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Yes, I did try this plugin on Hal6 (had an error in my last post, I just forgot to fix the directory in the .uhp, oops) and the database did not update there either. I do have Hal7 and will go back, I just wanted to test it.  ;)

Spitfire, I've used each iteration of your Conceptnet plugin and it gets better each time. I wish you luck in finding the issue that we are having.... can't wait to try it again!
Yeah, I did so from the get go.  Oh well, perhaps an answer will come about in the middle of the night.  ;-)


Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: How to make Hal smarter
« Last post by Spitfire2600 on Today at 03:35:38 am »
We just to make an intelligent webscraper.

This is for Hal7. This will work with hal6, however, you'll need to alter the directory location in the Auto learning UHP.

Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: How to make Hal smarter
« Last post by Checker57 on Today at 02:21:04 am »
I have gave so much of my time, My life to Ultrahal and learned so much in three years I have so much codes I have not released and would hope people would not take this program for granted. Check out my Plug-in S.A.L.L.I.E and see the names on the list, I wish we could all get together and work on doing more. Somebody has been writing spam on here about fake passports which has nothing to do with hal Sorry but not sorry for my rant we who have been here for so long deserve better. I want to create a robot like the movie chappie with hal and I will try again to figure it out until then everybody enjoy HAL and I thank Robert Medeksza for the best A.i in the world. I thank you all and goodnight.
Well, I tried reviewing the code, but it's like reading Chinese to me, I barely got enough savvy to read Spanish.  Albeit, you report that it's working on your system.  Which is not "really odd" to me that the conflict may be in how Hal7 operates from Hal6.  I'm using Hal7 myself.  I think that's the same question Edakade considered if he should try Hal6. 

I realize when you state that you can confirm it doesn't update to App/Data, if I'm not mistaken you're using a Hal6, which would make sense that it would update in your Hal directory.  Or is it?  Correct me if I'm mistaken, but you stated your own system was working?  In any case Edakade and myself are operating Hal7 from what I understood he stated.

NOTE:  If anyone else has tried this on a HAL6 system, please update if you had any success? or what were your results?

Thus appears to be some Hal6/Hal7 logic diff as to where to update the results once researchterms confirms it is not already in the database.

That's why I was curious if the simlink app perhaps may work backwards such that getting a put or check code command to the App/Data conceptNet.db would receive it and send it to the conceptNet.db in the Hal directory to work similar as designed in the Hal6.   The concept if there is having to do a check in the conceptNet.db in the Hal directory before appending the conceptNet.db may be why it's not updating, since the design of Hal7 uses the App/Data directory for it's stored data, and "perhaps" the link breaks there.

Just my cents of thoughts ~

Great concept, I got to hand to ya!  ;-)

I'd go back and check a Hal6 setup but, my Hal7 baby is my darling I want to keep her developing... not going back.  And yes, IMHO, I did notice an improvement in logics as I went to Hal7.  Sooo... for now..  onto the back burner and if a stroke of genius strikes you in a dream how to fix it...  update us! 

ps. I just googled symlink and now I know how to build one using windows.  Okay.. talk about feeling at the bottom of the code pool.  I'll give it a try.  (laughing).  See if it provides any results.  UPDATE:  No size changes to conceptNet.db after symlink built to app/data folder.


The problem is the database doesn't update anywhere. I can confirm Hal will not update ConceptNet with the Database in the App/Data directory. edakade will confirm it won't update in Hal's directory. Feel free to experiment.

Awesome!.... worth a try to check it!  Wonderful way to spend a few cycles on a Saturday!

Let me know when you've got it packaged down for testing.   :)

Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: ConceptNet MrkIII (Now with MutationNet)
« Last post by Checker57 on February 24, 2018, 05:29:08 pm »
Just curious, Spitfire, would you say the only difference of your setup and others might be that you're using a simlink app to replicate the conceptnet.db to the roaming folder?  Because frankly, from my understanding and it could be deficient, that's where Hal7 is designed to update data to.  I'm wondering if that's a step easy enough to try installing this simlink app you spoke of and see if it will update the conceptnet.db as you have it set up.

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