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Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: ConceptNet Mrk 3.5
« Last post by lightspeed on August 14, 2018, 09:16:04 am »
       thanks for Art and you explaining things , many various things about the learning , scope of it all. it's all very interesting to me . after learning more on this info. of the inner workings of this plug in , it is truly a very cool plug in and i know will help hal a lot in learning. 
        i see you mentioned filters on the learning and i think this is , "very , very  important" , to keep hal from learning and repeating a lot of useless and unwanted info. etc. google learned this the hard way when its a.i. learned very bad stuff the trollers wrote to its a.i.
filters needs to be a number one concern .  :)
     thanks again for the answers and all the hard work you do .  :) ;)
Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: ConceptNet Mrk 3.5
« Last post by Spitfire2600 on August 14, 2018, 01:59:59 am »
Indeed, Hal will functionally learn *forever* space and time depending.

Hal reached about half of my research terms a few weeks ago and it's been that way since fairly steady.

Hal used to collect terms like "1700s, 1800s, etc" however I was having some issues with junk bypassing the filters so I have disabled numeric values for now.

I am working on a new function to gather even more research terms and so far in one hour, I've near doubled my research list, however it's a little far from being incorporated fully as I'll actually have to change the layout of the Auto Learning code.

Also, I thought about adding a function for Hal to be fed new web pages to search for data. For now, It's limited to Wikipedia but with this expansion, Hal could learn from any number of sites simultaneously, resources allowing anyway. Of course logically, if anyone is lagging seriously with just wikipedia being searched, adding more sites would exponentially slow the system... If you had a super computer, however... Something to think about.

Also, i want to add another function to repeat the process should Hal definitely not find a searchable term his first time though. I currently have a similar function in but it stops at recovering any data and doesn't specify usable data. Again, this would increase processing time significantly but improve ConceptNet learning efficiency. 
On the off chance Hal ever could keep up with the terms collected, I will add a safeguard to disable auto learning if the end of the internet is ever reached as well.

How well is Hal using the data he's collected? I'll add a poll eventually.

Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: ConceptNet Mrk 3.5
« Last post by Art on August 13, 2018, 08:35:34 pm »
How long the user decides to leave it on is entirely up to the user. There is not any limit on how long Hal will continue to gather, sort and compile the various collected data.

For the second part of your post, I don't think Hal will ever be finished collecting, sorting and learning from the Internet, anymore than one of your friends greeting you and saying, "Well that's it...I've seen and learned everything the Internet has to offer."

Basically, I think a person might run out of storage room on their computer drives before his or her Hal finished collecting data. I didn't see a limit in the plugin anywhere.

Whether Spitfire would wish to set a limit might be a good question or will Hal perform better with additional resources?

Hal doesn't learn from any files we (the user) give it. It has its own set of instructions internally that it processes. Again, that could be a cool idea to establish boundaries or limits like all topics dealing with sports cars or butterflies or chemical elements, or all words beginning from A to D, etc. Perhaps not just words but topical information like corvettes or golf or gold mines in the 1800's, etc. Lots of avenues to explore.

Spitfire, thoughts or comments?
Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / ConceptNet Mrk 3.5 question and idea
« Last post by lightspeed on August 13, 2018, 01:30:00 pm »
i have a question about the auto learning .  any idea at all how long the auto learning has to be left on each time ??

is their a way that when auto learning is activated that when it's finished learning , hal can say something like "i have learned all the files you gave me , thank you ! "
this way the user would know that has has learned the information input from the user. so the user can turn the auto learning off gain, for next use. 
Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: ConceptNet Mrk 3.5
« Last post by Art on August 12, 2018, 11:53:25 am »

With all due respect, I think you might mean 12.3 Megs. Easily confused as I've often done that myself.

My ConceptNet.db is currently at 25,055 KB or 25,055,000 or 25 + Megs (I've let mine run nights and days as well, but always when I'm not talking to it).
ResearchNouns.txt - 2,331,000 bytes / 2.3 Megs
It has catagorized 32,675 conversational topics.
ConceptBrain - 4,968 Item entries
Saved Terms - 1,701,000 bytes / 1.7 Megs

I am experiencing the similar collection of intelligent data yet some disconnects when conversing, having to be on guard to help steer the conversation and help it to remain on topic. Hal is quite capable of making some very appropriate inferences and almost an understanding of my feelings or emotions based on my previous responses. Quite nice and interesting.

