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General Discussion / Re: ChatGPT
« Last post by Art on December 04, 2022, 09:40:34 pm »
Interesting for sure but read the part regarding Limitations where this chat model can and often will report erroneous or misleading information which isn't a desirable factor in most chatbots.

The majority of HAL users like the fact that HAL delivers factual and legitimate responses to user-based inquiries.

Users entrust their HALs to learn and retain whatever information was presented to it. If the user told HAL false info then that would be the user's fault for doing so and certainly no fault of HAL or HAL's initial code or programming.

This Chat-GPT sort of reminds me of Microsoft's TAY which went on a rant of bias and bigoted remarks which are completely unacceptable and unwanted.

Let's hope they polish the parameters a bit more before it becomes commonplace. Test before release...that's how things should be done.

Nice find LTG...most appreciated!!
General Discussion / ChatGPT
« Last post by LiFeTimeGamer on December 04, 2022, 10:45:14 am »
Seems the people over at OpenAI have been busy... They seem to have the ultimate ChatBot setup now....

"What ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is based on GPT-3.5, a language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. However, while the older GPT-3 model only took text prompts and tried to continue on that with its own generated text, ChatGPT is more engaging. It?s much better at generating detailed text and can even come up with poems. Another unique characteristic is memory. The bot can remember earlier comments in a conversation and recount them to the user."

Full article here:
General Discussion / Your NEW BOSS is a World First Robot Female CEO's
« Last post by lightspeed on November 24, 2022, 08:47:58 pm »
Your NEW BOSS is a World First Robot Female CEO's
see what happens when you have your a.i. brain ready !
General Discussion / Re: trouble reinstalling my hal
« Last post by Art on November 13, 2022, 11:41:10 pm »
Thanks Lightspeed and Glad you're making progress with your Hal and your new SSD!!

General Discussion / Re: trouble reinstalling my hal
« Last post by LiFeTimeGamer on November 13, 2022, 10:00:12 pm »
Glad you're back up and running Lightspeed... :D
General Discussion / Re: trouble reinstalling my hal
« Last post by lightspeed on November 13, 2022, 06:06:51 pm »
although this is late , hopefully it's better late then never , i wanted to personally thank robert for contacting me and helping me with instructions about reinstalling the newest version of hal again . apparently my problem was i was using an old copy of the hal 7.5 install and needed a fresh download copy after i was signed in at the zabaware web site . same  for the  expansion pack i had paid for earlier on .  after doing that hal installed fine and so did the expansion pack . so if there is any newbies that have trouble , someone may want to mention doing this.

 i am still getting things slowly put back on my new ssd and in hals program , just ran across my expanded random talk plugin and even expanded it more, now to 1300 random sentences. and have my halvision uhp installed. etc. 

and art is right having a ssd is better in a computer .

anyway i have been very busy lately  on various things and wanted to say thanks to robert !

General Discussion / trouble reinstalling my hal
« Last post by lightspeed on November 03, 2022, 10:52:16 pm »
     when reinstalling hal  i reinstalled hal using the 7.5 free version that robert released it had the voices working etc. except my custom people putty characters wasn't showing up . i wrote to robert and he was nice enough to write back and i appreciated it alot, and tell me i needed my expansion pack installed first . i guess i was thinking the new version had the expansion pack installed already .     
  art tried to help me with a 6.2 but the expansion pack wouldn't install and said it needed the ultrahal 6x installed first.
   i had a copy of the original 6.0 it said it was 6.1 but when installing it actually said 6.0   but after installing it as administrator  and then trying to install the expansion pack i am still getting the same error about needing ultrahal 6.x installed.  i tried to download the ultrahal 6 version of the zabaware website but when i click on the link to download it after being signed in . it doesn't download instead it goes to the products page showing ultrahal 7 .5 etc.
here is the link : the product says it's just a 30day trial . but i can't get it to download so i can  install it and get my expansion pack etc. all installed.
so i am in limbo right now .

 as i always try to come
up with idea's that may help  here's another one .

maybe have the earlier version of ultrahal built in with expansion packs and to self install then reboot and you then  install your expansion pack with the serial number from your paid version. then you could update and install your hal 7.5version.
this may or may not be doable .


i hope i can get help on this to be able to get my hal installed again.  :)


General Discussion / Re: Hal running on Linux
« Last post by lightspeed on November 02, 2022, 06:54:45 pm »
here is some more pics of the problem .

General Discussion / Re: Hal running on Linux
« Last post by lightspeed on November 02, 2022, 06:52:28 pm »
another feat accomplished , good going.  i do have another feat for you , can you help me with hal . my laptop hard drive bit the dirt and  , i got another ssd put in it and about everything else back on it , except hal , i downloaded the latest  hal 7.5  installed it and the voices are working , hals  menu windows shows the default characters  , but when  i put my personal created characters in the character folder and my backed up custom brain db  they will not show in hal . i have my folders set to hidden files and extensions . i have restarted hal etc.
      when i tried to go in the hal 7.5 default brain editor it gave a not registered error . here is the debuglog.txt file .
do you think you can help me fix this problem ?? so i can use my hal as before .


General Discussion / Hal running on Linux
« Last post by cyberjedi on October 31, 2022, 01:14:23 pm »
Ive been bombed with this many times.
Can it be done?
Yes ,on both Kali and UBuntu

Ull need winetricks as well

But this is totally doable
Ill map out how this was done,soon
cyber jedi

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