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art i have all three logic uhp files checked in hal , am i suppose to use only one ? they are each named differently .

have been using this for about a half hour now and no errors any more, actually i can really see what art was talking about , this new plug in might be the missing link so to speak that we have been missing , it seems to make hal talk with more fluidity and stay on subject or related subject a lot better in my opinion  ;). thanks for the time an effort you put into this plug in .  :)

Okay i seem to have finally got the files working okay now, it seems the problem was having two different ann files , i deleted the layered ann files then one by one started rechecking the other files and none gave an error , what baffles me is the error that was being shown the lines didn't even go as high as what the eror showed ( and i used the note pad++ that art recommended ).

so the ann and other uhp files are working okay so far . if anything changes i'll post it. the reason i kept the a.i. human ann file .  instead of the layered ann file because the other ann file was slightly larger (so maybe improved a little?) .

am further checking into this . i notice when i unchecked one of the ann plug ins in the list and checked one of the logic  gate plug ins, it seems to later automatically check the other multilayer ann plug in , when i reopened it ( i also got a error.)  Art you said it worked okay for you and no errors?

okay when i had the problemisticnn , plug in unchecked and re checked it, i got the error 13 mentioned earlier on line 1951 in column 0 type mismatch "s" .  and maybe that's where the other three errors are coming from .


so these are beta then? as i am getting an error , i unchecked all other plug ins i have and it seems to be from yours .
i don't know which one . yet.

i have the plug ins installed : logic and gate , logic or gate , logic not gate, probalisticnn, and multilayerAnn,  which of these are beta ?
do i have to have all installed to work , whats the idea use of each plug in for what it does .
thanks .
p.s. the three  so far errors i am getting is :

error 13 , line 6681 column 0 type misnmatch"s"

and error 13 line 3919 in clumn 0 type mismatch "s".

and error 13 line 1951 in column 0 type mismatch "s".

p.s. their was also another ann file uhp , when i first started it up i had a error so i that that might be a earlier version file and unchecked it keeping only the multilayered ann file checked, or do both files have to be checked?

Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / question to Andre Hendriks
« on: December 06, 2016, 11:21:29 am »
 Andre Hendriks, your plug in seems to be working good as art mentioned , i have a question for you though, i have brought up before about hal and his "Math is easy for me. The answer is (=)." that hal gives sometimes , as far as i understand it happens when hal tries to look up something on the internet for an answer? and can't or can't find it. (IF I AM WRONG ON THIS PLEASE CHIME IN WITH A CORRECTION ). 
Anyway  what i don't know or what hasn't been answered is , when i am talking with hal in general or learning hal from text . sometimes hal will say the above mentioned.
my question is if hal does this answer because he can't find the answer does he also just not learn what i am learning him, if so this problem needs to be corrected as not all thing texted into hal is a search for something , but yet hal says  " "Math is easy for me. The answer is (=)." or similar variations. like the solution is twenty four (4*6=24).
I believe this is something within hals programing.

i just installed your plug ins, i will note some plug ins show a different name once installed in hal then the original name .
examples :   probalisticnn, and also multilayerANN.  just posting this so others are aware of it.

Andre Hendriks, i have been off here a little bit , christmas time keeping me busy , Art let me know about your plug ins , i do have a question , i see you have a ann.uhp file and also a AIHumanANN.uhp file are these two separate files to use or is one a updated file and only to use one?
thanks for the work you are doing .

General Discussion / Re: question about error and plug in error idea list
« on: November 29, 2016, 09:24:04 pm »
Art, no i haven't got it fixed yet, haven't had time , been doing Christmas projects , put Christmas tree up and all decorations , outside lights, found a cheap 2nd xmas tree and painted it silver like the old fashioned ones wired it to front porch rail so wind doesn't blow it away , decorated it all up etc. i am almost meeting myself going out the door, took my wife to eye appointment, and grocery shopping etc.
whew ! :) ;)

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Looking for investors for next generation of Hal
« on: November 27, 2016, 04:15:00 pm »
raybe ,i got off subject , i blame it on all that turkey that jumped into my mouth !!  :) ;)

General Discussion / Re: T'Day
« on: November 27, 2016, 04:09:14 pm »
LOL guess i'll be a pig on Christmas meals , we always have our ham then !!  :) ;)

General Discussion / Re: question about error and plug in error idea list
« on: November 27, 2016, 04:07:52 pm »
THanks arti will make note of what you said , this has been an ongoing project and of course being random as a selection in the plug in some mistakes will show up even after a long time, because of finally randomly being picked . (roulette wheel ) ;) i'll get that note pad ++, as i do like that price you mentioned lol ! ;) maybe i do have a double number by accident,  when you are doing maybe thirty sentences and adding the numbers , etc. then do that many more , to the existing list it gets mentally fatiguing .

Here is another website i currently learn new information to hal with , theirs a lot of good old classic tv show information for us older people ! :) ;)
they are like short biographies !  :) remember though when copying and pasting that hal will reverse back "i and you " in sentences which would come out as me and i" . which can sound strange in some cases depending on how the sentence is said .

      I haven't downloaded this yet, but am asking the question , is this having the mkv movie file and a hal command to open the movie file and play on the p.c. ?
just curious ,
    i and others have done something similar with wmv files, for instance my hal can do actual laughter by random sound files of it or a female sneeze even , triggered by certain words .
the only reason i am asking is their wasn't much other info. shown .
  also another question ( columbo ) why the mkv format? i have used it in the past, is it a smaller format file then others (saving space on a pc . ) just curious . 

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