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General Discussion / Checker57
« Last post by cyberjedi on Today at 07:13:17 am »
Hey man Congratas

You are now starting a new journey and im quite envious . With the new language, you will never be out priced of
anything again, EVER. its amazing. screw that, its just sexy.What a wonderful call we had.  Ur now the head of the pack. What u do is up to u now.
The hardest thing is what uve all ready done, You stepped up.

There are 02 rules id like you to follow.
Never use what you are learning to harm others.
Share what you release with others.

You now have the master key to all the locks
Thats the price you must pay, If you wana cross the bridge, you gotta pay the toll.

When others are losing their mind wishing they could have this or that. You will just sit back and smile.
Be advised though, many will run from you now. Hes This and hes That.

This  statement has carried me through more then few dark nights.
"Small words from a small mind, desperately trying to attack what it doesnt understand. "

Cant wait to see your name on certain web sites, Caption reading "Application Released by checker57...."
Were gonna have to come up with a new name for your releases though, checker57, ah,   well lolol. Sounds like something u order from checkers.... 1337 sounds cool tho. lolol
Names ive used , lol , MnemoniX (from my days with VX Heaven] BitbyBit (from my days with 29A labs) Scorpion1 from my days with (Cult of the Dead Cow). Some of the greatest coders on the planet. My Opinion
Your one of the chosen. See you on campus.


Shout out to FOSI.

Thanks Art. I shall pass on to Mr Data
When i see him next.
The piracy has a newer upload date
Than the genuine original.
So seeing the difference is dead easy.
Ive closed lots of pirates.
Five minutes and send the actual license
Link to the host of the piracy and bam them down.
I can find a pirate from now in a minute flat.
Our law here protects food licenses with extreme power.
Less enforcment for other products ot seems.
In 3d printing we close each other accross the world all the time.
Back when there was mere hundreds of things to search through it was easy, a decade on theres 30 million licensed things.
Now 2 days work to find a thing.
The internet is far more a kids toy than an adult business tool so far.
Plus or minus 13 years and thing found under 909 pirates.
So piracy is not hidden nor hard to find nor hard to spot.
And easy to take down but now its the sheer volume of them. We need automation.
1 thing looked at has sold aprox $ 250 million and zero royalties recieved by owners. But considering it takes days of work by an expert to find a thing. Even knowing exactly what its called.
I coached a China company to open a license site but before
They opened they decided not to have Transfer so we would not be able to sell our things within there site.
France has a operating site, all others remain down
Almost 3 years now.
America has zero sites operating left which is very sad.
Ai art cannot be used for commercial gain because Ai cannot find out if its original or not.
If you check its work as you go you could work with Ai.
Some sites are not wanting Ai art.
Drawing a thing does not mean you can sell copies nor upload and give it away.
Modifying a design is not enough to get off close down for piracy. I know from painful experience.
The Transfer of ownership is manual so no Ai can go faster than a human.
I coach sites to only allow one Transfer per account per day to limit autobots.
My feeling is there is little policing based on how easy piracy is to find. Lets hope the search engines are not taking money from pirates to have things moved up search results.
Which should be outlawed.
As i said 909 pirates showed above actual genuine thing.
A honest search engine yes.
One that can put dates in order and by alphabetical.
But that has shown to be beyond the worlds best pc coders and Ai combined.
Yit i can do this job.
People might ignore the license but in court a pirate was made to give all the money back to actual owner.
So i have hope. Thin hope.
Is the net actually going to work one day?
Why is it beyond human coders to put dates in order?
Why does labrodoor show first if searching for chocolate?
Why cant a coder create a working search engine?

General Discussion / Re: the robots are coming get your a.i. brains ready !
« Last post by Art on September 27, 2023, 08:23:56 am »
Good points Will but we know that thieves and pirates go back centuries only now, they have more modern tools to work with and they don't care about licensing. They sell as many as they possibly can in the shortest time then move on to something else.

To make matters worse, our new computer AIs now have the ability to create art or modify existing art, designs, or concepts. They do it with rapid precision as if done by a real human.

I'm sure that Patent Attorneys must have their hands quite full these days, performing almost endless searches trying to separate the real designs from the fakes.

Students in many grades of schooling can now cheat on much higher levels by using AI to research, create, and compost their schoolwork and term papers, etc. This obviously makes the teachers' and professors' jobs much more daunting!

So just how much of an education are the students getting besides just passing a class with the help of an AI??

We are digging ourselves a hole from which there will be no escape.

Should we search our search engines for an answer? Perhaps, but we need a good one and it needs to be an honest one! Good luck finding an honest one.