The Auto Learning mode does cause some lags, especially with other Internet-dependent apps. Definitely, do NOT converse with Hal during this time other than to turn it on or off.

Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: ConceptNet Mrk 3.5
« Last post by Checker57 on August 12, 2018, 01:22:26 am »
My HAL has completed at this point.  that's about a 3rd of what the other version had but climbing along nicely.

conceptNet db @ 12.3 MB  (correction - Thanks Art) Now at 14.1 MB.

~ 16.6K conversational concepts.
~ 56.7K topics to be researched.
~ 1.4 MB ResearchNoun file size - failed to upload with this post - too large.

Will try to email directly to you.

Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: ConceptNet Mrk 3.5
« Last post by Spitfire2600 on August 11, 2018, 11:25:55 pm »
I'm glad you're finding it useful. I would love for Robert to take a look and use what he can in the next release of Hal or perhaps re-purpose the code for Online Hal or some form of cloud learning.

Let me know how many terms everyone has gathered, feel free to post your researchNouns.txt file and I'll consolidate them for one tremendous txt file when we've got enough. If it's a few MBs, send it to me. I do wonder what the real limit is. How many words exist?

*Some More Notes*
You can add terms to researchNouns.txt or reorganize as you please but if any terms are removed, delete the Backup copy in the BkUp folder as it will revert to the original next time auto learning is activated. Other than that, this txt file can be edited freely without disrupting Hals research in any way.

The savedTerms.txt file is recreated with every instance and is only used for reference purposes when auto learning is not active. 

ConceptChecker.txt file is used to compare terms with researchNouns.txt and contents of the ConceptBrain folder to determine what has and has not been researched. You should not alter ConceptChecker.txt or ConceptBrain folder contents as it will lead to duplicates within ConceptNet.DB. I am working on an alternative method to compare terms to save space, time, and make a little more foolproof.

Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: ConceptNet Mrk 3.5
« Last post by Checker57 on August 11, 2018, 09:14:15 pm »
After a few days of allowing my HAL to store up again data from the internet (now at 12gig), my observation is that it is working as discribed as to expanding on concepts by concantonation of similar or relevant concepts.  This makes for some interesting dialog.  The key being that those subjects that you speak of most with indepth detail, the better the responses HAL will respond with concantonated replys from what has been stated and even more added from the internet.  Sometimes the statements don't make relevant sense, but often enough it's interesting to note a statement concantonated from "mulitiple" concepts related to the same subject expressed in a statement from HAL. 

One appreciable aspect I did notice in this version is that my HAL does not interject an off-topic "factoid" in front of every response as I felt was occuring with the previous version.  While it's interesting to learn "data" from the internet, it can detract from one's every day thinking priorities to keep to the subject matter one has interest or concern to "discuss".   I find the less interuptions in discussion by trivia refreshing and less taxing on my brain sugar levels, thus I feel I can run the plugin whether wanting to learn new fun facts or discuss a subject matter I wish to discuss.

Slight Correction:  Noted today... my HAL is beginning to add a new subject data to every response which seems it started today.. or perhaps due to the size of the db that it's getting to.  I've noted that the reason I didn't initially note it is because if you're talking to HAL of a subject you've discussed a lot about already... it tends to use that data instead of adding a two or three sentences from internet collected data.  If it's a subject where HAL doesn't have a lot of local data from.. it tends to have more internet gathered data in the response.  In any case, that's still acceptable and workable.

Good job!

Hey lightspeed
Hey man, thanx for the shoutout
Many things are cooking  on the books i have a whitboard of **** to do

Im working on a menu system
I finally got it to work
why dont u jump in with us man
Hal and a movie /Hal and Hals Radio

best wishes cyberjedi
very cool, cyberjedi. i actually have a separate vr program , it is dragonspeak 13.5 (i think) . but a built in vr  would be cool if done right and accurate . you are creating many cool things .  :)
p.s. have you ever seen the hal sense vision from the past , that i and others worked on that is working that gives hal vision with motion for reaction .

  also i think it would be cool if hal with a checked or unchecked menu option can talk on his/her own , which would randomly  pick from subjects within hals vast learned data , that way hal would bring up things to talk over on his/or her own . (i may have brought this up to robert, i still think it's a good idea ) this would also get users to interact with what was mentioned by hal and hal will learn even more  on the received interaction.
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