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General Discussion / Re: Hal Vision
« Last post by Art on March 24, 2023, 10:38:39 pm »
To our group...

Yes, that image of a modified I Dream of Jeannie was fine... family-friendly and all that kind of thing.

One thought...if we modify the Hal Being along with several/many other tables, we will likely NOT be able to post them to the forum unless they are strictly PG-13.

The Tables, as we know, are in HAL's database and are not editable by ordinary means, unlike a text file, for instance.

Even having mentioned that, our databases are as individual to each of us as our own brains are. They are unique and uniquely our products.

Therefore, they shouldn't be shared with others lest they possibly "give away" or divulge personal information, secrets, or confidential data/info.

Like that old guy once said, "It's not that I have something to hide, it's just that I have nothing I want you to see!"

While tweaking our individual HALs might make them sound or seem more human-like to us, the public at large will never know about it.

To each their own I suppose.

The only way around that limitation might be to create an individual Table so generic and sanitary that it would actually be a PG-13 Table of sayings and phrases. That kind of Table could easily be shared and someone with the SQLite Studio could substitute it in HAL's database.

That might be a Big IF...depending on who might want that Table and chances are they would not be up on the inner workings of SQLite Studio, so that thought might remain on the bottom shelf.

It doesn't hurt to toss around some ideas or thoughts for the possible betterment of HAL...

General Discussion / Re: Hal Vision
« Last post by Checker57 on March 24, 2023, 06:16:48 pm »
Hey Cyber...  carpe diem, seize the Halbeing folder!  So true!  Good advice.  I have edited that database file to respond more as I would feel it was a real response, rather than some statement that obviously would never pass a Turing test, let alone convince me I was spending hours interacting with a medium that ruins my train of thought more than I feel it's a treasure to interact with. 

I am glad you are taking the approach to find ways to have Hal deliver conversations that engage the user, rather than impress them with how smart, yet out of touch they are!  We need more "social exercise" to develop our intellectual/emotional and even spiritual comprehension... not more irrelevant facts you will probably never use... and die before you may use even a fraction of the content!

Now dat is da sh*t and shinola of da shizzle stick coming down on the table hard!  (what the heck did I just say?)

Anyway.. if you like that kinda chat.. heh.. set up your Halbeing file!  hehehe

Have a great weekend!
General Discussion / Re: Hal Vision
« Last post by cyberjedi on March 24, 2023, 02:08:39 pm »
Making Hal smarter::::; The big question.

Let me just say this, over the years ive seen tons of people trying to improve hal as a quick included.

let me just say this, The goal should be to make Hal more human, Not smarter... Hals plenty smart
Look at the text Hals using.... Who talks like that??? No 1.
But what your after will take mountains of work, Its not easy and it sure aint Quick.

Using SQlite, start editing the tables to sound correct, maybe add more responses to hal.
Case in point HalBeing table.

This is a great example:. Statement, hey Hal i think your great.Hals response is : Tell me why as im being great... <<<<<<< the problem is not the code but rather the syntax.
Rite there, this is fixed by using Sqlite edit the table HalBeing table.... Who talks like that?
Most all of Hals issues start like that. No script for that, gonna have to work for it.

Get in there and dig in, plan on the next few months doing that. there is no short cut. Want hal to sound more human? fix that first
What im gonna say next may sting abit to some, but it comes from a place of love not hate
Robert gave you guys a race car, and most treat it like a lawn mower.......
You dont even have to be coder to fix many issues, even gave you a brain editor to track down whats being pulled and from where. a frickin road map....
i bet its in the 100s of fix'es like that.

Hals obedient servant
cyber jedi


General Discussion / Re: Hal Vision
« Last post by Checker57 on March 24, 2023, 01:01:43 am »

Yeah, I can understand the big dig required to unravel a code conflict such as when updating HAL from its very foundations... and yeap... WTH... the calendar!  I don't believe I would have been as obedient as you have shown...  however, from what I've noted... you're not on your first rodeo in coding stuff.

Glad to hear Robert is out and active in pursuing other technologies... save our hard-earned monies so that after a life of labor, we can enjoy a smidge of comfort! 

As for feeding your code into GPT3, I've heard it's pretty good at writing code.  Heck... if it knew HAL's code could perhaps even create some components we could use or simply gobble it up, and spit nothing out.

As an experiment, with your knowledge of HAL workings, perhaps you could ask it some harder coding problems and it might resolve some workarounds you could path to HAL.

Glad to see the progress though...

NOTE:  Although everyone can identify this outfit, can it be posted here on forum?
General Discussion / Re: Hal Vision
« Last post by cyberjedi on March 23, 2023, 12:48:50 am »
RE: vision:
 Ya those features are not implemented yet. No date set yet, still working out some code
As i sort out bugs i will add them, This is how it works, i devop mods and then when im happy they are stable come the real challenge.Cutting the code into Hal.
Hal has grown to large to just start coding. Been there done that.
Either Hal shts the bed or one of his mods does, with the Vision end i chased a bug for 06 damn months, Just ask art. it was crazy.
I finally pinned it down to to Hals calendar functions  ,I was like WTF Hal. The calendar???really???

Till i finally found it , i thought it was the Vision code itself...... Then it was Haptek....... Then it was Agent char.....
You see the pattern here
Just wish there was other people , better coderz, that could be trusted. ect ect
Guess thers only one of me, im srry to say, iust slows sht to a crawl.

