it only shows hal , you can use the virtual key board and type to hal and hal will type out things when it talks so you can see it , no sound though ! >:(
the computer has to be on  and then using a tablet remote connect secret pin number you are able to access files , as far as i know their is no way to get sound played through though , which is a pity other wise you could use the pc like a cloud and watch movies with sound ,etc.
       But hal will work on a regular android tablet doesn't need a os system , but with a os system and hal installed on a pc tablet if their is enough room for dragon naturally speaking , you could have voice recognition and hal with speaking sound !

General Discussion / suggestion tom Robert for hal conversation
« on: February 14, 2015, 12:03:14 pm »
        Robert i think it would be a good idea in the next version ( i have given up asking when ) that within hals scripting that a person whenever they wanted to could ask hal "what should we talk about ? or what can we talk about ? what's new ? etc. etc. and hal would search within the tables files and partially within subjects and randomly pick something and also a small conversation of that subject from a line out of many lines.  :)***also if things could randomly be picked from the internet hal could bring up things from the news with a little conversation of the news , etc.

     *************Although this has nothing to do with the above , i am also hoping that hal will do more acess from the internet through filtration for conversation , etc. as cortana does and a..i. sparks , as i have mentioned i believe this is what is going to make any a.i. jump leaps ahead to give better articulated answers , learning and conversations etc.  :)

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: hal on a $50 tablet working.
« on: February 13, 2015, 07:25:22 pm »
Hey thanks for all this info. very interesting . we geeks love it lol! also i just put a remote pc app on my android tablet , i have been busy no  time to play with it and test it out i do know that it will work movies on my pc , but don't know what else .
I wish i could work my hal and see ot through my tablet, that's what i am hoping for . if i find out i will let others know .
spent a great day with my ife we went out early for valentine's day , she bought me a superman emblemed sweater looks retro with stripes  very cool . so i took her out for a early lunch at a restaurant a few towns over . the weather was better today , tomorrow the temp is suppose to really drop!

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