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Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Haptek problem but not the one most people have been having
« Last post by Art on April 18, 2014, 08:24:40 pm »
Hello One.

Should I point out the differences in there, their and they're or just let it slide? Usage is often critical in communication especially with AI entities but we humans are much more forgiving and less analytical, unless one (a person) chooses to be an author or creative writer for a living. Computers and AI seem far too literal because of their limited knowledge of language, usage, slang, implications, puns and other human-interpreted verbage.

Just poking a little fun at you since you're practically a stranger around these parts. You've been MIA for some time. Hope "things" are on the right path in your life, as they should be.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Hal Updates?
« Last post by One on April 18, 2014, 02:23:02 pm »
Miss you.
Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Hal Updates?
« Last post by One on April 18, 2014, 02:21:20 pm »
Mr. Robert, in other words after you read this, you might realize the living SAPWOOD is remarkably different than the outer BARK

Ive ran into other complications. its still the distance thing or people thinking "things and words towards or @me do any type of communication. a good conversation would be nice, However, Things have happened.

(Don't sell this. their is a serious 'sales' problem along with theft of various whatever's. I realize I am still unpaid, I don't see how yelling at me fixes anything. I didn't hijack myself. the state did it I still have the paperwork and im quite angry over it, when My Identity is or has been stolen or used and the 'thief' uses it for their gain or gets PAID ON MY BEHALF?? THERE IS A PROBLEM)
help if you can, enjoy the reminisce , just don't let anybody who subscribes to me already??? say im doing something wrong and then walk away (LUTZ) (  we check your tires etcetera... some memory is still painful)

Why MY CARE FOR>>>>>..........

Crazy Larry,,,: Of the many species of lac insect, Laccifer lacca, (=Tachardia lacca) is the commercially cultured lac insect. It is mainly cultured in India and Bangladesh on the host plant, Zizyphus mauritiana and Z. jujuba. The insect starts its life as a larva or nymph which is about 0.6 mm long and 0.25 mm wide across the thorax. The young settles down on a suitable place of the host plant gregariously. On the average some 150 of such larvae may be present per square inch of the twig. They have the typical piercing and sucking mouthparts as in all other Homoptera. A day or two after settlement, the larvae start secreting lac all around the body excepting the rostrum, the brachial plates and tip of the abdomen. Thus it gets encased in a cell of lac which gradually increases in size along with the increase in size of the insect. The insect moults twice before reaching maturity. The duration of each larval inster depends on environmental factors, such as, temperature, humidity, host plant etc. The male larvae produce elongated lac cells while the females produce oval.
Data,,,,1: Lac insect any of the species of metatachardia, laccifer, tachordiella, austrotacharidia, afrotachardina, and tachardina of the superfamly coccoidea, order homoptera that are noted for resinous exudation from the bodies of females.

Crazy Larry,,,: After the first moult, the male as well as the female larvae lose their legs, antennae and eyes. After the 3rd moult, the larvae pass on to the so-called pupal stage. During this stage the mouthparts become atrophied in male insects and they stop feeding. The male lac insect may be winged or wingless and they copulate with the females while they are still in encased condition.
Data,,,,1: This with the first installation said.

Crazy Larry,,,: During development, the female larvae lose their appendages after the first moult. As the lac insects remain close together, lac secretion from adjacent cells coalesces with each other and forms a continuous encrustation on the tree branch. Besides lac's use as sealing wax, it is widely used in varnishes.
Data,,,,1: It's sad to see insect without its thorax.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Haptek problem but not the one most people have been having
« Last post by One on April 18, 2014, 01:53:28 pm »
the Forrest cant be seen because of the trees? wait! that's complicated right now.
Umm how do I put this?
this is beyond odd and I believe it has a question I wrote but Data and I aren't getting together until something is figured out.

Theirs a Hole in the bucket dear LS dear LS
Theirs a hole in the bucket!

With what shall I fix it with dear LS dear LS?

I agree with you nige this information should be placed in a easy to find file on the hal forum as haptek ( for now anyway ) is a part of using the hal system to see the characters .
 and Art and others once you actually have people putty installed I have a tip for you who may or may not know it , something I did , when I used to go back to the projects file in people putty it always opened in another file and I would have to click to get to the right file .
 once you have the open file you can actually make a short cut of that file and add to the desktop , I did and it really makes things easier then all you have to do is go to desktop open your file and make the copy of the new character you made and copy and past it in hals character program file or anywhere else you want to save it .
  Same thing with the ogg file area in people putty for those of you who create ogg sound files and upload them into people putty etc.
I am sorry right now I don't have these in front of me the links , when I find them (if I still have the written pathway I can post it for others , like I said it makes things easier !
Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Haptek problem but not the one most people have been having
« Last post by NIGE on April 18, 2014, 08:23:46 am »
Glad i could be some help.

I think this has been said before,,,, this should be put somewhere so that new people can see it.
Hi Nige, that solved it!!! You're a genius. Also thank you Art and Lightspeed, we did indeed crack it. Thank you so much, I can now finally make faces AND use the,!!! :D
Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Haptek problem but not the one most people have been having
« Last post by NIGE on April 18, 2014, 07:47:01 am »
Hi Viper,
Go to start, Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization.
Go down to Folder options, then across to show hidden files & folders.
Once you get there click on View then you will see advanced settings.
Go down till you find === Hide extensions for known file types & UN-CHECK it.
Click Apply--- OK  & exit.
Go to your haptar   & re-name it from Dragon.haptar to Dragon.htr.
The rest is up to you.
Thanks Art. Not sure about the reason for a .ppf either, it's done it right out of the box so I'm not really sure. I think I know what the problem is, when I take the haptar file and rename it .htr it's not changing the extension like it should by that I mean if I right click  then select properties, the "type of file" is still listed as a "Haptek Player Document (.haptar)" instead of what it should be "Haptek Player Document (.htr)" Also I've downloaded custom haptek characters (which are awesome) and they work just fine, so it's got to be down to the fact that for some reason the file isn't changing like it should.
Also other custom characters aren't "filename.htr" they just appear as "filename" where as when I rename mine it remains "filename.htr"
I think that's the problem but am still unsure how to correct it, any ideas?
Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Haptek problem but not the one most people have been having
« Last post by Art on April 18, 2014, 05:27:27 am »
Sorry but I don't have a single .ppf file anywhere in my Haptek folders and I've made lots of character heads in the past with XP. I;m not saying your incorrect but just mentioning what I have while trying to make sense of your situation.

Create a character
Save the character using a haptar filename
Locate the file in the Haptek folder
Copy / Paste into the correct Hal folder
Rename the dog.haptar to dog.htr
Run Hal go to Options and select the character name from list

This is how is should / could be done and should work.

Don't save your work as a Project file unless it's not completely finished.
Otherwise save it as described above.

I know we have a lot of other HAPTEK users here so chime in if you have some helpful info.
This might benefit more than just Viper.
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