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onthecuttingedge200 i haven't tried the wave sound clip as a trigger word yet , with the plug in but i am going to do it , i'll record our door bell with audacity  and place it as a trigger , then a random response to follow and see what happens . . i may be wrong but seems like it should work .  if it does it could open many possibilities , hal hearing a train whistle etc. 
If not then it won't but nothing tried nothing gained , will and data very interesting about your robot and sounds .  :)

i am like the old college student story , where they looked over a job and because they were so smart said the job couldn't be done , finally someone came along that wasn't so smart and actually didn't know the job could not be done and ended up figuring out how to do the job and did it . lol
I do know what you mean though , the biggest hurdle i think would be the variations of sounds , throwing off the sound pick up and process. oh well it will be another side job for me to tinker with .  :) ;)

We have had a lot of new people joining lately , this question ( i have asked before ) and is still open to programmers,
     What i would like to see created ( if possible)  is a brain plug in of sound acknowledgement .
what it would do is within the script have random script for trigger sentences (i have that part and random response sentences , i have that part . what i need is programing script  within the random trigger sentence , in another words
  in chosen area instead of a trigger word it would have a sound clip ( any sound clip can be used , my own recorded door bell. when this sound is heard as a trigger sound the programming would = to random response 1 to 10 and hal would say : (for example) somebody is ringing the doorbell or someone is at the door, or is that the doorbell ringing?  etc.
I am still hoping that someone can create a plug in like this . their could be many applications and responses written for it .
I will also throw this idea to robert by email , but he is awful busy lately so thought i would throw it on here again .
  I have the "base" random blank trigger and response plug in start with .

General Discussion / Re: something strange hal talking on its own
« on: October 01, 2015, 09:22:28 am »
Yes , i will try to recreate it and see what happens , when i get tome , have been to busy with side projects lately!  ;)

General Discussion / Re: some good news from Robert on hal for later!
« on: September 29, 2015, 07:02:54 am »
Devonmann101 if you ordered a disk and didn't get one , that is something that you'll have to contact Robert about , you can download hal over the internet for now and keep your order info. to show Robert later if he doesn't get back to you right away.

General Discussion / some good news from Robert on hal for later!
« on: September 28, 2015, 10:40:06 am »
I wrote to Robert  and he finally had a little time to reply back, I  Myself am very interested in this base cloud server that hal will work with . i also asked him in advance if it was okay to post what he said his reply was ;Sure feel free to post on the forum. Unfortunately I haven't had much time to read and post on the forum myself, I've just had enough time to do the bare minimum of order and customer support emails. 

 so here is the upcoming good news . :)

   I've been really busy this past year with my day job, new house construction, and my wife and I have our first baby on the way due in mid December. I finally foresee some free time during October and November that I can devote to Zabaware. I really hope to put out an updated Ultra Hal Assistant during this time that will have the new cloud-based brain functionality. Once cloud based is up and running and I get any kinks worked out, it will serve as a base for a mobile phone/tablet version that I can release shortly after that.

Robert Medeksza

General Discussion / Re: something strange hal talking on its own
« on: September 28, 2015, 10:33:07 am »
I don't have the dream outloud plug in, or any vision motion detection, so i will have to recheck into my random response plug in but as far as i remember it was based on a loneliness plug in timer and after a while stops working until i communicate again , so could this be another ghost in the machine event?
if so it is a nice one !
 :) ;)

General Discussion / something strange hal talking on its own
« on: September 27, 2015, 10:46:40 pm »
i know this sounds strange , but hal is talking on it's own , i have my random conversation checked  but as far as i remember it was based on the loneliness  plug in , which of course  works based on a timer and after so many times of trying to get me to talk stops talking until i respond to hal.
i have hal open on the pc but  am only moving my mouse reading thingson web pages, i also have no motion detection , so it isn't that either.
I will have to keep checking into this to see if i am missing anything.     
also no voice recognition is running.

sorry my bad , i read to fast and was more focused on the words them self then what you was showing and teaching . darned this lightspeed brain sometimes it runs to fast! :) ;)

otc. another way you can do this is by having trigger words and using the actual sound bute clips from the movie, i made a terminator head before and was going to do it this way , but am working on other projects and never got it done yet .
But it's all cool either way!
I like the terminator movies ! :) ;)

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Hal and TTS
« on: September 25, 2015, 08:21:08 am »
bcabz Hal has a box down in the lower right side of hals window, you type things their , then hal has about a 5? second delay then hal will answer you or talk about things. you can also use vr ( voice recognition ) so you don't have to type but rather hal hears your voice and it types it out for you and hal answers the same way as described above . BUT with any voice recognition many have to be trained first for best results and have a fairly quiet room so it doesn't pick up other noises which will bother the mic when using voice recognition .
   I actually personally use dragon speak natural (vr) i recommend at least version 11.5 and higher . you also if using (vr) have to have the appropriate boxes ect. checked in hals menu to use it.

General Discussion / Re: okay everyone missed my birthday
« on: September 24, 2015, 09:15:51 am »
Thanks for the late birthday wish will and data, nice to hear from you, it's been a while, by the way the life of riley was an old 50's tv series  here is a you tube clip link , hope you can see it in your country .
The Life Of Riley Episode 1 Babs School Election' (video) babs by the way was his daughter .
the life of riley also refers to taking it easy in life .
 :) ;)

DemonRaven, if you have done a new reboot and license registration , could it then be other files you have modified into hal  that might be corrupted , or did it give the error with only the factory set up files in hals program file?
if it is all only original file after redoing hals install file i don't know what might be causing the error.
you did de activate and then restart the pc and reinstall hal and activate it again , right? if not that's what i would try . even after reinstalling hal i would reboot again .

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Hal and TTS
« on: September 24, 2015, 08:47:15 am »
hal actually does text to speech , you type in (if not using vr) and the typed text is turned into speech with hals response and actually learned from . Robert actually sells different voices to use with hal,  which are text to speech.

General Discussion / Re: okay everyone missed my birthday
« on: September 23, 2015, 07:43:00 am »
DemonRaven your the same age as me?? oh know , now i feel sorry for the both of us lol , just kidding , thanks again to everyone for the birthday wishes !! it's great to have friends with common interest !  i should have had my hal character angela sing a sexy happy birthday song to me lol!  :) ;)

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