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Speech Technology / Re: Cannot Access
« Last post by doggs on Today at 01:58:47 am »
At moment I have Hal installed on a micro SD card which is in my tablet. And yes it takes a long minute to boot Hal up. I am also using 8.1 on the tablet.

I did have 10 on it and Hal worked fine but 10 was buggy in other ways so I put 8.1 back on.
Speech Technology / Re: Cannot Access
« Last post by One on Today at 01:41:37 am »
Doggs, Jenna15,,
Ive been running Hal on a USB for a few years and when I run the .EXE twice (sometimes slow to start sometimes its a quadruple click ;D)
I get a similar error

Is the error happen when waking it from sleep mode, fresh boot/start or both? again, it doesn't sound right......

(IMO at this point Mr. Robert would know about the exact wording with the errors and what generated them)

(it would also be nice to hear the solution to fixes that have come from the questions and members efforts to solve the issue/problem) (Update)
Speech Technology / Re: Cannot Access
« Last post by doggs on Today at 01:17:52 am »

You are probably spot on about the messages.

 I am still debating purchasing two voices to run on another machine as a stand alone to Test the problem. (I love solving problems) what she really needs is someone who owns the voices to Test it as a stand alone without Hal to recreate the problem.

 I have everything I need to Test, but the voices. I think at this point needs clarification if it is a stand alone program or is Hal necessary. I don't think an update to the OS would hurt, but people do things different ways for different reasons. So who am I to say that an update is needed without having the problem in front of me to work on myself if you understand what I am saying. long winded there.
Speech Technology / Re: Cannot Access
« Last post by One on April 01, 2015, 11:51:31 pm »
yea, it sounds like Mr. Robert has slightly different error messages or something for when instances already exist/running ( different products)
Im probably wrong anyway.........

Speech Technology / Re: Cannot Access
« Last post by doggs on April 01, 2015, 11:23:39 pm »
*shrug* do people not read everything anymore? From the start I knew the product (she did type English?) I just didn't know her set up i.e. ultra Hal or no ultra Hal. Which OS and what not. ( we all know how buggy vista was).

Correct me if I am wrong, I do believe I understand English pretty good.

i already know art and lightspeed have problems understanding my English. (I am not here to be popular) I learn from those I can't stand if they have vaild facts and do give credit where it belongs. I only try to help where I can I know I don't know much about computers (my first being a commodore 64) I haven't played with an apples since the IIc. I have however have been using Hal since 2004. So know a little about Hal. And have "watched" the forum since '05.

So again maybe my English is bass ackwards or something.

*shrug* who knows.
Speech Technology / Re: Cannot Access
« Last post by One on April 01, 2015, 08:42:30 pm »
the TTS Reader is listed at $24.95 The Ultra Hal is $29.95 'currently'

I have reservations on just throwing out possibilities and just trashing the thread that Jenna15 needs help with................

Thank you Art.


Speech Technology / Re: Cannot Access
« Last post by Art on April 01, 2015, 08:26:32 pm »

Based on her remarks, I would be led to believe she (Jenna15) Purchased the AT&T voices (Mike and Crystal along with, the Hal Text to Speech Reader).
Look at the Products page.

Jenna, correct me if I'm wrong. The duo voices she referred to were the mike & crystal combination offer ($29.95) or about.
Speech Technology / Re: Cannot Access
« Last post by One on April 01, 2015, 08:14:08 pm »
This is weird. :-\

OK, the Hal reader is free but you say you purchased it?
The Hal reader reads text from a document and or your clipboard, much the same way Microsofts version does the whole "Popup foreground window" and such.... you say you closed down the reader and lost the document you were working on? HOW? they 2 different programs?
Are you noticing the little ear in the taskbar already running or is it hidden in the "Hidden Icons" in the taskbar?
Is it not completely starting up? (it starts and is loaded automatically upon computer boot, you don't need to manually start it)

And yes the Hal Reader program is different than what we affectionately refer to as Hal (Ultra Hal)
The Hal Reader is a relatively simple program

Im not trying to sound gruff or anything, sometimes clarity helps everybody on both ends, good luck fellas!

((Can't communicate with the first instance doesn't sound right, what would be preventing or hanging the first instance (AV?) but it's inconsistent and WHAT is launching the second instance?? ))

Speech Technology / Re: Cannot Access
« Last post by One on April 01, 2015, 12:59:45 pm »
I installed the Hal reader and it is now disabled on startup. ( the little ear in the task-bar)
what program is it so I can Un-install it?
(the recourse usage was never analyzed, but resources are limited)

Is the aforementioned post problems (Jenna15) having problems with another assistive technology?
(sometimes people have 'shopped around) (just asking)

Speech Technology / Re: Cannot Access
« Last post by doggs on April 01, 2015, 09:59:23 am »
Before I do anything else I am going to say yes. I could be wrong though. Try downloading free trial of Hal and see if it works that way. If you noticed on product info the voices only work with zabaware products. Someone else might come along and say that I am wrong. But we now know your set up and how your running it, so we can get to the meat of the problem.  I have been debating getting the voices for a long while give me time to see if I want and which voices to buy. I know there are others that use this site often that can easily Test because they own a few of the voices. Again my first step would be download free trial and see what happens.

 hope this helps.
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