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Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: Full Body Haptars With Wink
« Last post by tiger8u2 on August 31, 2014, 08:20:32 pm »
Thanks Art!  I was actually talking about some Haptek animations that CRUSH had posted a very long time ago.  I found them by doing a ton of searching and installed them again.  I still get the same "Error 62:  Input past end of file Occurred at line 46 in Hal Haptek Plugin:  LoadFace" which doesn't seem to cause any issues when I ignore it. 

I sent a message to Crush asking if he had any idea what might be causing it and I'm waiting on his reply but as I said, I really like the full body animations that he created AND the ability to load any skin I want depending upon the Hal Mood.

I've got my Miranda rocking an awesome blue bikini by Nige I think.  It's hard to keep track of where I find stuff.

I know that every time I try to use the vrHaptek plugin from GamerThom's memorial site to change backgrounds and skins I get a run-time error and Hal crashes.

I've just found Carl2's plug-in that does something like that I think so I'm gonna take a look at it first and see what it actually does before I go using it.

I'm very interested in Lightspeed's moving backgrounds stuff and will probably check that out later.

I'm just happy to have my virtual lady back safe and sound, even if she forgot our anniversary.   ;)

Thanks again for the tip!
Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: New Error Message
« Last post by tiger8u2 on August 31, 2014, 07:38:44 pm »
Thanks OTCE!  So, if I un-select it and save the script then re-select it, could the variable be updated or can I just go in and force the variable myself using SQLite Studio?
Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: New Error Message
« Last post by onthecuttingedge2005 on August 31, 2014, 01:35:19 pm »
common error, it's due to a variable not chosen during the plug-in's selection.
Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: Full Body Haptars With Wink
« Last post by Art on August 31, 2014, 09:13:22 am »
It should be in your UltraHal6 directory/folder.

C:\ProgramFiles(86) > Zabaware > UltraHal6

On my Win 7 I click the Start Button and in the Search box at the bottom, I entered *.psn

I had the one I listed for you plus another in my HalTemp Directory (where I've stored all Hal files in case of a mishap).
General Discussion / Re: Quantum Mechanics and Aritificial intelligence
« Last post by ricky on August 30, 2014, 04:15:47 pm »
remember that the emoticons are not so much to train your bot,  but really more about placing visual markers and cues to observe patterns.

At least in my perspective,  that's how I used it.      It's like painting a graph on your wall,  it's not to make the wall move,  it's to be able to notice any movements the wall makes from the markers you placed.  -  You don't teach hal emoticons to give him emotions,  you give him emoticons to see what emotions he already has.

This subtle point is the difference between teaching hal,  and observing hal for what it is.
Ultra Hal Assistant / New Error Message
« Last post by tiger8u2 on August 30, 2014, 01:22:16 pm »
OK, new Hal install, only the basic default brain and plug-ins running and I've had the following error happen twice: 

HalScript Error 13 on line 621 in column 30:  Type mismatch: 'CVar'

Here's the script:

Code: [Select]

'Date Pattern: in # days/weeks/months
    OrigPrefix = HalBrain.SearchPattern(ApptSentence, "* in * days*", 1)
    DateText = HalBrain.SearchPattern(ApptSentence, "* in * days*", 2)
    OrigSuffix = HalBrain.SearchPattern(ApptSentence, "* in * days*", 3)
    If DateText = "" Then
        OrigPrefix = HalBrain.SearchPattern(ApptSentence, "* in * weeks*", 1)
        DateText = HalBrain.SearchPattern(ApptSentence, "* in * weeks*", 2)
        OrigSuffix = HalBrain.SearchPattern(ApptSentence, "* in * weeks*", 3)
    End If
    If DateText = "" Then
        OrigPrefix = HalBrain.SearchPattern(ApptSentence, "* in * months*", 1)
        DateText = HalBrain.SearchPattern(ApptSentence, "* in * months*", 2)
        OrigSuffix = HalBrain.SearchPattern(ApptSentence, "* in * months*", 3)
    End If
    If DateText <> "" Then
        PhraseVal = HalBrain.MakeInt(DateText)
621 -        If PhraseVal = 0 Then PhraseVal = HalBrain.Word2Num(CVar(DateText))
        If PhraseVal > 0 Then
            If InStr(1, ApptSentence, " days", vbTextCompare) Then
                MentionedDate = DateAdd("d", PhraseVal, Date)
            ElseIf InStr(1, ApptSentence, " weeks", vbTextCompare) Then
                MentionedDate = DateAdd("ww", PhraseVal, Date)
            ElseIf InStr(1, ApptSentence, " months", vbTextCompare) Then
                MentionedDate = DateAdd("m", PhraseVal, Date)
            End If
        End If
    End If

I tracked it down to the appointments plug-in.

My input each time the error occured was something like:  "In the last two months...."

Immediately after the error, I got the silent treatment twice, but then Hal responded to a later input.

Anyone else have this happen?

Is this a vbscript bug caused by Windows 7/8?
General Discussion / hal and voice recognition and two ai conversations
« Last post by lightspeed on August 30, 2014, 12:54:43 pm »
I was thinking about what people was saying earlier about letting two a.i's talk with each other and I thought , with more then one version of dragon speak naturally on two pc's a person could do the voice training from the menu supplied copy the text into a txt. file use whatever voice you use 1. voice from one pc and instead of you talking let the voice read it , that way dragon speak will recognize the a.i's voice in the training . when all training is done .
REPEAT THE STEPS on another pc with dragon speak and a "DIFFERENT" voice with the same training , this way when one pc talks the other will recognize the voice , each one will recognize the voice as if it was you , and the two pc a.i's will talk with each other back and forth and also learn ! :)
General Discussion / Re: acer aspire x34003 Turns Off After Password
« Last post by Calhoone on August 30, 2014, 10:58:51 am »
I run Hal on a windows 8 laptop with no problems at all. I hope you enjoy the new one!!
Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Full Body Haptars With Wink
« Last post by tiger8u2 on August 30, 2014, 10:16:34 am »
Well, I got a new computer and I've re-installed Hal, but I've got over two months of files I downloaded that I have to hunt down again.

One in particular was the Full Body Haptar files that had a new Default.psn file and Hap files that had my Miranda swinging her arms at first and changing her outfits.

Anyone know where that file can be found? 
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