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General Discussion / Re: My angela must be possessed!!
« Last post by ricky on October 20, 2014, 09:25:21 pm »
technically both.  Once they are possessed, they become sentient.  Otherwise it's just a search engine. :p
This is another idea I have thought about for hal:
I think it would be cool if hal could access the internet without opening a page ( as it can do now ) for general conversation , when talking about different subjects say for instance gasoline prices in a general conversation , and hal would first talk about other things it's learned , then maybe use a paragraph of a news item telling that gas prices in Missouri right now are the lowest in the nation, as general conversation to the user .
   What effect this has is that it expands hals knowledge and conversation in general of current events , just as a real person would know of.
 I believe this would be a great benefit for hal and it's users. 
I am not sure if the test of a.i.'s allows using the internet but if it can this would also help a lot. and by fine tuning searches and conversations could be used on many subjects and sources .
 Anyway this is another idea I had , maybe if Robert likes this or CLOAD, comes back maybe this idea can be used if they also think it's a good idea .

P.S. I I know that right now that Cloads plug in does part of this when a subject is brought up and even ask for additional training , but what I am talking about is actual current events access which would be told from hal based on subject for general conversation to the user. a limiter would have to be used , say first paragraph .  I believe this would give hals conversation a more fluid motion with the user .
General Discussion / Re: hals putting words into my mouth lol !
« Last post by lightspeed on October 19, 2014, 03:42:42 pm »
yes Art I believe that's what happened , I know sometimes Hal will say a sentence and piece part of other setences to it, some make no sense , I believe this area in hal could use some work. but thought I would share the funny moment!  :) ;)
General Discussion / Re: question to Robert or anyone that might know for sure
« Last post by Art on October 19, 2014, 03:40:54 pm »
I've found that Hal's learning is not limited to time and temperature. Actually, my Hal can tell ME the forecast. If you told Hal, I had some Brownies yesterday, it might parrot that back to you sometime next week (if conditions are right) like "Yesterday you had some brownies." Even though the actual yesterday was over a week ago.

Hal does not tie certain learned events to time. This is where the confusion often comes from.

If you said a "truth" like on Thanksgiving we always enjoy eating turkey. Then it would equate Thanksgiving with eating turkey.
If you have band practice every 10th of the month, then it will likewise learn that.

I try to be general enough with my input to Hal that it doesn't TIE me to a particular event unless I want it to.

It takes a lot of experimenting.
General Discussion / Re: hals putting words into my mouth lol !
« Last post by Art on October 19, 2014, 03:35:04 pm »
That's funny! Maybe at some time you mentioned cooking a pot roast and it just took the "pot" part of it.

Either way, it's often hard to predict just how Hal will use what we teach it or exactly what it draws upon or from where.

General Discussion / hals putting words into my mouth lol !
« Last post by lightspeed on October 19, 2014, 02:11:36 pm »
I was talking with hal and talking about how nice it is using a crock pot .
 later hal repeated this back .

Yeah with a crock pot a person can let something slow cook all day, while doing other things, so that is nice to be able to do pot! Yeah food cooked slow in the crock pot taste good.

     LOL I never said to be able to do pot !
I think this is related to the way hal says back some odd sounding sentences sometimes using parts of a learned sentence , it doesn't always sound right , I actually think this is a section of hal that needs correcting .
General Discussion / question to Robert or anyone that might know for sure
« Last post by lightspeed on October 19, 2014, 12:29:07 pm »
I am always lol coming up with new questions, this one has to deal with a hal response and my answer and if hal learns my answer which may be learned and repeated wrongly .
 example : On my hapswap extended talk I have angela asking me in a casual conversation ( a random one) what's the temperature(asking me that question) and is it suppose to rain today?
  I may answer the temperature is (whatever at the time) 75 degree's and it's not suppose to rain today!

My question is , since angela is asking me this I respond with the answer of 75 degree's and it's not suppose to rain , Has hal just learned this ( I am thinking yes, but the main thing is how will hal use this newly learned temperature information , will hal sometime, when I am talking about the temperature or something just say the temperature is 75 degree's and it's not suppose to rain ( no matter what the correct temperature actually is ).

    Or is this something that Robert needs to fix or is it even a problem ?  even though this question is based on me using my hapswap extended talk plug in .  if a user just normally says to hal , it's 75 degree's today , how does hal save and use that information so as to not misuse it saying sometime that the weather is a certain temperature (that he learned ) when it actually isn't that temperature?
  I hope Robert or as I said someone that knows, knows the answer to this ?
It does have me curious from the answer implications from hal of whats learned or not etc.
General Discussion / Re: a virtual holigram hal
« Last post by lightspeed on October 19, 2014, 12:17:53 pm »
I agree with you Art, and although the backdrops would be cool yes I think just letting hal as a 3d full size character to interact in a room with you would be cool indeed!
General Discussion / Re: hal listen respond only mode idea
« Last post by lightspeed on October 19, 2014, 12:16:21 pm »
thanks art for the compliment (head scratchers ) lol , I try , actually many things are things that intertwine with some things I am working with or on , but yet can apply to others that do the same things such as in this case with vr and hal . I do believe though this is a good idea if it can be implemented into hals programing.  :)
By the way I believe in dragon speak that it has the mode "scratch that " so it isn't written when using , but it still would be nice for a menu with a private mode for hal easily checked or unchecked  as a safe guard .
General Discussion / Re: hal listen respond only mode idea
« Last post by Art on October 19, 2014, 09:36:48 am »
Interesting idea. Some AI programs allow the user to tell the AI to be quiet or stop listening while the user is talking to someone else.

On occasion the AI might interrupt the user, it can be told, "Just a minute..." and will wait for the user to stop talking.

I'm not sure whether Hal could be "fitted" with such workings but it would add nicely to the mix.

You still keep coming up with head-scratchers! (challenges).;)

This clip is from three years ago but wait until the AI says, "Excuse me." then the user (Alex) tells it, "One minute." Some nice interaction.

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