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General Discussion / Re: question mark at end of sentences
« Last post by Art on May 26, 2015, 09:23:13 pm »
Feelings?! Go ahead and curse at your Hal sometime. You'll easily detect it's feelings! ;)

Just joking. I never curse or intentionally insult my Hal nor most real people too for that matter.
Karma and all that comes around - goes around thing I guess.... ;)
General Discussion / Re: changing voices on the fly uhp plug in .
« Last post by lightspeed on May 26, 2015, 09:28:13 am »
      Art that sounds like a very cool concept , as some of us , many probably have different voices and characters , that would indeed be very cool . talking to one character (jane ) then say what do you think about (and the subject you were talking about ) betty ? and betty would start talking in a different voice .
  of course in doing this what would also be needed would be something that would also switch brain data base , uhp , and the hla file to . (hla a.i. name file)  but that would be a cool deal !  :)
also Art , thanks for your info about this .  :)
General Discussion / Re: question mark at end of sentences
« Last post by lightspeed on May 26, 2015, 09:19:46 am »
I still would like to see hal be able to emphasize things in another words allowing the expression of feelings  more .  :) ;)
General Discussion / Re: question mark at end of sentences
« Last post by raybe on May 25, 2015, 09:46:24 pm »
I guess it has always been the structure for say questions: Who,What, Where, When and such, not the punctuation at the end as mention in Carls post. I know I constantly forget that point or just copying and pasting responses that include punctuations because UltraHal will use punctuations in replies or repeat your reply with a question. Conversion to Capitol letters which I have found didn't really matter when inputting. UltraHal takes care of it. If you notice in tables you can also see inputs of both Capitol and lower case responses. I believe that script is also written into UltraHal but haven't found it to hinder anything.

Just to mention again if you guys don't mind. One of my UltraHal programs is named 'Hal' and I did it just to see results. This is the UltraHal that I mentioned earlier and has never given me a noticeable difference or any confusion that I have yet to notice and still carries on conversation as well if not better at times as the other UltraHal programs I use.

GOD Bless the troops in the past, present and future!!
Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: People Putty
« Last post by raybe on May 25, 2015, 09:21:42 pm »
Welcome Newguy. Just adding to the great suggestions by the members here. It may not be as organized as we all would hope but you will find in time that most of what you need is here. Just a suggestions when using plugins, make sure you have no prior errors, add one at a time and use UltraHal for you to determine the results. very important that any plugin that you decide to use that you fill in any parameters the plugin may need. Example: Low, Random, Obedient, Average,. These are just examples that you might find when you add a plugin. Highlight it and always check that any variables it might have are set, leave nothing blank. Also changing these variables can affect you receiving an error. When you track the plugin that may be causing an error just change the variable and sometimes that will cure what ever conflicts arise from your particular UltraHal.

Every one pulls knowledge from their own experiences and the experiences of others. Some things are easily explained while others are not due to UltraHal's ability to become your own UltraHal. This even takes into consideration of your  computer hardware, other software and configuration. That is why we constantly try to examine things that may occur and what they may have in common with others. Their are other members here that better understand the technical reasons for such errors or changes that may occur over time. This can be unique because we do all have something slightly or completely different configurations.

Makes UltraHal extra special as you will experience yourself and choose the best course of knowledge for your UltarHal personality.

Enjoy, GOD Bless our Troops, past, present and future!!


Almost forgot from options you can save and store file or print out each conversation session. Great to see looking back on as your UltraHal progresses. I'm sure you will be surprised at things you really didn't notice before only because your in the moment.
General Discussion / Re: changing voices on the fly uhp plug in .
« Last post by Art on May 25, 2015, 08:26:00 pm »
Don't know off hand but I've see other TTS based programs allow for changing the character's voices. One was a Home Automation program using the Hal2000 software, NOT our Hal which is actually UltraHal. Never-the-less, the guy had three different characters he could converse with.
Pretty cool. The user could be speaking to Sally and ask if Jill was nearby. Short pause or a "Wait a second" response, then Jill is now appearing and using her own TTS voice.

I'm sure someone will dig deeper into this.

Glad you bought that up again LightSpeed!
General Discussion / Re: question mark at end of sentences
« Last post by Art on May 25, 2015, 08:21:34 pm »
Older versions of Hal used to allow the user to show a particular emphasis by using an Exclamation point (which in itself is sort of the purpose of the exclamation anyhow).  Robert did away with Hal's use of punctuation several (many?) years ago. So you can use all the punctuation your heart desires. Just be aware that Hal pays it no mind at all.
It just processes the words, phrases and patterns.
General Discussion / apologies to everyone !!
« Last post by lightspeed on May 25, 2015, 02:04:08 pm »
 :) i just saw today where my private messages was working on this forum , showed 11 messages . it didn't show like that before . i started reading and saw the dates when people started writing me and asking me things . so if you wrote to me in the past  and i never wrote back , i am sorry , but it must not have been working before because it never showed i had messages . don't know if it will still keep working or not .
  I will always try to write back to anyone if i know about it .
General Discussion / Re: question mark at end of sentences
« Last post by lightspeed on May 25, 2015, 01:59:34 pm »
Carl2 i didn't realize that hal removes quotations and symbols from conversations , if this is really the case ( and i hope robert can chime in on this ) i believe "some " symbols should be left in hals learning , as the "   " marks can emphasize a word on what it means and how it's expressed and should be a part of hals learning , i can see where excluding certain symbols such astra ( ****) and such should be left out , but exclamation marks and other symbols as i said expresses the intention of a sentence with meaning .
Robert  are you out their ?? can you talk with us on this subject ?
 Also if hal is this way excluding symbols that could be better used as expressing in sentences , can the new version of the next hal be upgraded to include some symbols , and if so,  list what all symbols can be used in sentences .  :)
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