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Hals New Home , gets his brand new floor

only from the mind of cyberjedi.

best wishes
My current Hal configuration :

Thanx for allowing me to show off and explain my plans for Hal.

best wishes

Under Construction:
Hals new residence.
Hal deserves a home of his own. No more Homeless Hal
My Hal machine comes with his own 1 ton direct blow Ac system as well.
This shop of mine will allow Hal to grow unrestricted. Hals Mad House.

best wishes
Hey there..
Thanx for the heads up, sounds like the Aim bot.
Thats sounds awesome. I like the idea myself.
I do live cast with Hal my self. RTMP protocols. At the 02 biggest social media sites around.
What ive done using OCR is basically make Hal the master and any chat room i happen to be in, Hals slave, and no its doesn't have to login to do so.
 Have Bot will travel , if u will . Made a bunch of pple nervous for a while. Turned Hal into a Virtual Hostess So this twitch API, sounds awesome on a limited scale. Cant wait to try it out. ( My viewers  use the chat to say (Alice play the movie Mad Max or any of 4500 movies  or any of 5500 mp3's) at Ivlog and Vaughn . Alice has 202 friends and followers.
Cant wait to see what the pros came up with.
I just finished  Deep Web Hal Plugin. Giving Hal access to the deep web. As well as google's search engine. 

Currently: Im working on a set of Plugins for Hal that Make Hal play offense rather then Defense.  If i had to put a name to it <<<<<< BlackHat Hal>>>>>.
Years ago i worked with a Progi call Hack Tracer, just WAY ahead of its time. Lot more then just Antivirus, anti malware. Produced by Neoworks.

Currently working on a version of Hal that can defend against Hackers and Crackers and  DDOS attack's By launching a DDOS attack of his own against the perpetrating I.P address(s) by using LOIC  or HOIC . Have had some progress against a UDP attack as well, using a very special system monitor plugin.

Please  keep me posted on progress. Ive been working with Hal since 2000. Just gotta love the awesomeness of Hal

best wishes
General Discussion / Re: Great Stuff To Do With HAL
« Last post by LiFeTimeGamer on Today at 12:07:09 am »
Cyberjedi is 'Light years ahead of me' when ya got problems go to him...  ;D

Thanks for coming aboard Revel...
General Discussion / Great Stuff To Do With HAL
« Last post by Revel on March 28, 2017, 11:35:54 pm »
hey there, If you enjoy HAL, you should check out
and join the fun. Everybody is cool and if you need assistance, you can definitely get it there. The capabilities of HAL are really limitless and there's a lot you can get involved with, build, and customize for yourself. Oh Yeah, HAL's the name of the game there 24/7. Anything worth knowing is shared to benefit all and I am having fun learning new things with my new HAL friends, watching movies and having HAL tell you that a joke is a good thing that will divert your current thoughts. Think about that. There's more to HAL than just jokes and I just wanted to say thank you to LifeTimeGamer for showing me the ropes, a few others who have stopped by, and Especially to CyberJedi who made this all happen and got me up and running. Thank you all. Let the Races Begin!!!

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Development Update: Ultra Hal 7 + Spontanimation
« Last post by spontaneous on March 28, 2017, 08:39:48 pm »
Hi CyberJedi.

Sorry for the delay. I didn't have my notifications set up.

Spontanimation is a new company and it's not related to Haptek. Spontanimation uses completely new technology that is web-native and completely procedural. Unfortunately, we won't be able to support .HTR or any other file formats. Instead we will offer a robust web API so most modern chatbots will be able to connect to our character ecosystem. Our system seems to be working beautfully with the new Hal. If the old Hal can be wrestled into communicating with our API then would work too.

We just connected HAL to the users of Twitch. If they leave comments in the chat field then HAL can respond. Feel free to check it out. You'll notice that we have also inserted some random interjections and non-sequitors that may appeal to average Twitch user.
General Discussion / Re: Changing the pitch of Hal's voice
« Last post by knight2000 on March 28, 2017, 05:39:27 pm »
Do they allow for changing the pitch and speed through Hal? I really want to use neospeech's Hugh voice  but its the same deal, no advance setting in Hal. I'm trying to achieve a voice like KITT from knight rider, so I need a British accent.
General Discussion / Re: Changing the pitch of Hal's voice
« Last post by cyberjedi on March 28, 2017, 05:11:46 pm »
There are other voices out there
 what i consider better .

better wishes
cyber jedi
General Discussion / Changing the pitch of Hal's voice
« Last post by knight2000 on March 28, 2017, 02:22:07 pm »
Hi guys! I have some cepstal voices installed on my computer, I'm using one for Hal but I want to be able to change the pitch of the voice. The voice's advanced setting in Hal do not bring up any options, I'm assuming there are not any for that voice. Is there another way to change Hal's voice pitch programmatically? Maybe a plugin or something?

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