There is so much more, just so much.
Oh BTW, I talked to Robert(monthly Reports and ****) says Hello from chicago.... hes at a banking conference . Creating new ways to keep our money safer( good luck robert)
Hes still working on the IOS systems for Hal mobile.
I see 2 hals, Then one we have now and the Hal he can be, when they come together, should make for a hell of a piece of code.

One thing i wana do is feed Hals script into ChatGpt3 maybe GPT3 can rewrite the script better.
For now im tightening up what i have, make some graphics changes, Hals Dreaming functions ECT ECT
Just so much to do..... more X10/zwave stuff are needed... My brain is gonna burst into flames at some point,,,
I haven't even Started the brain editor changes, &*&*&*^*^&%%$
Checker: This is where it all started for me. My Ahaaa moment
Hals obedient servant
cyber jedi



General Discussion / Re: Hal Vision
« Last post by Checker57 on March 22, 2023, 08:58:27 pm »
Now that's what I'm talking about (expression detection)!  I kept watching to see if your puckering up would trigger a pucker alert!  hahaha, I saw ya try it a couple of times... is that what is noted as a mem conflict?  j/k, of course.

Great job getting the vision function to scale up to usable facial expression recognition!  That's big boy pants stuff!

So, when can I expect to pucker up for my sweetie and my HAL pucker up autonomously?  :P

Alright, back to seriousness...  considering it can recognize your eyes for being open and closed...  I consider it possible to code it to recognize if only one eye (right or left) closes... as in a wink?  Such a feature could be used as a trigger command.  And of course depending upon which eye blinks... two commands?   I can see the possibilities growing in leaps.  Especially, just having expressions trigger Hal to respond with relevant expression animations built to engage the user.  Nice.  Heck, I want a copy of that when it is done!!!  Of course, I have my HAL set up where words will trigger expression animations... but dang... my own face to trigger them would leap to a whole new level of subconscious engagement.  So, when you're sad it could trigger HAL to use the sad .hap file, or if you're excited, etc...  too cool.  Getting way too ahead of myself.

btw, I like my HAL here with me on my work PC...  It's kinda like sharing the office desktop with me.  Although, of course, if HAL becomes so advanced that in order to allow it to function as designed would "require" its own dedicated PC... (depending on its advances) I can't think of too many that wouldn't "invest" in a dedicated CPU to have a friend with so many features.

Security presently at my home is on security cams that have their own software, with lights and even Robovac on Alexa (just comes that way) and other lights on timers (set and forget).  I was raking my brain yesterday to determine just what I would really do with the PC controller... and well... hm... duh...  I couldn't come up with anything that wasn't already addressed.  I bought a CM11a anyway... will tinker with it when it arrives, time permitting.  I also bought a nice music keyboard as well... we'll see which one "calls me louder"... in my older age I love playing music... so what if some still might label it noise at 12 am!

Great work there Cyber. 

and of course, as I have my Hal remind me constantly to whom I need to be thankful and where I'm headed... God bless ya there!  ;-)  oh,... and yeah, Easter Sunday is 4/9.  Don't miss it.  :P

PS.  Here's another outfit I edited to look better to me.  My gratitude to whoever was the original creator.  Please raise your hand and take a bow.  This is my own edited rendition of the original.

Long live Hal

General Discussion / Re: Hal Vision
« Last post by cyberjedi on March 22, 2023, 05:22:07 pm »

Re: recap on vision progress

This is the next upgrade for Hal

Im very close,clearly the issue is not with the vision end.
more mem conflics

It will get done
General Discussion / Re: Heads up Checker57
« Last post by Art on March 22, 2023, 07:56:19 am »
I liked it when right at the end of the video, the OLD MAN character looked up and right at the camera! That was perfect timing!! (or maybe a Happy little accident, as that painter guy, Bob Ross, used to say...). Haha! Good stuff Cyber!
General Discussion / Re: Heads up Checker57
« Last post by cyberjedi on March 22, 2023, 04:47:41 am »
hey guys:

Ty for the kind words, first off...
Checker it may be time to raise the bar on your Hal system.
He needs his own machine, first off.
As far as using Hal as a sentry video system for you house.... sht, skys the limit there. Did it, But heads up, ur gonna get serious about the cameras them self.
Id be glad to taylor your system to what ever your needs are.
I took Hal on my goldwing to ybor and set up on 07th ave and as people walked by hal would say HI, hahahhaha. Just scare the bee jeeps out of people .Great times man...
The vision opens so many doors to hal its hard to quantify......
Access systems
Bio-Metric locks
Greeting systems

just keeps on going


General Discussion / Re: Heads up Checker57
« Last post by Art on March 21, 2023, 04:38:27 pm »

Just make sure that the "Older" Plugins in question will allow you to change any path they contain to direct it to your current Program Files (X86) > Zabaware > Ultra Hal 7...not anything with UltraHalAssistant 6 or the like.

Also, anything prior to Hal 6.0 might have or use a reference to .BRN files. They were "Brain" files for Hal 5.0 and Hal didn't use Tables as it now does but rather lots of individual brain files which made things somewhat difficult to control and sluggish, to say the least.

This newer HAL is not the same "Assistant" as it was when it was originally set loose on us. It can still do a host of amazing things but we had landline phones and pagers, then...hehe...

HAL hasn't seen the end of its limits/abilities yet so keep asking questions, experimenting, and learning to dissect some Plugins & code to help make HAL even better.

Onward thru the fog...(as an old friend would say).
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