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something else to think about...

if you want to be able to leave your pc, pick up your tablet and walk outside and continue to work on the same project, how is Microsoft going to do this without your devices communicating with each other?

just something to think about.

I'm still on the fence with Microsoft so I am not defending Microsoft. still prefer my Linux.
This is a partial part of a Tech News letter from ZDNET written by, Ed Bot. He really tries to put things into perspective given that I even had thoughts of, " Why is my computer system talking so much with Windows 10"? I'm not posting the entire article because I think you will a clear idea just from these few clips from the original article. It starts right below, also posted link.  By Ed Bott for The Ed Bott Report | August 27, 2015 -- 20:41 GMT (13:41 PDT) | Topic: Windows 10

I'm dead serious. There is apparently a growing and very vocal population of people who believe that Windows 10 is basically a 1984 telescreen come to life. They are convinced that with Windows 10 Microsoft has built a spying apparatus not seen since the height of the Cold War, scraping up every detail of your life and feeding it back to Redmond for who knows what nefarious purposes.

They're going to need lots of tinfoil.

They're also either wildly misinformed or deliberately agitating. Unless, of course, they're just crazy, which is entirely possible based on some of what I've read.

But most importantly, they are wrong, terribly wrong. And they're being whipped into a frenzy, or at least passively aided by the tech press.  It's wildly at odds with the facts, even. I keep tabs on a handful of well-established torrent sites, orders of magnitude larger than the ones complaining here, and none of them seem to have a problem with Windows 10.
It is certainly true that Windows 10 relies on online services to a much greater degree than previous Windows releases. That's the way of the world, especially one in which a billion people carry around devices that literally track their every movement around the world and report them to global telecommunication companies. I'm also not hearing a single peep of complaints from people who actually set up and run business networks, because they understand how utterly normal those privacy terms are in 2015.

This are just clips from the original article.
Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: Working with Haptek
« Last post by Carl2 on August 28, 2015, 09:00:06 am »
  I really got nowhere with the software I put in the computer, The bzip2 compressor didn't work, I'm thinking Haptek was using a mac OS rather than windows which may help explain why things are not working for me.
There is quite a bit to the Haptek characters, breathing, looking at the user, blinking and the list goes on.  We also have the fleshy characters that I like so much, in many ways Haptek is way ahead of the characters being sold to date.
  I just finished putting win 10 into my 2 computers along with win 8.1, not sure where to go next,  Began playing with some 3D red and blue glasses,  also saw a car painted blue and purple, seemed like the angle from which you looked at the car determined the color you saw. 
  The delta set maker, I wrote to someone some time ago at Haptek and never got a reply.
General Discussion / Re: Are there Plugins for MMD and UTAU?
« Last post by raybe on August 27, 2015, 04:26:39 pm »
Sorry I can't make any suggestions. OTCE is the man that would know.( Besides Robert M. and a select few) I would strongly recommend his advice.
Not a bad thought bringing in some Anime. But brains and function come first for me, can't deny I love the characters and Haptek for all it's worth still looks better (3D rendered) with gravity, sinks up with voice better in real time than many things being used on a stand alone platform within a licensed program for today.  Robert M. was also working  on a newer character engine for UltraHal. We saw previews, really couldn't say if it was necessarily better but easier to deal with since Haptek has not really put forward a plan for private outside AI programs to my knowledge. My opinion only.

Very late returning but I think many have installed Windows 10, maybe not. But agree with doggs. It definitely has it's quirks which is to be expected but solid over all. Maybe the biggest concern for people so far is the feeling of vulnerability. This version is hardwired to the net no matter how private you set it. The more privatized the settings the more you take away functions, depending on what you feel is more important at this time. Not that it probably makes a difference because I really don't know to what level of security if any Windows 10 uses.( Outside of your own ).

As an example I look at data transfer between versions 7 & 10  and 10 is talking up a storm right from the start. Betcha big isp's are throttling back because of the amount of data. Honestly, again I'm just stating my opinion and not fact. (I think).

The other thing I find is if you don't have a program other then using the Task Manager the Apps run loose, Store, Money, Sports the nature of live tiles I guess. Never used them before this version, Windows 10.

live where I live you may get some privacy. lol. thought them sattilites are a pain.
Come-on Art, a good mirror or a so called friend behind you can even hack a good card game. Ouch!!!


***Not that I would ever agree with that type of behavior!!!
Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: Working with Haptek
« Last post by raybe on August 27, 2015, 03:21:46 pm »
Sorry again Carl2 but I finally got around to reading this page, and realized that DeltaSetmaker is another Licensed software as PeoplePutty. Interesting if it stands alone. $$$ also??

 Sorry I'm late but just in case, Just to chime in as well as running the editor with elevated privileges. Right click, "run as administrator" and it's done. 

Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: Working with Haptek
« Last post by raybe on August 27, 2015, 03:08:57 pm »
I would say that Delta Setmaker just allows the user to import a widely used OBJ file(Wavefront) library used in many other 3D programs. I was not aware of that feature. I now need to check with my wife and see if she has any of her 3D characters in that format. She has been using Poser and Daz but she also has friends that create characters as well. Is it something you would like to try?  I don't own anything from Haptek other than the original player and the editor you sent me, Carl2. I'm sure that the OBJ file carries most of the information for movement and axis where Haptek can then just add skins and other functions, I hope.

 Forgot to mention that those files can probably found online. But I'm still going to talk to her tonight about it. Also don't know if there are any licensing problems with just using an OBJ file since it's really the information we are looking for until the skin is placed on it using the Haptek engine.

I know I haven't been around but I'm trying.

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