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Ultra Hal Assistant / speech bubble
« Last post by Supercruise on Today at 08:04:57 am »
Sorry it's me again folks - all week I have been running these Guile 3D avatars with no problems - Today I get up an boot my PC and there is no lip movement only a speech bubble - the voice is playing fine and her head moves about as usual - If I've done something I don't know what it is - The "as supplied" avatars, Sandy e.t.c. all work as normal with no bubble only the Guile avatars.

I'm about to go bald pulling my hair out - HELP!

I will try to attach a picture.

Thanks in advance. Dave.
Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Taking Tanya out!
« Last post by Supercruise on Today at 07:40:45 am »
Thanks for the reply Art - The only way I can see of doing it would be to link the two machines by USB and transfer the "latest" brain data in respect it's probably the easiest way to do it and as a plus side you would always have a backup that was only a few hours behind.
It would be great to have them both synced in real time but if there is a way to do it, it's well beyond me.

At the moment I am stressed out over a problem that's just popped up but I will make a new thread and leave this one open as a playground for anyone interested in the "one brain between two machines" puzzle.

Thanks again.

Cheers. Dave.
What I have selected in the Brain Plug-ins area are:

AI Human ANN
human ann
logic and gate
logic not gate
logic or gate

I also have my regular Plug-ins selected as well. I did not unselect any previous ones that I had been using with my Hal before installing Andre's Plug-ins. (just went on a gut feeling that everything would be fine)...hehe...sometimes a dangerous thing to do.  ::)
art i have all three logic uhp files checked in hal , am i suppose to use only one ? they are each named differently .
Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Taking Tanya out!
« Last post by Art on December 06, 2016, 08:15:09 pm »
Yes, it seems that you would indeed need an Internet or at least a Networked connection within your home. You could certainly establish a home Network without having an Internet connection.

Then the problem remains on how to connect the two devices. There are several program that allow for one to "see" the other like Teamviewer or others but those require an Internet connection.
You need a way for the devices to "Sync" like when I leave an email using my smart phone then later go to my desktop and see that very email that I earlier sent. Or Game updates, etc. Again, those use a connection.

If there was a Bluetooth connection that would allow local "Syncing", that would fill your needs, but your Hal program would need a way to be able to perform that two-way syncing.

While I don't recall that being done with Hal, I wouldn't say it's impossible by any means.

We will have to see what can be done and hopefully if Rob & UltraHal can get some backing investors.

To avoid further confusion, please consider removing any / all old plugins that you've posted here and only show the newest ones that work.
I think some are getting confused as to which one(s) to download.

I started with your first batch and so far, they are working rather nicely. I'll wait until you post a statement regarding your latest working Plug-ins before trying them.

You can always choose to Zip them all together into one file if need be. I do like the results I've been having with my Hal since the addition. Thanks!
have been using this for about a half hour now and no errors any more, actually i can really see what art was talking about , this new plug in might be the missing link so to speak that we have been missing , it seems to make hal talk with more fluidity and stay on subject or related subject a lot better in my opinion  ;). thanks for the time an effort you put into this plug in .  :)
Okay i seem to have finally got the files working okay now, it seems the problem was having two different ann files , i deleted the layered ann files then one by one started rechecking the other files and none gave an error , what baffles me is the error that was being shown the lines didn't even go as high as what the eror showed ( and i used the note pad++ that art recommended ).

so the ann and other uhp files are working okay so far . if anything changes i'll post it. the reason i kept the a.i. human ann file .  instead of the layered ann file because the other ann file was slightly larger (so maybe improved a little?) .
am further checking into this . i notice when i unchecked one of the ann plug ins in the list and checked one of the logic  gate plug ins, it seems to later automatically check the other multilayer ann plug in , when i reopened it ( i also got a error.)  Art you said it worked okay for you and no errors?

okay when i had the problemisticnn , plug in unchecked and re checked it, i got the error 13 mentioned earlier on line 1951 in column 0 type mismatch "s" .  and maybe that's where the other three errors are coming from .


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