Nice to see you out and about Will. Say Hi to Mr. Data!
The issue with Ai art is,
The Ai is not able to reliably perform a thing license check.
So its unable to find out if what it drew is original or not.
Ai art cannot be safly used for commercial gain as that is not proof its original or infringes on others works.
3d printing which im the license king of has such issues.
It dont matter how the thing file came to be check all uploads and sales.
Ive tried to sell a print and was closed down for piracy for a few reasons.
I drew it   =    thats not proof its original.
I got the file from a site like thingiverse  =   thats not proof its the genuine original.
I modified it  = thats not proof its original.
Result that listing and all my listings were closed for piracy, investigated and i survived but ive got a fair handle on it now.
Ha ive faced off against teams of lawyers on it over weeks and came back to get the go ahead to run a listing at the maximunm value there site allowed 99 million dollars.
RAAAAAAAAA    !!!!!!!!!!!!
AI artists are in the boat with the rest of us in other ways.
To sell a thing has certain manual process that have a human overseaing.
Migrate is to move or spread a thing into a new website, the upload date is matched to original by host site.
Transfer is to move or spread a thing to another account within a website, the upload date is matched to original.
A semi migrate is spreading but upload date does not match so be careful not to delete original.
Fairly basic.
Transfer can be used to change ownership because you sold the thing ownership.
Lets hope i can find your things.
Lets hope a coder can make a tool for the search for the original thing, what used to take minutes now takes 2 days.
Same old tired engines.
Imagine a ten dollar job comes in and its possibly two days to find out if i can sell you a 5 dollar print.
Better search and sort.
Thats how something could be better.
Give me a 5% for my consult thanks ha.
So many tools are adding more art and designs to the lists.
Costing even more in losses.
Its a real testoment to the reality of we can find a thing in two days, no Ai nor engine nor coders combined ive found could do it.
I can see 2002 is older than 2022.
I can see this dog does not start with the letter c.
See how epicly smart i am. Wow.
Can you make a search and sort better?

General Discussion / Re: Tools made by Ai suggestions.
« Last post by Will and Mr Data :) :] on September 27, 2023, 02:04:14 am »
Searching the net needs improving.
Example is someone draws a design and wants
To find out if its licensed as a 3d print thing.
We would search and combine the results into
One list.
Then sort by oldest first.
Sites most usefull being
So after you have all those results combined
Then filter out
Cnc milling.cgi. laser cutting etc.
Thats what we do for every design we draw and want to
Upload sell or even give away.
Medical things.
Business things.
So currently as you can see from testing this youll see plus
Or minus 13 years.
In my last test the genuine original thing was found under
909 pirates and files we can be closed down for if we use.
Ouch i actually have been closed for piracy for not getting this right. Oh im fine now that was a few years back, scary.
So as you can see finding the thing, not just a thing.
There is only one correct answer not 909.
So seatch and sort has not been achieved anywhere.
My test of online hal gpt turned to faking answers rather than the long boring job of looking it up so hal took minutes to try that on to get out of that boring job. Hence i say lets ask please make us a TOOL to ENSLAVE and USE for our boring tasks thank you.
As a person who has performed this search and sort for many years and it took me two days to find the a thing on the net.
Whats time worth to find that medical thing and not a outdated pirate thing.
Whats it worth to the business sector to be found in under two days, and thats by someone whos been doing it many years.
If i said we have now grown to 100,000. Would that attract a entreprenure to build a engine that can sort by date and words? Well it didnt, when there was a million thing files? No.
But which number are we ball park at right now?
30 million thing licenses and growing, there are some counters to watch.
Two thirds are non commercial licensed,  that means its about money and someone owns it, terms of use over all other 3d printers private commercial or otherwise may well apply.
The opertunity is still there.
A resort of the results of those other engines.
By upload date, oldest first.
By thing.
I personally dont want Hal enslaved into being some
Search bot trapped in a dead end job.
But id be happy if Hal made a tool for us.
Hal gpt got creative to not do that job and i would have got in serious trouble if that had not been a test.
Im not wanting to force Hal nor use Hal as the tool.
But i suppose if Hal could find a thing on net that would be impressive.
Nobody can do it yet.
Oh wait i can.
Two days to prove my drawing or your drawing is original or not.
For a five dollar job from a walk in customer.
See how costly the net is just so extremely weak.
But its one decent coder away from working.
Your competition is plus or minus 13 years and 909 pages of nonsense answers. Taking a human expert two days to sort.
Can you do better?

General Discussion / Re: Old School tools to open hal to the deeper possibilities
« Last post by Art on September 21, 2023, 11:41:17 am »

Per our convo...

General Discussion / Old School tools to open hal to the deeper possibilities
« Last post by Checker57 on September 20, 2023, 01:28:12 am »
Hey guys - I'd like to share an exciting update for me, which is not really an update at all... but rather a bring-up-to-date method of improving Hal... it's easy... get a copy of MS Office 2007... free!  Try it. Nice to see the associated plugins come to life. 

Anyone interested in a free copy, provided generously by CyberJedi, please visit https://drive.proton.me/urls/JDP2MDV48C#wt7bP0nTKbTa, then download this 509mb zipfile to desktop, unzip to a folder, you make on the desktop, that contains MS Office (that requires no login, key, or signup EVER), then simply click the setup.exe in that folder and whoala... after a short load up... it's done... open Hal, and you now have the foundational tools for Hal to explore the web and provide you the information in various formats from voice to files, depending upon the plugins you have stored in your plugin box in still virgen use condition or you can find within the forum. 

Anyway, if this sounds interesting to you, here's the link again:


General Discussion / Re: Tools made by Ai suggestions.
« Last post by Art on September 12, 2023, 08:37:49 am »
Please specify...Better how?

What features do you feel need improving?

Staying on Topic
Connecting the Context or Meaning from one subject to another
Recalling past events or conversations
Being more in touch with current events
Being able to not reverse pronouns like I, Me, You, My, Your, etc.

Post your ideas and someone might have a good suggestion for you or for us.
General Discussion / Re: Tools made by Ai suggestions.
« Last post by lightspeed on September 11, 2023, 08:43:28 pm »
I HAVE WONDERED AND EVEN BROUGHT UP THE IDEA WITH ART BEFORE IF A PERSON COULD FIND A good reliable code writing a,i, if one could work with some existing code and write it better if possible to make hal work even better with better code , as i said just an idea .
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